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Wednesday - July 22, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Review @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 22:56

GameBanshee sends word they have reviewed Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, scoring this follow-up game a mediocre 6.2/10:

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is the sequel to 2007’s Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. It is roughly the same sort of game: you battle opponents using match-3 games, you explore numerous locations looking for quests to complete and companions to recruit, and you build up your character so you can save humanity from a terrible threat. It’s the details that are different. In Challenge of the Warlords, developer Infinite Interactive took great care to create a charming and playable game. But in Galactrix, they just threw stuff out there, with little regard for what’s fun and what isn’t, and the result isn’t pretty.

Friday - June 12, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Review @ VGBlogger

by Magerette, 16:50

RPGWatch's Mike Andersen (txa1265) has been busy lately reviewing a slew of games for VGBlogger; his review of Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest sequel, Galactrix, is up and can be found here.

Here's the quick and dirty summary of pros and cons:

+ Nice twist on standard ‘Match 3′ gameplay
+ Solid variety of mini-games
+ Looks nice

- Story isn’t engaging
- Feels more luck-driven than the original
- Gameplay gets tedious in most modes


For those interest in jrpg's, he also has a discussion style review of The Last Remnant posted at the site as well.

Saturday - April 18, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Reviews @ GameOver & GameFocus

by Magerette, 16:41

Two more reviews for Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest sequel, Galactrix have been posted, both favorable.

GameOver gives the game a score of 80% with some reservations about the LeapGates:

One of the main gripes I have with Puzzle Quest: Galactrix are the LeapGates. The galaxy is linked by LeapGates. Ships use them to travel from one system to another. As the story begins, all of the LeapGates are offline. You have to hack the LeapGates in order to travel. Here’s the thing: There are dozens of systems in the galaxy, often with two or more LeapGates each, so you’ll end up hacking upwards of a hundred LeapGates during the course of the campaign and there isn’t much variety in the LeapGate hacking mini-game (unlike say combat, where encounters offer more variables), not to mention success at higher difficulty levels are entirely dependent on the quality of the starting board. It doesn’t take long before the LeapGates become a huge nuisance, just as the wandering monsters did in Challenge of the Warlords.

The review at GamesFocus is for the XBox version of the game and is scored 8.2/10:

The role playing side of things is well done but technically only to a point if you are a role playing nut. The story is cliché but well written, the ability to customize your ships is only basic and the quests are generally just the most basic RPG flair of “go there and do that”. But this is a casual title and if the RPG shortcomings are of concern to you, once you realize that the casual side of things is not necessarily a bad thing, the game becomes more enjoyable....Once you beat the game there is very little need to replay it, but I would say if you enjoy playing the game, the very low price point and plenty of hours of gaming in this package make the games value high.

Source: GameBanshee

Sunday - March 08, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - News Roundup

by Magerette, 18:52

Quite a bit of virtual print's been devoted to Infinitive Interactive's Puzzle Quest sequel, Galactrix since it's release late last month. Here are a few articles not so far covered, all of which seem to revolve around the frustrations of the game. For the sake of brevity, I'm just quoting the conclusions:

First, 1UP reviews the game, giving it a middle of the road score of C+ :

So while I'm excited about the changes to the formula for Galactrix, the downsides aren't sorted out nearly as well as I'd hoped, making this huge bundle of gameplay seem more like a chore than a boon. But if you can get past the flaws, Galactrix's battle system is even more delightful than Warlords', and the game is definitely way more ambitious. I can't ignore the problems, but overall, it's the type of game design risk I want to see rewarded. 

Next, Atomic Gamer is even less thrilled than the score of 68% would seem to indicate:

Even with the modest $20 price tag for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, it's not worth the frustration after a taking a couple of losses that are completely out of your hands. I understand that those who played the hell out of the first game and enjoyed the demo for Galactrix may not understand how this game could actually wind up so bad, but as someone who liked the demo as well, I warn you to stay away. The game's just not built for playing any longer than an hour without some serious aggravation.

GameZone is a bit more postive, with both a long Q & A with I2 CEO Steve Fawkner, and a short review that seems less enthusiastic than the overall score of 7/10:

Really, it’s all the same puzzle game with the same base mechanics. However, that does not make this an entertaining game. Sure, you don’t want to sit and play it for hours on end, but for moderate gaming stints, the game is enjoyable. Random chance does play a bit of a part and can be a tiny bit frustrating at times, but with the right gear on your ship, and a bit of planning you can control the flow of the puzzle to some extent.



