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Saturday - August 15, 2009
Tuesday - July 22, 2008
Tuesday - June 24, 2008
Friday - June 13, 2008
Friday - April 25, 2008
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Saturday - August 15, 2009

Mythos - Back In Development

by Woges, 22:14

Massively points out that a new Mythos site has emerged with closed beta sign up option.

Things are stirring behind the scenes in the world of Mythos, the little MMO that could. A newly launched site offers a very small teaser, but also, a closed beta registration form which is of far more interest. While Mythos was much-loved in its previous form, we don't doubt the followers of the Diablo-esque dungeon-crawler are keen to see if the magic is still there in HanbitSoft's re-envisioning.

If you're not up on the history of this title, now (at its new beginning) seems a good time for us to sum things up. It started out as a way for Flagship Studios to test their networking technology for the then-upcoming Hellgate: London, but soon grew into a popular game in its own right through a widespread closed beta test. It was all set to transition from experiment to fully-fledged title and move into open beta when the well-documented trouble at Flagship derailed the whole thing.

However, Flagship's Korean publisher HanbitSoft acquired the game's license and decided to make use of it. They reassured eager fans only a few months ago that Mythos would be re-born better than ever. Only time will tell if that's true, but with this new closed beta registration, it shouldn't be too long before a select group finds out for themselves. In the meantime, all of the old Mythos devs will be working away on Torchlight at Runic Games. Torchlight undoubtedly stands to be significant competition for Mythos in the future, but it won't be ready (in its MMO form at least) any time soon.

Tuesday - July 22, 2008

Mythos - On Hiatus

by Woges, 01:13

 As posted on the offical web-site.

We, the ancient elders of Uld are issuing this warning to all citizens and travelers. Hurry! The great darkness that once plagued Uld is returning. Everyone is ordered to close down their shops and prepare. We predict the when night is at its peak the darkness will arrive. The ancient elders of Uld will be leaving immediately in order to preserve the lore of this wonderful world. Citizens please prepare thyself and know that the elders will be back from their travels some day.

We regretfully announce that on Friday, July 18, 2008 at 11:59 CST the world of Uld known as Mythos will be going on hiatus. On behalf of all of the Devs and Community team we want to thank you to everyone for their support and assistance with Mythos Alpha and Beta testing and we hope to see you soon.

Tuesday - June 24, 2008

Mythos - Hands On @ Eurogamer

by Woges, 23:53

A positive preview from Alec Meer.

Mythos rips out the downtime to focus on the raw, action fun of role-playing games. It's really only about killing monsters and collecting loot. This makes it shallow as all hell - but very deliberately so, and hugely entertainingly so. Again, it shows in the three character classes - much as the Pyromancer's almost a melee character on the quiet, the real melee character, the Bloodletter, can also summon a horde of demon thingies to fight for him. You're not boxed into the traditional single-purpose existence, but rather given a stuffed box of very different toys to play with. The combat itself is ridiculously fast and sparky compared to the invisible dice-rolls of WOW, Lord of the Rings Online et al - you're out there definably smacking stuff down yourself, utterly involved in the fight. Mythos is fun.

Friday - June 13, 2008

Mythos - Interview @ MythosGuru

by Woges, 03:01

Ian Cheong writes in to tell us of an exclusive interview with Max Scheafer at MythosGuru.

3. Are there going to be any other differences between the races besides elemental resistances, such as race-based crafted equipment or racial achievements?

No, we generally want to keep the differences in the classes rather than races, but some minor tweaking may be done with the races. Nothing planned immediately, though.

4. Will there be a stronger emphasis on the uniqueness of items, whereby players will actually hunt for specific items to bolster a specific build?

Yes, we’ll be revamping drop rates, and create super-rare items that require a lot of hunting. Also we intend do some variation on set items. We realize there isn’t much of a “directed hunt” mechanic in the game right now, and we’d really like to work that in.

5. How many zones are you planning on having in Mythos before the game is released?

Our current plans are to start with the existing three zones. However, the new Overworld features allow us to extend the total content available in those zones quite a bit. So we’ll have about 50 levels of content to go through at launch.

Friday - April 25, 2008

Mythos - Q&A @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Asbjoern, 10:57

A Q&A with Travis Baldree and Max Schaefer from Flagship is up at Ten Ton Hammer:

Q: How many servers will there be at launch?

A: Plenty! We’ve been preparing by adding servers, and also optimizing the network code so more can fit on a server. In any case, we can handle a lot of people, and have the flexibility at our data center to rapidly add hardware if necessary. We want as many people as possible.

Q: When is Open Beta?

