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Thursday - July 19, 2007
Wednesday - July 11, 2007
Wednesday - June 20, 2007
Saturday - June 09, 2007
Wednesday - June 06, 2007
Saturday - May 26, 2007
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Friday - April 27, 2007
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Thursday - July 19, 2007

Call for Heroes - Review @ Out of Eight

by Dhruin, 23:38

3/8 is the score for Call for Heroes at Out of Eight.  Let's go straight to the summary, which states it plainly:

There are too many limitations in Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars to make it a worthwhile game. Yeah, it’s a budget title, but it should still be entertaining. Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is one of the most boring role-playing games I’ve played: it is repetitive to a fault, as there is nothing to break up the monotony of killing brainless monsters. The rudimentary level design never results in surprises while playing the game to keep you interested in the story. Well, actually, there is no story or any interaction with any characters other than killing things. The game is short, there is no tutorial, you can’t save mid-mission, and the gameplay is bland. There is simple no reason to play Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars, even for a reduced price.

Wednesday - July 11, 2007

Call for Heroes - Review @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 00:46

A 5/10 is the score for Quotix' Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars in GameZone's review:

Somewhere deep inside in Quotix Software’s “Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars” (CfH) is the potential for an entertaining hack n’ slash fantasy romp, but that potential is crushed under the weight of the title’s downright frustrating gameplay mechanics, uninspiring visuals, and threadbare story.

Wednesday - June 20, 2007

Call for Heroes - Now Released

by Dhruin, 23:54

The following short announcement is up at the Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars site:

Publisher Strategy First Inc., and Developer Quotix Software, proudly announce that Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars has been released!

Buy either boxed or download version for only $19.99.

Saturday - June 09, 2007

Call for Heroes - Gone Gold

by Dhruin, 02:08

Blue's has word that Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars has gone Gold and wil be available via Strategy First from June 19th.

Source: Bluesnews

Wednesday - June 06, 2007

Call for Heroes - Preview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 00:13

A fairly perfunctory hands-on preview of Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars, although in fairness it doesn't sound as though there is much depth to cover:

Combat in the game is fairly simplistic, simply requiring you to press the attack button on the mouse as soon as an enemy gets close enough. You do have a secondary attack for some weapons, but the combat is nothing too brain-straining.

Source: Bluesnews

Saturday - May 26, 2007

Call for Heroes - Demo #2

by Dhruin, 00:39

The promised second demo for Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars has been released offering a sample of gameplay featuring "the Amazon Girl" (no points for creativity but at least you know what you are getting).  The first demo didn't attract many positive comments but if this second still interests you, grab it at 3D Downloads, Fileshack or Gamers Hell.

Source: Bluesnews

Tuesday - May 22, 2007

Pompolic: Call of Heroes - Interview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 23:51

The demo didn't garner much of a response but for anyone interested, there's a Call for Heroes interview at GameZone:

Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is described as a "third-person action game with RPG elements." Several games have made that claim, so please explain what that means to this particular project. 

Attila Siladji: The game features a heavy emphasis on combat which requires quick action and reflexes from the player. Also, there is a basic character development system. By killing monsters the player gains experience. Three basic characteristics can be upgraded: strength, armor and health. In addition to this, with each upgrade the player can choose a new special ability. Weapons are also gaining levels. During the game the AI will keep statistics for each weapon (hits, kills). The more skilled the character becomes with a weapon, the chances to make critical or fatal hits increases. With a critical hit the weapon makes double or quad damage, and with a fatal hit – as you guess – kills instantly the enemy. 

Sunday - May 06, 2007

Pompolic: Call of Heroes - Demo Released

by Dhruin, 00:19

Quotix and Strategy First have released a demo for their action/RPG, Pompolic: Call for Heroes, which also appears to have had a name change to Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars.  Strategy First is taking preorders and throwing Disciples II, for those interested. A second demo will be released on May 25th, featuring a different character.

Grab the demo from Gamers Hell, Strategy Informer, Filefront and Strategy First (202Mb).

Thanks, kencube!

Friday - April 27, 2007

Pompolic: Call of Heroes - Screens & Preorders @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 23:59

It's been a while since we had a newsbit for Quotix' action/RPG Pompolic: Call for Heroes but the official site now has preorder details and some new screens:

Software Publisher Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR), and the Developer Quotix Software, are happy to announce that “Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars” is now available for pre-order.

Pre-orders can be placed for either box version or download at the price of $19.99. All pre-orders will obtain a free downloadable copy of the popular “Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy.” This pre-order special is available only until June 19th, 2007.

“Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars” is due across North America June 19th, 2007 at the suggested price of $19.99.

For more information on “Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars” please visit:

Source: Bluesnews

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Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars

Developer: Quotix Software

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
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· Released at 2007-06-26
· Publisher: Strategy First