Friday - March 06, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Review @ Gamespot

by Magerette, 16:58

Gamespot is much less taken with  Infinitive Interactive's recent entry in the Puzzle Quest series, Galactrix,than most of the reviews we've seen so far, scoring the game as 'mediocre' at 5.5/10:

Like its predecessor, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a role-playing game of sorts in which turn-based battles play out on something resembling a Bejeweled board. Galactrix takes Puzzle Quest out of its original fantasy setting into the realm of sci-fi and, at first glance, it appears to retain and improve on much of what made the first game great. The new hexagonal playing field with variable gravity initially feel like an exciting innovation, but ultimately they're the game's undoing because blind luck now plays much too big a part in determining the outcome of almost every encounter...

...When you're not doing battle against space pirates or any of the other factions that inhabit the Galactrix universe, you're using the same hexagonal playing field to unlock leapgates between solar systems, as well as crafting items, mining asteroids, and even haggling with shopkeepers. In short, you spend almost all of your time doing the same thing. Every activity has its own set of rules...but they all feel very similar, and most suffer from the same dependence on luck that the battles do.

The lack of gameplay variety would be easier to stomach if there was a compelling story to justify the time that you spend navigating the huge galactic map and doing battle with most of the races that you encounter, but you won't find one here.


Puzzle Quest: Galactrix should have been every bit as special as its predecessor, but whereas that game's randomness was only a mild irritation when it worked against you, here it ruins the game regardless of whether or not you're losing. It's true that not every battle is decided on luck, but enough of them are that frustration will set in before you're even close to investing the tens of hours that it takes to get through the story.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Review @ IGN

by Magerette, 16:32

IGN posts their review of Infinitive Interactive's recently released title, Puzzle Quest:Galactrix, giving it a score of 8.5/10:

The flow of gameplay in Galactrix will be familiar to Puzzle Quest fans. Players cruise around the galaxy accepting missions and sidequests, fight battles on a match three puzzlefield, and gain experience along the way. The main differences are the size of the universe (Galactrix is huge), how you earn cash and items, and how the puzzle game works...I like the new puzzle game a lot. It's more complicated than Bejewelled and gets you thinking in new ways. Now, it's a lot harder to predict how new gems will fall into place...

...Instead of spells, you equip your ship with items to either hinder your opponent or give yourself a boost. Items are bought with credits, which are earned by completing quests and selling cargo. Cargo is acquired by mining planets. During these mining mini-games, you simply need to match as many gems as you can before no more matches are available, causing a black hole. One of the most engrossing aspects of Galactrix is that each galaxy you visit has its own economy and your cargo will fetch different amounts depending on where you try to sell it. Your ship can only carry a limited amount of freight, so you'll need to be careful about where you do business and when. Mined cargo can also be used to build items and ships -- if you've found the plans.


Infinite Interactive took what worked in Puzzle Quest and expanded it into an even bigger, longer game. That means if you are a fan of PQ, Galactrix will hook you all over again. The zero gravity puzzle game is slightly more complex, and there is an entire galaxy of quests, mini-games, and characters to get lost in.


Wednesday - February 25, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Review @ Eurogamer

by Magerette, 17:11

With the game hot off the presses, Infinitive Interactive's Puzzle Quest:Galactrix gets a review over at Eurogamer, who score it 7/10:

The character classes of the original Puzzle Quest are gone, replaced by the different ships your character can use. The shift, while at first looking like a simplification, soon reveals itself to be worthwhile. You can have up to three ships in your fleet at any one time, and their design changes the way the game plays out: a fast ship will help you speed past attackers in a hostile part of the galaxy, a slower, larger ship will offer lots of equipment slots for customisation.

Equipment replaces Puzzle Quest's magic system although it works in an identical way, granting various offensive and defensive abilities during battle. For example, the Bola Mines item doubles the number of mines on the board while Shield Matrix adds a +5 to your shield total. Choosing the appropriate ship for a battle is important and adds a decent high-level element of strategy to the game.



Tuesday - February 24, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Released for PC, Review @ Wired.com

by Magerette, 17:54

Inifinitive Interactive's space themed sequel to their multi-platform title Puzzle Quest, Galactrix, sees the light of day today in North and South America and via Gamersgate, according to Blues News.

Puzzle Quest Galactrix is now available via digital distribution on Gamersgate, offering its "signature Match-3, turn based battles in an insanely addictive and masterful hybrid of RPG and Puzzle genres." The game is also now available in North and South American retail stores for Windows and DS, and probably at other digital distributors, if not now, soon. If you are curious, a playable demo is also available.

And Lucky Day posts a link in our forums to a review of the PC version at Wired.com:

Fans of the original Puzzle Quest will feel right at home, but Galactrix is no shameless retread. Completely revamped gameplay mechanics power this sprawling space adventure, resulting in an incredibly entertaining sequel that's barely recognizable. Despite the casual-sounding moniker, this is a decidedly hard-core game: All but the hardiest puzzle fans might find themselves over-matched.

