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Witcher - Witcher as Diablo Clone?

by Silver, 2017-07-17 12:44:08

@GamePressure The first Witcher could have been a hack n'slash game according to Sebastian Zielinski, former head of CD Projekt Red.

Here’s a chance we don’t get often. Thanks to Sebastian Zielinski we played the 15-year-old demo of The Witcher game by CD Projekt RED that… had nothing in common with the RPG title eventually released in 2007. Would this game become a hit as well?

That’s right, folks, here’s yet another article about the history of The Witcher series. Today’s menu, however, is different. We go back 15 years, to the very beginnings of CD Projekt RED – and no, it’s not about some long-forgotten interviews or dusty old discoveries from the ancient depths of the Internet. Today, we are dealing with living history. Courtesy of Sebastian Zielinski, former head of CDPR, we were given a playable demo version of the first Witcher game, created shortly after the dev team was conceived, but long before it became the biggest Polish game developer, and one of the most notable ones in the world.

And once again, no, this is not the same build our fellow editors from the Polish website presented some time ago along with Ryszard “Ryslaw” Chojnowski (you can watch it here in Polish). What we got our hands on is the 2003 version. What’s so different about it compared to the title that hit the shelves four years later? Almost everything. And did it also have the potential to become a worldwide hit? Well, about that…



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