A: Open Beta will begin very soon. We won’t set a date because our criterion is not “when” but “what.” When we’re satisfied we’re ready, we’ll open it up. I can say that we’re looking to do that very soon.

Q: When will Mythos launch?

A: Again, it’s more of a “what” than a “when,” but it will be this year for sure. It won’t be too long before we’re able to give better and more accurate answers, but it sort of depends on how the Open Beta progresses. We have an aggressive schedule of additions and improvements we’d like to have in place.

Saturday - April 12, 2008

Mythos - Zone 3 Interview @ RPG Vault

by Asbjoern, 20:54

RPG Vault features an interview with Project Director and Programmer Travis Baldree about the addition of a new zone and the overall status of the project:

Jonric: In view of how your vision has expanded, what's the current status of development? Where do you stand with respect to working on game systems and content? What's the target release date?

Travis Baldree:
Mythos' vision has drastically changed from its inception; instead of a simple, six-month test game, we're aiming to produce as polished and full-featured a free game as we possibly can. The primary systems that remain to be completed are our marketplace, and some team-based PvP functionality. We're getting toward the end of the road for our big-ticket required features, and the focus will be shifting more squarely to content and smaller feature additions.

We are currently in closed beta, soon to be transitioning to open. Our target release or commercialization date is scheduled for sometime in the middle of this year. We'll continue developing beyond this point at roughly the same pace, however, adding new features and content as fast as we can.

Source: Bluesnews

Thursday - March 13, 2008

Mythos - Interview @ OnlineWelten

by Asbjoern, 14:24

Travis Baldree of Flagship Studios has been interviewed by the German website, OnlineWelten. They also offer some screenshots.

OnlineWelten: You are planning a special payment-system for Mythos. The game itself will be free. But there will be special content (even ingame-money), that you can buy for real money, right? Do you really think, that's the way to got? Is that kind of system profitable?

Travis Baldree: The dual-currency system that we're planning to use has proven extremely popular and profitable and Korea, and has been recently used to good effect in the States by the likes of Maple Story, Puzzle Pirates, and Bang! Howdy.

Source: Bluesnews

Tuesday - March 04, 2008

Mythos - Max Schaefer interview @ CVG

by Woges, 00:41

Flagship's Free MMO and PC gaming in general in this interview.

On a more general note, 'PC gaming is dying' has appeared in headlines following perceived poor sales performance of high-profile PC titles in 2007 - what's your reaction to that?

Schaefer: I think it's cyclical and transitional. PC gaming isn't going anywhere until people stop having PCs. It's up to developers and publishers to keep it fresh and keep bringing creative, entertaining games to market.

Thursday - August 16, 2007

Mythos - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 00:38

We haven't really been covering Mythos, seeing it more as an MMO than otherwise but since it will be free to play and is made by FATE's Travis Baldree at Flagship, we'll check in on it from time to time.  RPG Vault has a new interview:

Jonric: As an introduction to Mythos, what would you like to say about it? What type of game will it be, to whom are you aiming to appeal, and what's the current target ship date?

Travis Baldree:
Mythos is pretty unabashedly a game in the Diablo and Diablo II vein, but with a more World of Warcraft- or Guild Wars- type MMO structure, and the casual aesthetic of Fate, a game I previously worked on. The main factors distinguishing it from Diablo are the fact that it is fully online, and you can meet and party with others in shared towns, and that it's going to be free to play.

We're hoping to appeal to the hardcore Diablo fans by providing more depth than other free games, and a solid and polished experience, but we also want to rope in as many casual players as possible. We don't honestly have to have an actual ship date, as we won't be charging for the game, nor does it have to go in a box. We can treat it sort of like G-Mail and stay in beta for as long as we like.

You can apply for an invite at www.mythos.com .

Thursday - April 26, 2007

Mythos - Alpha Ends, Screens

by Dhruin, 00:29

Shacknews has news that Flagship's Mythos, their free-to-play online action/RPG lead by Travis Baldree (FATE) has completed Alpha testing and three new screens have been released.

Saturday - March 24, 2007

Mythos - News Roundup

by Dhruin, 10:12

We've covered Mythos sporadically at MMOWatch but it's probably worth a mention at RPGWatch.  Flagship's second RPG, this is a casual online action/RPG - a Diablo-cum-MMORPG cross.  The project lead is apparently Travis Baldree, who you may recall as the lead for FATEMythos also uses the same infrastructure as Hellgate: London and will be used to test the netcode for that major launch.

You can check out the official site and sign on for the current Alpha and read some details at Gamasutra and a new preview at 1Up.

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