The reviewer does point out a few weaknesses, though the review is overall positive with a score of 8/10:

Galactrix is a surprisingly robust game, but you really need to have an investment in the rote act of matching gems to appreciate it all. Combat and the various mini-games are all strikingly different, which stands as testament to developer Infinite Interactive's ability to keep a rather simple puzzle mechanic feeling fresh, but the sheer multitude of activities detracts from the opportunities to wage puzzle-based war on enemy ships -- arguably the most fun of the lot.

Thanks, Lucky Day.



Thursday - February 19, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Trailer # 3 & Screenshots @ GamersHell

by Magerette, 16:36

GamersHell posts the latest trailer for Infinitive Interactives soon to be released Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, along with a few new screenies, mostly of ships. You can check it out here.

Friday - February 13, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Factions @ Worthplaying, Preview @ IGN

by Magerette, 18:28

Worthplaying takes a detailed look at the playable factions available and their impact on gameplay in Infinitive Interactive's soon to be released sequel to their puzzle/rpg hybrid  Puzzle Quest, Galactrix:

Every time you interact with the world of Galactrix you are gaining or losing standing with various factions. For example, shoot down a Vortraag ship and not only will the Vortraag remember this and gain an active dislike to you, but the Trident Military Command will find out and you will gain a little more credibility in their eyes. Or undertake a mission for the Jahrwoxi against the Elysians, and your faction standings will likewise be affected.

And IGN does a preview of the game focusing on a comparison to the first Puzzle Quest  and an overview of the ship classes available here:

Another major difference is that you do all your attacking and equipping with your ship. In Puzzle Quest you could capture monsters and use them as mounts, but here in Galactrix your vehicles are much more involved in gameplay. There are over 30 ships you can collect and customize. Below is a breakdown of some of the general classes of ships and their most common uses. You can only have three vehicles in your fleet at any one time, so you'll have to make tactical decisions about which to use. Reading the benefits each class provides gives you an idea of just how big this game is. Ships can be bought, or built if you find the plans.


Source: GameBanshee

Sunday - February 08, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Magerette, 18:30

Worthplaying posts their impressions of D3's and  Infinitive Interactive's soon to be released entry in the Puzzle Quest universe, Galactrix:

Much like the original, Galactrix mashes up RPG elements with a puzzle game center, resulting in a title that can appeal to both hardcore and casual players. You start off by creating a character and then heading out into the futuristic sci-fi world to collect missions, fight off pirates and conquer the galaxy.

Unlike the Bejeweled-inspired game board of the original, Galactrix mixes things up by using a board that can shift in any direction. How the puzzle pieces fall isn't determined by gravity, but rather by how you clear the current set.... It's a simple tweak, but one that completely changes the matching mechanic...

The world map in Galactrix is quite large, with more than 70 different leapgate locations to explore. Each leapgate connects to a star system with a handful of worlds and asteroids. In short, it's going to take a good deal of time to master the world of Galactrix...

 One big change we noticed from the original is the elimination of random encounters. After playing for a few hours, we fought a number of foes, but they all seemed to be found at specific points in the story or guarding various star systems. We never ran into an enemy while out on an exploration jaunt, which is definitely a plus.


Wednesday - February 04, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - NA Release Announced

by Magerette, 15:39

Aspyr Media has sent over a press release giving details on the North and South American distribution of D3's and Infinitive Interactive's space-themed puzzle/rpg hybrid, Puzzle Quest:Galactrix. The PC launch is set for February 24:

AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 3, 2009 – Aspyr Media has teamed with D3Publisher (D3P), a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software, to bring the highly anticipated Puzzle Quest™: Galactrix™ for Windows PC to store shelves. Under the deal Aspyr will manage all North and South American retail distribution of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for Windows PC, which is set to launch on February 24, and make it available on the company’s digital download offering, gameagent.com. D3P will maintain the rest of the digital distribution rights for the title in all territories.
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a rich new addition to the beloved Puzzle Quest universe. The game incorporates a powerful blend of casual and hardcore gameplay elements, similar to those adored by fans of the critically acclaimed Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, into an all-new futuristic, science-fiction setting. An innovative hexagonal puzzle board allows for a wide range of strategic depth, allowing both hardcore and casual gamers to play on their own terms.  A rich and detailed storyline and fresh gameplay elements make the world of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a captivating new adventure to explore and conquer.

Tuesday - January 27, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Screens @ GamersHell

by Magerette, 18:42

GamersHell has popped up a few screenshots for the soon to be released successor to Infinitve Interactive's PuzzleQuest, Galactrix. You can find links to both PC and DS screens here.

