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Wasteland 3 - How Co-Op Works [interview]

by Silver, 2020-06-23 23:38:54

Game Informer asked inXile about how co-op will work in Wasteland 3.

What about crossplay? Can you play Wasteland 3 with other players on different systems? 

Unfortunately, no. Wasteland 3 doesn’t support crossplay between platforms. However, players who buy the game through different stores on PC will be able to play together. For example, if you own the game through Steam and your friend buys a copy through GOG, you’ll still be able to play together as long as you both own the game on PC.

How will players manage their inventory in multiplayer? 

“We've tried different ways of managing inventory in multiplayer, scrapped them, and re-implemented it a couple of different ways,” Campbell says. “We've gone from individual character-based inventories to player-based inventories. I think what we have now is really convenient for players. It's a shared inventory. As both players are looting and getting items, that stuff goes into the same inventory. It would be as if you're playing in single-player, but it's two people playing it with the same pool, which means you don't have the hassle of trading items. And, the first person who loots isn't stealing the loot for themselves and griefing the second player.”


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