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Xenonauts 2 - Stretch Goal Update

by Silver, 2018-06-28 23:46:13

A new update for Xenonauts 2 talks about stretch goals and shows progress on the portrait generator.

Portrait Generator Update Preview & Stretch Goal Update!

With one day left of stretch goal voting to go, we've now had 1650 votes for our Stretch Goals. The order remains unchanged from our last update three days ago:

  • #1 Modular Weapons (£50,000 - UNLOCKED!)
  • #2 Geoscape Situations (£75,000 - UNLOCKED!)
  • #3 Locational Injuries (£100,000 - UNLOCKED!)
  • #4 MARS Weapon Platform & Sentry Guns (£150,000)
  • #5 Additional Community Edition & Modding Support (£200,000)
  • #6 Weather Conditions (£250,000)

With 24 days left to go and £115,400 currently pledged, we could potentially still hit all of these stretch goals! As pledges usually tail off after the first (and last) three days of a Kickstarter, it's really great to see that we're still raising a strong amount of funding each day.

We'll be locking down the final stretch goal order tomorrow, so remember to vote here if you still haven't voted!

Portrait Generator Update:

As mentioned in the last update, we've been taking some suggestions for additional art for the Portrait Generator - well over a thousand people have signed up to put a custom soldier in the game now!

The first batch of suggestions were decided to paint up were additional eyewear variants, a few variants of facial hair longer than stubble but shorter than a full beard, and some hair versions that add some longer hairstyles and some additional versions of receding hair.

You can see a preview of some of these new layers below. It'll take a few more days for us to get these sorted out so they support all the different skin tones and hair colours etc. We'll post up an update when the new version of the Editor is ready - in the meantime, if you have more suggestions for new facial variants feel free to post them up in the comments!


Thanks Farflame!

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