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Box Art

Thursday - April 26, 2012

Telepath: SoG - v1.816 Patch

by Dhruin, 00:36

Sinister Design has announced a new patch for Telepath: Servants of God:

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been patched to version 1.816. This patch balances out characters builds a little, giving unique perks to players who start out with a 12 in either Psy Power or Psy Defense. It also fixes a few bugs, makes it so block-pushing occurs without having to navigate a dialog box, and adds a new interaction to Rubat.

Tuesday - April 17, 2012

Telepath: SoG - v1.815 Patch

by Dhruin, 22:43

Sinister Design let us know that despite working on a new game, they are still actively supporting Telepath RPG: Servants of God. Some highlights from the v1.815 patch:

–removed the second prison battle and made the third prison battle skippable.

–fixed a bug where upgrading Psy Power or Psy Defense as a level up bonus wouldn’t increase the player’s maximum PsP or maximum Health.

–when starting a new game, the player may now choose to auto-skip all in-game tutorials. (This replaces the old method, which always skipped all in-game tutorials on Hard or Brutal game difficulty and always showed them on Normal and Easy difficulty.)

–training is now available immediately after escaping the prison; it is no longer necessary to complete the ghost cellar mission to begin training your characters.

–fixed some typos.

Thursday - April 12, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Podcast Interview

by Dhruin, 00:32

Sinister Design's Craig Stern has been interviewed by "Vincesauce Vidyas" about Telepath: Servants of God and other topics. The run time is an incredible 1 hour 45 minutes, so make sure you have a comfy chair. The topics:

  • Telepath RPG: Servants of God
  • IndieRPGs.com
  • politics in RPGs
  • game development
  • whether or not X-Com is an RPG
  • which RPGs get covered on gaming blogs, and why.

Wednesday - March 14, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Reviews and Interview

by Dhruin, 22:19

Craig Stern from Sinister Design sends word of a few articles about their recently released game, Telepath RPG: Servants of God. First, The Indie Mine has a short review where the author finds the game takes a while to get into and the price is high. Disappointingly, he spends little time actually talking about the gameplay but the score of 4/5 is promising:

It isn’t often that you’re treated to decent voice acting in an indie title. Telepath RPG: Servants of God, by Sinister Design, breaks this mold in a pleasant fashion. With a lengthy text based story, the game aims to keep your attention by letting you listen rather than read. The voice acting is performed superbly, especially for the character Arman, but that will do little for the gamer who isn’t going to invest in the story. This game requires player immersion to appreciate all it has to offer.

The top-down camera style is upheld throughout and supported by excellent hand-drawn watercolor pictures. Character animations seem basic both in and out of battle, but the environments, accompanied by pleasant music, are lush with detail when combined with appealing flash-style graphics. I was highly entertained by traversing in a world akin to Disney’s Aladdin… if only I could have found a magic flying carpet!

There's also an Italian review at The Indie Shelter. A quote via Google translate:

It is precisely the characteristic of being able to use this 'Gift', together with the presence of great conversations and exhortations to interact with other NPCs, which makes Telepath RPG a rare gem, especially considering that it was entirely conceived by the mind of one person. The possibility of resolution for the quests are often at least three, without considering the larger number of 'rewards', or better effects, arising from compatible choices. And the interesting thing is that we speak either of the main quest, but most of all quests.

...and webzine Day Old Stubble has impressions and a transcript of a Skype interview.

Tuesday - February 28, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Patched, Soundtrack Available

by Dhruin, 23:17

Sinister Design sends word that Telepath: Servants of God has been updated again, taking the game to v1.814:

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been updated to version 1.814; this incorporates a few other patches that have come out over the past week. These patches provide extra voice-overs, new dialog, an extra variation in the game's multiple endings, and a new Nightmare Mode in addition to lots of bug fixes. More info here: http://sinisterdesign.net/?p=1413 , http://sinisterdesign.net/?p=1392 , http://sinisterdesign.net/?p=1385

Secondly, the soundtrack is available for purchase:

The soundtrack for Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been released. The soundtrack features 30 tracks and more than 70 minutes of music. I'm doing a pay-what-you-want thing with it over on Bandcamp. Name a price (at or above $2.99) and the whole massive album is yours.

The official announcement post for the album is here: http://sinisterdesign.net/?p=1418

Tuesday - February 21, 2012

Telepath: SoG - New Patches

by Dhruin, 22:27

Sinister Design has updated Telepath: Servants of God and then again, bringing the game to v 1.813 - full patch notes in the links. The second patch adds a new Nighmare difficulty mode, among other fixes and improvements.

