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Box Art

Wednesday - August 20, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #31 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 13:33

 ...and the show goes on. Six more screenshots for Silkroad Online has been published at RPG Vault. The screenshots all show the Bard  class in action, and with the following descriptions attached to the screenies:

- Bards are renowned for using their musical talents to ensure their party's chances of success.
- This one surrounds herself with a musical barrier to deter aggressive monsters from striking preemptively.
- She uses the Swing / Moving March to help teammates move more swiftly.
- Bards can also use music to hold their enemies in one spot.
- Some melodies can deal direct damage to opponents.
- This lion has been distracted, causing it to go after other monsters. 

Source: Blues News

Thursday - July 31, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #28 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 21:22

This media update for Silkroad Online at RPG Vault showcases the spear weapon type. As previously, 6 screenshots accompany the media update:

- A spear-wielding Chinese character roams the vast Karakoram.
- This character demonstrates a spear combo that includes a powerful back thrust.
- Another combo with an overhand swing as a finishing move
- One of the more powerful Flame Wave series nukes - highly prevalent amongst spearmen.
- A jumping attack with a two-handed swing can leave the enemy stunned.
- A spearman can hurl his weapon for a long-range attack.

Source: Blues News

Wednesday - June 18, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #22 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 21:56

The latest media piece on RPG Vault about Silkroad Online showcases Chinese glaivers:

- Chinese glaivers ready for battle near Donwhang. Each degree of the weapon has a unique look.
- One of the more prominent glaiver skills is hurling the weapon at the opponent.
- This black tiger is a victim of a sweeping ghostly strike.
- A glaiver leaps to deliver a devastating overhand slice to a surprised Bandit Giant.
- Two glaivers fighting a Black Robber; both display different techniques.
- A Black Robber Bowman falls victim to the strength of this awesome glaive party.

Source: Blues News

Thursday - June 05, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #20 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 22:26

Media #20 for Silkroad Online on RPG Vault is up. Though highly unusual there's only five screenshots this time, though with the usual descriptions:

- Level 70 Feather Cloak and Mask Tribesmen inhabit the valley areas of Roc Mountain.
- A giant level 82 Antinoke fighting on the mountainside, and taking a wide swing at his foes.
- A large level 87 Winged Tribe Attacker guarding access to one of the peaks.
- Level 72 Eagles swarm the lower sections of the area, while level 88 Rockies appear higher up.
- A level 83 Antelope Giant attempts to intimidate the player with its massive claws.

Source: Blues News

Wednesday - May 28, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #19 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 20:24

The Silkroad Online media series continues at IGN's RPG Vault bringing it to #19. Yet 6 more screenshots:

- European nobility wearing magnificent 9th degree armor and weapons.
- Two warriors in ritual combat, with one demonstrating a follow-through on his attack.
- This warrior performs a finishing blow with his favorite axe.
- A warrior wielding a two-handed sword, a cleric and warlock, all ready for a Capture the Flag battle.
- Archers ready their new 9th degree crossbows.
- A cleric is caught in the midst of casting a spell upon this warrior.

Source: Blues News

Wednesday - May 21, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #17 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 23:34

Another media piece with 6 screenshots is up at IGN's RPG Vault.

The Silkroad Online expansion, Legend III - Roc Mountain, raises the level cap to 90 and includes brand new 9th degree armors and weapons.

- Chinese characters, equipped with new 9th degree armor and weapons, stand together to explore Roc Mountain.
- Female sword and blade fighters engage in battle.
- The fighter uses her shield to reduce damage before initiating a devastating counter-attack.
- A Chinese fighter stuns his spear-wielding counterpart with a sweep of his glaive.
- Glaive and spear clash in combat.
- Three combatants elegantly take aim using their new bows.

Source: Blues News

Wednesday - April 30, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #13 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 21:40

We are introduced to two major enemies in this screenshot article at RPG Vault:

Lord Yarkan and Captain Ivy
- The level 80 Lord Yarkan is a very powerful unique monster.
- He can spawn monsters to flank him in battle.
- Unleashing his legion upon those in the vicinity.
- The elusive level 30 Captain Ivy engaged in battle
- Building up for a special attack
- She has an original weapon and fighting style.

Source: Blues News

Wednesday - April 23, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #12 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 10:00

A new media piece is up at RPG Vault:

Isyutaru and Cerberus
- Isyutaru is a winged level-60 monster that appears around Karakoram.
- She is extremely powerful and capable of spawning monsters to aid her.
- Flanked by spawned giant spiders, Mujigi and Penon fighters
- The three-headed level-24 monster Cerberus appears in Constantinople.
- One-eyed monsters called Polipemos and Kiklopes, as well as the shelled-Seiren and Seirenes
- Attacked from all sides by Cerberus and its minions

Wednesday - April 16, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #11 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 14:39

New screenshots of Silkroad Online is up at RPG Vault. The screenhots depict the European race in the game:

The European Race
- The European race possesses physical power and strength.
- Sword- and axe-based warriors show off their prowess in melee.
- Nimble crossbow- and dagger-wielding rogues face off.
- Europeans also boast magic-based classes.
- A Bard and Cleric buff themselves.
- A Warlock and Wizard focus offensive spells on one another.

