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Wasteland 3 - First Impressions @PCInvasion

by Silver, 2020-03-18 23:37:12

PCInvasion played through the Wasteland 3 beta and shared their impressions. They also had a chat with Brian Fargo about it.

In terms of combat, the most noticeable change in Wasteland 3 is that all characters can now be used within the same turn; no more alternating between one character and then an enemy depending on your initiative stat. As such, you’ve got all the time in the world to plan your tactical engagement be it running in with guns blazing, opening up with grenades and explosives, repositioning your characters first, or using certain options that can help you in a pinch. The environments and effects look decent as well, and this truly feels like Wasteland for the modern generation.

One key factor in your Wasteland 3 journey would be the Kodiak. This is the vehicle that you’ll use to traverse the snowy landscapes on the world map. According to Brian Fargo, you won’t need to worry about collecting resources in Colorado (unlike in Wasteland 2 where you had to find water). For a while there, I was concerned that players would need to find stockpiles of oil just to keep the Kodiak running.

In any case, the Kodiak does become usable in some fights. The first level against the ambushers lets you use one of its lethal explosive attacks, clearing out an enemy squad and destroying a walker bot.


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