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Charm Guide

Divine Divinity allows you to boost up equipped items by using charm runes. In order to do this, you need the enchant weapon skill out of the warrior path, an item with charm qualities and it has to be equipped during the enchanting process. When an item has charm qualities then it has a charm quality as shown in the image below.



This is the complete procedure of enchanting weapons, armour or items:

  1. Open your equipment inventory and search for an appropriate item showing "charm quality". In this example it is the sapphire ring with charm quality 5.
  2. Click on it and a pop up window will appear showing slots. You need one enchant weapon skill level for every open slot. In this example it's skill level 2 as the other 3 slots are still closed.
  3. Open your spells/scrolls inventory where your charm runes are and then drag&drop one rune into an open empty slot as shown above.

Choose carefully, once you've placed a rune into a slot, you can't remove or replace it. So keep very good items for later: the golden runes in the end area (Wastelands).

Patch versions prior to 1.0034 allowed unlimited enchanting, by simply clicking several times on this item. Depending on how often you clicked, an additional pop up window opened every time. This bug was eliminated in the latest patch, because it caused problems.


Where is the window?

This applies when you click on an item and the pop up enchanting window does not seem to open.
The pop ups are appearing 'off screen'. You need to close the program, edit the config file to increase the screen resolution (if you are already at 1024, you can increase to 1600). Restart the program, click on an item that can be enchanted, move it nearer the centre of the screen (check that it reappears here when you close it). Shut down the game, reset the resolution and away you go. To change the resolution edit the config.div file and modify the screen resolution accordingly.


If that doesn't help, try deleting all of the files in the '.../Divine Divinity/Run/Dynamic' folder where you installed the game.This folder is used as a cache for the game. Files are created/copied there from the save game folder when you load, and written / copied from that folder when you save a game. The files will be re-created as required the next time you start Divinity. If there was a corrupt file in that folder, deleting the files should fix the problem.

Charm colours, runes and their meanings

There are different types of charms: 5 different colours, indicating the effect value and a rune on each charm assigning the appropriate stats bonus.
Their names consist of two syllables, the first syllable indicates the effect value again and the second one the bonus.

Charm Colours

Color  Syllable Effect
Green Uru Weak effect
Cyan Ser Minor effect
Red Min Medium effect
Silver Pag Large effect
Gold Yit Very large effect


Type of boni

Rune Bonus
Umn Vitality
Iceri Mana
Ydra Strength
Joph Agility/Dexterity
Koor Intelligence
Vorr Constitution
Zand Lightning resistance
Oor/Ook* Fire resistance
Ustr Poison resistance
Isos Spirit resistance

* The name OOK for the fire rune seems to be more plausible. "OOR" appears only in the book describing all these runes and maybe the monk scribe was distracted after paying a visit to the brothel - or a Typo Imp decided to play a trick on Lar's handwritten notes, the capital letters "R" and "K" are very similar after all and books are predicted for typos.

And here is a table with an overview of all the charms in the game and their effects.

+20  +40  +60  +80  +100 
+20 +40 +60 +80 +100
+2 +4 +6 +8 +10
+2 +4 +6 +8 +10
+2 +4 +6 +8 +10
+2 +4 +6 +8 +10
+5 +10 +15 +20 +40
+5 +10 +15 +20 +40
+5 +10 +15 +20 +40
+5 +10 +15 +20 +40


Book of Charms

The Cursed Abbey hides a book explaining charms and some of their effects. This screenshot shows a few extracted pages.



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