Source: Bluesnews

Wednesday - April 09, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #10 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 08:55

Another media article makes its introduction at RPG Vault, and again it is another caravan raid that has been depicted:

A Successful Caravan Raid
- Chinese characters with sword, glaive, bow, spear and blade weapons
- Using a blade to show off a whirlwind move
- An over the head chop using the glaive
- Archers ready their bows to fire. Practice makes perfect.
- This spear wielder attacks his opponent using a reverse thrust.
- Magical bombardment is key for any Chinese character using a sword.

Source: Bluesnews

Wednesday - April 02, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #9 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 20:42

RPG Vault hosts some new screenshots for Silkroad Online. The six screenshots were followed by these descriptions:

A Successful Caravan Raid
- A group of thieves attack an unsuspecting caravan.
- Following a successful kill, they gather up the merchant's goods.
- The thieves have their own transport to turn the loot into profit.
- Returning the plunder to the bandit den called Thief Town
- Getting paid by the stolen goods dealer
- Jubilant thieves after they've claimed their profit

Source: Bluesnews

Friday - March 28, 2008

Silkroad Online - Media #8 @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 21:41

RPG Vault provides four exclusive screenshots of new fur clothing, that has been made available for purchase.

Source: Bluesnews

Tuesday - January 15, 2008

Silkroad Online - Screenshots @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 20:52

Head over to RPG Vault for six exclusive Silkroad Online screenshots

Source: RPG Vault

Saturday - October 20, 2007

Silkroad Online - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 00:17

RPG Vault chats to the Silkroad Online team.

Jonric: To start with a basic introduction, what's Silkroad Online's underlying premise, and how does it drive the overall gameplay? Why has it been successful, and who makes up the core target market?

June Son:
Silkroad Online is set in ancient China and Eastern Europe, revolving around the famed Silk Road trade route. Valuable silk and other goods are carried by brave merchants through all kinds of danger, and therein lies the crux of the gameplay. Players are able to take on any role within the conflict, be it carrying the goods or stealing them - and, unlike other MMOs, players can actually switch between these roles at will.

Source: RPG Vault

Thursday - October 11, 2007

Silkroad Online - Interview @ MPOGD

by Inauro, 23:05

MPOGD talks to June Son, the general manager of Joymax in the United States, about Silkroad Online.

Donna: How would you explain the game to someone who knows nothing about it?

Silkroad Online is a pseudo-historical massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, set in China, the Middle East, and Europe, based on the famed Silk Road trade route. Daring trade runs on treacherous roads provide the backbone of the gameplay content as players can take on one of three distinct roles: Merchant, Thief, or Hunter. With complete freedom to develop their characters, gamers can find fame and fortune by trading and transporting goods, preying on trade caravans, or hunting thieves. Silkroad Online is a visually stunning MMORPG in a unique setting. Plus, it's free.

Wednesday - September 19, 2007

Silkroad Online - Media #1 @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 22:58

Head on over to RPG Vault for four exclusive Silkroad Online screenshots.

Source: RPG Vault

Monday - December 11, 2006

Silkroad Online - New Timely Q&A's @ Official Site

by Kawika, 02:06

Joymax, the team behind the buzz-worthy MMO Silkroad Online, will post a new Q&A on their official site 2-7 times a week. Also, Joymax apologises for the frequent server downtimes recently and assures that they are dedicated to pinpointing the problem. Game updates will resume once the server issues have been resolved. Hang in there, fans!

Thursday - June 22, 2006

Silkroad Online: Preview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 01:12
A preview of Silkroad Online is up at GameZone:
This is very much a point-and-click game, and at certain levels you will receive missions to accomplish. A pop-up will tell you when to go see an NPC to get a mission. As you accrue experience, you will level. Once you level, you are given stat points that you can distribute between intelligence (affects mana) and strength (affects hit points). But you also gain skill points for each mob you kill. Skill points can be used to level your skills and herein is where the game gets interesting.

Friday - June 02, 2006

Silkroad Online: Interview @ MMORPG.com

by Inauro, 05:02
MMORPG.com speaks with the Silkroad Online team.<blockquote><em><b>MMORPG.com</b>: How will the historical aspects of SilkRoad translate for players to enjoy today?<br><br><b>Silkroad Team</b>: The foundation for Silkroad Online is that of a reproduction of the Silk Road and the world during the 7th Century. The regionsa "! history, culture, stories are the background that fills the fantasy game.<br><br>The cities you see inside the game are the results of a huge amount of documentation and consultation with historical investigation in order to create a world as close to the 7th century era as possible. The names of the places and other names in the world are taken from names present in history as often and closely as possible.<br><br>If you log into the game you will see places like Jangan, Donwhang Stone Cave entrances, Constantinople which actually existed as real places. The similarity in even the appearance of the virtual of the historical is enough to make the player have the impression of actually having stepped back in history. </em></blockquote><a href="http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/setview/features/loadFeature/696/gameID/218" target="_blank">More...</a>

Source: MMORPG.com

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