Friday - January 23, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Demo Available

by Magerette, 17:46

Infinitive Interactive has released both a downloadable and online flash demo of their soon to be released successor to Puzzle Quest, Galactrix. You can find the 132.5 MB download at Atomic Gamer, Computergames.ro, and GamersHell.

The online demo is available here. Nice music.

Source: Blues News

Sunday - July 27, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Preview @ ShackNews

by Magerette, 17:56

ShackNews posts their look at Infinitive Interactive's PQ:Galactrix, the upcoming sci-fi sequel to the rpg/match 3 hybrid, Puzzle Quest, highlighting a few of the differences:

 So what's different this time around?

For starters, gravity, or the lack thereof, now plays a pretty important role. Zero-G space battles mean blocks don't just fall from the top anymore--they shift around based on the last action...

Another change from the original Puzzle Quest is the lack of established player classes. Instead of being stuck in a particular class for the entire game, players can now amass an armada of customizable ships, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

As players use the overworld map to progress from battle to battle, they will discover that the scope of the game's economy has been greatly expanded through the ability to influence trade prices based on one's carried cargo and status with the multiple factions.

These mechanics are purely optional, Savino noted. The game can be easily beat without fussing around with them, though the option is there for hardcore players.



Wednesday - July 16, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Screens & Trailer @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 23:52

You can grab seven new PC (and five NDS) screens for the followup to Puzzle Quest at Worthplaying.

Monday - June 23, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Preview @ UGO

by Magerette, 16:33

UGO Gamesblog  has put up a preview of the upcoming space-themed sequel to Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest:Challenge of the Warlords, PQ:Galactrix:

  There are two types of gamers in this world.  Those who are straight addicted to Infinite Interactive’s Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and those who have never played it.  In a mash-up for the ages, Challenge of the Warlords couples together the disparate puzzle and RPG genres for one of the most ludicrously addictive games available.  Showing no regard for the personal lives of their fans, Infinite and D3 publisher are well on their way to releasing the next RPG/puzzler timesuck in the Puzzle Quest series, this one bearing the subtitle Galactrix...

The key difference is the layout.  In Challenge, the playing field was a Tetris-style rectangle, with blocks being swappable in left-right and up-down directions.  Empty spaces would be filled by blocks falling in at the top of the puzzle area.  Galactrix’s playing field and blocks are instead hexagonal, giving players two new directions to shift tiles in.  More than that, the direction of movement has an added strategic element in allowing players to influence where new tiles will be filled in from.

Source: GameBanshee

Saturday - March 15, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Magerette, 16:24

Worthplaying gives a one page preview of Infinitive Interactive's space-themed followup to its puzzle/RPG hybrid Puzzle Quest, Galactrix. Here's an excerpt:

Damage is determined by matching pieces with numbers (1, 3, 5 and 10), and you must deplete your foe's shields before you can damage his hull. It's quite a fully realized battle system, and this isn't simply the race to make the most matches, as you've seen in so many titles that have come before.

The developers also mentioned that there would be diplomacy and commodity systems, though they didn't elaborate on what exact roles they would play. From the sound of things, this is shaping up to be a very complex game, and the actual gameplay may be taking a backseat to strategy and new game elements.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is shaping up to be an ambitious title, expanding on its predecessor's determination to show how gem-swapping puzzle games can be more than what we've become accustomed to...

Sunday - March 02, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Preview @ GamersInfo.net

by Magerette, 18:04

GamersInfo.net is the next to preview Infinitive Interactive's follow-up to its cross-platform puzzle/rpg hit, Puzzle Quest:

Galactrix is set 10,000 years in the future and posits the question, "What if man had no soul?" (I asked Senior Producer Tim Ramage why we needed [to] advance 10,000 years to ask this question. He said poetic license.) Four mega-corporations, in the name of humankind, have conquered the entire Universe - no, not the Galaxy, the Universe.

Here's some detail on the actual matching mechanics:

Matching gems in the previous title increased your mana, gold, experience or caused damage. There were four colored gems (mana) and one for each of the additional properties. The same basic principle applies here with a few more elements to make it interesting. This go around we have:

  • Red - Weapons
  • Yellow - Engines
  • Green - Ship's CPU
  • Blue - Shields (let this drop to nothing and poof!)
  • Black - Attack/Damage tokens, these contain numbers that are combined to determine the base damage
  • White - Intel tokens, still being determined but may work like experience or knowledge
  • Purple - Sci-power to increase diplomacy interactions, navigation, etc.

The general idea is to make matches that build up your weapons, CPU, etc. until you acquire the necessary power for an attack, counter measures or simply to keep your shields charged. Your ship will be unlike the ship you're battling against - find the chink in their armor and you're golden.


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