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Wasteland 3 - Review @ Gameffine

by Hiddenx, 2020-09-10 20:39:12

Gameffine has reviewed Wasteland 3:

Wasteland 3 Review :: Six Desert Rangers Walk into a Bar

I love inXile Entertainment, no questions asked. inXile founder Brian Fargo is a monumental figure in the RPG scene whose contributions to the genre cannot be understated. I’ve played all of their games starting with The Bard’s Tale 16 years ago. Even though none of their RPGs – Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, or The Bard’s Tale IV quite hit the sweet spot, their passion for the genre is clear. I was always hopeful that, given the sufficient budget, resources, and time, they could pull off a real gem. A successful crowdfunding campaign, the acquisition by Microsoft, and with Deep Silver acting as the publisher, Wasteland 3 looked like inXile’s best shot to make it big. Being a long-time Wasteland fan, and one who enjoyed Wasteland 2 immensely despite the terrible second half, I was all up for it. 65 hours and 1.5 playthroughs later, here are my thoughts on Wasteland 3.


Real Talk

Wasteland 3 is, in essence, an improved version of its predecessor. The writing, quests, and combat have been improved and polished upon by a large margin but there are a few design choices that stick out like a sore thumb. Technical issues, broken co-op, and a bloated UI hold the game back from its true potential. The game doesn’t break any new ground but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Still, at a time when RPGs are defying tried and tired tropes to provide a fresh experience, you wish there was more inXile could have done with the increased budget and resources.  So, If you’re a die-hard fan or someone trying to get into CRPGs, Wasteland 3 is an easy buy with some caveats. Those on the fence can try the game out on Xbox Game Pass or wait for the developers to patch out the issues.

Score: 7.8/10

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