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Box Art

Sunday - April 05, 2009

Beltion - Russian Release Dated

by Dhruin, 00:07

We've kicked up a few Beltion screens over the years and Lanael writes they've finally set an April 16th release for Russia.  No word on an English release but we'll keep an eye out.

Monday - March 02, 2009

Beltion - Screens @ Gamer's Hell

by Dhruin, 21:12

Hopefully new Beltion screens can be found at Gamer's Hell.

Monday - September 22, 2008

Beltion - Trailer @GamersHell

by Magerette, 18:08

GamersHell has a streaming version of the latest trailer for Rostok Games' Beltion, so if you didn't get around to the download  at Rapidshare from our earlier post, you can catch it here.

Saturday - September 13, 2008

Beltion - Trailer

by Dhruin, 01:46

Lanael writes that Rostok Games has released a new 3 minute trailer for Beltion.  Since the site (and the newsbit) is entirely in Russian, here's the direct link to the trailer on Rapidshare.  Word from Lanael is "after nearly one minute of precalculated sequences ( It looks like bits of the intro ),  there are shorts sequences showing combats. Thus a few settings, monsters and weapons can be seen. Two weapons are noticeable : grenades and an antique medievalish gun."

Tuesday - June 03, 2008

Beltion - 3 New Screens @ GamersHell

by Magerette, 17:29

GamersHell has updated their gallery for Rostok Games' action RPG Beltion:Beyond Ritual. You can see them here. There's also a brief game description:

Beltion: Beyond Ritual combines traditional RPG and action elements with features like main quests and optional side quests, fighting with different enemies, character development, gathering and usage of souls. The game's universe combines freeform gameplay with the historical reality of medieval Europe, while your main character is a Necromancer chosen by the priests of the Death God for his uncommon abilities...

Worthplaying has the same screens and additional game info here. 

Friday - February 22, 2008

Beltion - New Screens @ GamersHell

by Magerette, 21:09

GamersHell has added 3 new screens to their gallery for Rostok's medieval themed RPG, Beltion:Beyond Ritual. Here's their short game description: 

Beltion: Beyond Ritual combines traditional RPG and action elements with features like main quests and optional side quests, fighting with different enemies, character development, gathering and usage of souls. The game's universe combines freeform gameplay with the historical reality of medieval Europe, while your main character is a Necromancer chosen by the priests of the Death God for his uncommon abilities. You must find the formula for an old ritual to free yourself of the curse which made you an outcast among all your friends.

The screens are also on view at the official Russian site

Source: Bluesnews

Monday - January 28, 2008

Beltion - On an English Release

by Dhruin, 20:48

Lanael writes that he recently sent off a missive to Rostok Games asking about international releases of Beltion: Beyond Ritual and received the following reply:

Dear fan of our game!

We are glad to see our project to be anticipated and waited for not only locally but abroad too. Unfortunately, the question of releasing the game outside Russia, Ukraine and Baltia is still open. There's still no western publisher for the game,
and the amount of resources which can be spent on english-speaking audience is still minimal.

Considering the local game version, we expect it to be published in Ukrain and Russia at the 1st quarter 2008.

As soon as there will be any definite decision about our English version, we'll provide the site and corresponding newsreel in English. Rest assured, we'll try to do what we can to keep our foreign fans informed.

Truly yours,

Tuesday - January 22, 2008

Beltion - Screens @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 23:11

We get some Beltion screens direct from our friends at CRPG.ru from time to time but hopefully this batch of nine at Worthplaying is new.

Sunday - November 25, 2007

Beltion - Screens @ CRPG.ru

by Dhruin, 21:44

CRPG.ru sends word they have 15 new screens from the Russian project Beltion: Beyond Ritual, although apparently under publisher ND Games the concept and story have changed.

Monday - December 11, 2006

Beltion: Beyond Ritual - 12 New Screens @ Official Site

by Kawika, 02:45

A bit of belated news, but the first dozen new screenshots of Beltion: Beyond Ritual were added to the game's official site last week.

Source: Rostok Games

Tuesday - December 05, 2006

Beltion: Beyond Ritual - English Website Online

by Dhruin, 21:42

Thanks to CRPG.ru for poinitng out Russian project Beltion: Beyond Ritual from Rostok Games now has an English website.  Head over for screens and information on the gameworld, hero, religions and more.  Here's the game description from the Literature section:

«Beltion: Beyond Ritual» is a third-person view action/RPG, taking place in the original fantasy world significantly different from the genre canons. It is a new look to well-known fantasy races and nations, which differ either from their canonic appearance or games' and literature descriptions. The main character, a priest of one of human Temples, explores the world of Beltion, discovering its secrets and mysteries to the player.

