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West of Loathing - Reckonin' at Gun Manor Available

by Silver, 2019-02-09 11:57:14

A new expansion for West of Loathing called Reckonin' at Gun Manor is now available on Steam.

A ghostly carriage arrives in Dirtwater. Only you can see it, and it only goes one place -- the mysterious Gun Manor.

A brand new West of Loathing adventure, full of all the things you've come to expect from the Loathing brand:

  • A few more hours of that sweet, sweet gameplay
  • Fiendish new monsters
  • Useful new items
  • Challenging puzzles (which are also new)
  • Scads of new goofs and gags
  • No new gulches (sorry, we're all gulched out)

Who can solve the mystery of Gun Manor? Is it you? It's probably you.

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