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Wednesday - June 18, 2008
Tuesday - June 17, 2008
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Wednesday - June 18, 2008

Sci Fi Channel MMO - Interview II @ TTH

by Asbjoern, 21:50

This time it is Senior Producer Robert Hill of Trion World Network that has been interviewed by Ten Ton Hammer about the Sci Fi Channel MMO, which they are developing. Something on platforms:

Ten Ton Hammer: In the press release, it’s mentioned that Trion has a “multi-device game platform and premier development and publishing talent will break new ground for the future of transmedia entertainment.” Does this mean that whatever game we see emerging from Trion will be available on consoles as well as PCs?

Robert: The Trion platform gives us the advantage of being able to reach all sorts of devices beyond the PC.  We are doing most of the heavy lifting server side, freeing our clients to take only what they need to deliver quality experiences tailored to strengths of each hardware platform.

That said, we have not announced all of the platforms that we are currently looking to support but our intent is that if it has a broadband connection, we would like to publish for it. PC is certainly part of our future and we just announced that we can publish for the PS3 and hope to make more such announcements in the future.

Source: Blues News

Tuesday - June 17, 2008

Sci Fi Channel MMO - Interview @ TTH

by Asbjoern, 17:54

The Sci Fi Channel representative Adam Stotsky has been interviewed by Ten Ton Hammer; revealing the unthinkable:

Ten Ton Hammer: Could you give us a hint about the genre of your upcoming project?
Adam: This will be a sci-fi genre experience. It will be a very different Earth than the one we currently know today.

Source: Blues News

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Sci Fi Channel MMO

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