Unique selling points of the game:

  • game world of independent design, art and storyline
  • nonstandard approach to genre and set art canons
  • vivid main character shown on a nonstandard image of a necromancer priest
  • rolepleying system of independent design
  • "lively" game world
  • combat system based on feats and combos
  • diversified dialogue system
  • varied endings based on in-game choices

Friday - June 30, 2006

Beltion Screenshots

by Garrett, 10:29
<a href="http://www.gamestar.de/aktuell/screenshots/PlayerPicList.jsp?galleryId=1485" target="_blank">GameStar</a> has the first three screenshots from Beltion, a RPG freshly announced from Kiev based Rostok-Games. I copy/paste the company's own game description here for you:<blockquote><em>Introduction <br>Human life and the fate of the world are both balancing between two primal powers a  Life and Death. Our heroa "!s destiny is to be a priest of the Death god, to be a respected guide of the One with whom everybody will meet. Sooner or later, similar end awaits a living person a  no matter elf, human, orc or dwarf. But what Death matters against human will? Is it possible to overcome the boundaries set for the living? The answer and the path begins with the journey to the distant orc city for a magical artifact...<br><br>The path of necromancer.<br><br>The path of human...<br><br>The path of god?<br><br>Genre and Audience <br>Beltion: Beyond Ritual in a nonlinear third-person view Action/RPG game with the branching system of complementary quests. The game is being developed for PC platform only.<br><br>The game is oriented on audience of 13-18 and older. The game should be specially attractive to the fans of medieval fantasy setting due to original art style concept combined with accustomed genre and setting canons.<br><br>We dona "!t use any trademarks or other property that should be licensed.<br><br>USP a  unique selling points<br>Literary and artistic constituents of the game world of our own design<br><br>Non-traditional interpretation of artistic genre and setting canons<br><br>Four independent systems of combat interaction, with possibility of combination<br><br>Original main character: a necromancer priest<br><br>A role-playing system of own design<br><br>Original stylization of characters, weapons, equipment and locations<br><br>Unique character development system using four types of human personality a  sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic, that allows the player to act in a most comfortable way<br><br>Different solutions for problems a  by communication, combat or magic<br><br>More than three dozens of weapon types a  swords, sabers, axes, hammers, clubs, halberds, spears, numerous crossbows. All variations with different combat specifications<br><br>Wide range of Death Magic spells, including the variety of undead summoning<br><br>Possibility of covert enemy liquidation in a Sstealtha ? type actions<br><br>Different endings dependant on the manner of play<br><br>Approximate playing time is about 60 hours<br><br>Game description<br><br>The player is completely free to choose what to do in the game world. He can fight, trade, communicate with the Beltion inhabitants, accomplish quests given by them, develop his own character, fulfill different rituals of Gods and Powers who inhabit the game world.<br><br>The player will be able to visit countries and cities of Beltion continent, meet different characters of several races, gather interesting information about their everyday life by reading books, taking part in conversations, watching ingame movies. The persons player cam meet differ not only by racial belonging, but also by social levels, from high-ranking officials and rulers to beggars, vagabonds and rogues. Sometimes a clever dialogue will gain him more than a fight. Due to the possibility of trade, the player is able to sell items he gathered to buy new armour, weapons, magic items and ritual objects.<br><br>The combat system combines close combat with spellcasting and stealth-infiltration abilities. Close combat weapons include common close-combat weapons like swords, sabers, axes, hammers, clubs, halberds; for ranged combat there is a variety of different crossbows, firing standard ordnance or magic bolts. Magic combines possibility of creatures summon, combat magic and indirect effects. It is also possible to act in special a Sstealtha ? mode, where weak enemies could be killed by one move, and strong ones could be ambushed with intricate traps.<br><br>Winning battles gives the player bonus points for upgrading his character and a possibility to pick up different enemiesa "! items, that could be sold or used. Bonus points could be used on upgrading existing charactera "!s skills and combat movements or discovering new abilities.<br><br>During the game, player will meet different obstacles a  forests, caves, mazes, mountains, as well as different enemies a  animals, humans, undeads and other creatures. Every creature has its own combat style, and sometimes they act in groups, so the player will have to act smartly, using all his charactera "!s skills.<br><br>Rituals are one of the key elements of the game. By means of rituals, the main character will master new powers and proceed from being an obedient Death God slave to becoming a creature of supernatural powers. This will come with an ancient artifact that will be the way to his fate.<br></em></blockquote>

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