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Developer Diary: The Community Contest

by Gorath, 2007-07-25

Master Creating´s Creative Director Jan Beuck gives an insight into the development process of their upcoming action-RPG Legend - Hand of God.

Community Contest Winners

Today’s guest author: Jan Wagner, Producer Legend: Hand Of God

Hello! It’s my turn to write the diary today – my name is Jan (so the transition is not *that* difficult) Wagner, and I’m the producer of Legend Hand of God. Since my company, Cliffhanger Productions, is experienced when it comes to products in the Fantasy genre, dtp asked us to support the team.
But enough of this. This entry is not about me, it’s about you! Or rather, about the Community Contest and the many entries we received.

Well, the wealth of ideas and the level of detail applied to those entries were a positive surprise for us. Especially the minor quests – some of them were simply great and quite detailed, spanning over 30 pages! There were some short but nice entries as well, quite original at times, even though we decided not to implement bananas as weapons… bananas just don’t grow there, you know.

It was definitely not easy to select winners. We had to read through and discuss the entries, which took a lot of time… but we gladly invested so much time because some people really had gone out of their way to add content to the game.

Some entries had to be sorted out because they didn’t quite fit the game world or atmosphere, like, for example, a bouncing elephant. We also received some weapon entries which couldn’t be used because the type of weapon doesn’t exist in Legend (lances), and then there were quests which didn’t fit the general mood of the game, or worked with different elements than we did. But more then 30 entries remained…

Of these, we removed those which borrowed heavily from other games. This happens all too often in the Fantasy genre because it’s generally laden with Lord of the Rings symbolism, so to say… but if similarities were to obvious, entries had to go.


The next stage was to look at the quality of the remaining entries. The set of criteria we applied to judge entries were the execution and implementation of an idea, the idea in itself and its proximity to our game world. In other words, an NPC could well be interesting and beautifully drawn, but if neither the style nor visuals fit into the world of Legend, the entry was sorted out. The remaining entries were all winners, in a way, especially since some of them were very professional – next time we’ll have a contest, we’ll start earlier to be able to give your entries the time they actually deserve.

The Observer

But there can be only one, you all know it, so we had to narrow down choices. This is where I came in – my job is, among other things, to see to it that the game meets the deadlines. So we put aside all entries where implementation would have taken too long. This hurt, especially since we had to sort out some of the most finely crafted quests. But a minor quest should be minor to start with.

Now the discussions started. We designed ranking lists and threw them away, we discussed the pros and cons, and we revised our judgment. In the end the developers, community manager Olgierd and I each devised a ranking; the top three of each list were left for the second ballot. Somehow it was like a casting show for NPCs …

[We´ve refrained from translating the winning quest submission. You can find a download link to a pdf in the equivalent German dev diary on Legend-Welten.; Ed.]

Well, and then we finally had our winners: their entries combined quality, compatibility and feasibility. Of course there’ll always be diverging opinions, but I hope you’re as happy for the winners as we are. We’ll publish all entries from the second ballot in our forums to show the community their inherent quality. Once again – thank you for the effort you put into your entries. Now I know that I won’t have to worry about a future lack of talent in the game development sector.

May the Flame keep you safe!

Jan W.


Update: More contest entries can be found in the official forum and the fan art section on the Legend home page

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