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Wasteland 3 - Interview @Wccftech

by Silver, 2019-07-06 09:37:40

@Wccftech An interview with Brian Fargo about the Wasteland series and Wasteland 3.

Yeah, that makes sense. I’ve noticed that destruction and physics in general seems to be much more detailed this time around.

Campbell: Yeah, absolutely. The nice thing is, that’s an area we haven’t explored much before. This is a new thing where the extra 10% that we’re talking about, being able to iterate and polish, is enabling us to really kind of go to town with destruction. And we have ragdoll physics, we have kind of advanced shipping, we have barriers in combat that you can hide behind and get cover. And those are things that can actually get destroyed, leaving your characters exposed, vehicles can actually run over obstacles and crush them and knock things out of their way. So we’ve really, I think, done a lot of little things there that will add up to a really fun experience for players.

Another big new feature is the addition of player vehicles. How are these going to work?

Campbell: That’s actually one of the areas in the game that I’m most excited about. You effectively dig your first one out of the snow. It’s like this rusty baseline vehicle, and you can upgrade it throughout the course of the game, you find parts, you find technology, you’re able to start kind of upgrading it. So it goes from kind of this clunker that’s just barely hanging on to life all the way up to this rolling death machine with customizable turrets and upgradeable armor. We even go so far as to let you customize the hood ornament on the front of your vehicle. It’s a really in-depth system and it’s directly used in combat. It’s how you traverse the roadmap, so you can drive around and do these different things and your vehicle’s capabilities affect your party along the way.


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