Friday - February 17, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Patched

by Dhruin, 23:36

Sinister Design sends word that Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been patched:

I'm writing to let you know that I've released the first patch for Telepath RPG: Servants of God, fixing a few reported bugs that made it into the game's final release. It is strongly recommended that anyone who installed the release version of the game update to this new one.

To update the game, just download the installer and run it--it will detect your current install and give you the option to Replace. Click Replace and your game will be patched. It will not affect your saved games.

Tuesday - February 14, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Now Released

by Dhruin, 22:52

The "Middle East Steampunk" strategy RPG Telepath: Servants of God has been released - head to Sinister Design for the demo or to purchase but I'm going to quote a bit from the Rampant Coyote on the game:

But ultimately, I’m looking forward to the story, writing, and characters. From what I have seen and played, these look great, and the entire game looks like a winner. Telepath RPG: Servants of God is a fresh concept in RPGs, with a unique world and approach to the genre.  I’m a big fan of tactical combat in RPGs, so this should be a lot of fun to try out. I’m really excited about giving this one a more thorough test-drive.

Thursday - February 09, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Due on Valentine's Day

by Dhruin, 20:38

Sinister Design announces Telepath: Servants of God will be released next week:

Hey everybody! I’m working furiously right now to add in some of the things I want Telepath RPG: Servants of God to have upon release. I just wanted to take a second to remind everyone that I’m releasing the game on Tuesday, February 14.

TSoG has had a lot of positive previews so far. Some writers really like the setting; others really like the writing; and others are enamored of the combat system. Then you have still others who like that it’s from Chicago, though that’s really neither here nor there. (Unless you live in Chicago, in which case, it’s decidedly here–but I digress.)

It’s been a long, hard road developing this game. I started work on it during late December of 2007, while I was still in the middle of law school. I spent long nights on my ex-girlfriend’s bed typing away on a laptop, inspiring her to come up with a variant on this track (“I was makin’ TRPG”).

I’m pretty happy with how the game has come together, even though a few of my grander ideas didn’t make the cut. I’m looking forward to letting you all try out the finished game, and even moreso to making bigger and better titles for you in the future. Until Tuesday!


Monday - January 23, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Preview @ TPG

by Dhruin, 20:39

There's a preview of Telepath: Servants of God at True PC Gaming:

But don’t get wrong—based on a generously lengthy demo (available here) Telepath is actually shaping up to be kind of good. At heart, it’s a turn-based tactical RPG that feels like what a game of chess would be like if each piece had a big character sheet of RPG stats to take into consideration. Stern must have played a lot of Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics as a kid, as he knows how to exploit the mechanics of this kind of combat to demand strategic and thoughtful thinking from the player. It’s brutally difficult, but remains compelling. Thinking ahead and carefully managing character positions is crucial. Plus, your handful of role-playing character units can die permanently, which drastically ramps up the tension and reminds me of the most tragic player-generated moments from Fire Emblem.

Thursday - January 05, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Interview @ The Indie Mine

by Myrthos, 15:17

An interview with Telepath's developer Craig Stern can be found at The indie Mine. In it he talks about his game, scheduled to be released next month and also gives some advice.

Brandon: Well this project is obviously the culmination of a lot of hard work over a long period of time and I have to imagine it’s been quite the learning experience.  What advice can you give to rookie developers looking to break into the indie development scene?

Craig: Start by making a game you can easily finish, and do an excellent, excellent job on making that game be the best that it can possibly be.

That’s half of it, and you can read advice about doing that just about anywhere. The other half of it is social, and people don’t tend to talk about this part as much. The indie scene isn’t really something you “break into”; it’s something you ease into, like the shallow end of a lukewarm pool. A lot of new developers make the mistake of showing up on a place like TIGSource with their games, thinking they can self-promote and immediately receive recognition for their work. That is a huge mistake! Spamming forums is just about the worst strategy you can possibly use.

The indie scene is just like any other scene: you need to socialize with people and make friends before anyone will care about what you’ve been doing. Approach it as a community rather than as a place to market. If possible, attend game jams, panel discussions and other events so you can meet people face-to-face. Drink beers together; talk shop; inquire with about what other people are doing. You’ll build relationships, and those tend to pay huge dividends over the long haul.

Remember: these are the people who are going to retweet your game announcements. These are the people who are going to share sales data and press contacts with you. Don’t start off by trying to promote yourself to them; just make friends. That is my best advice.

Monday - January 02, 2012

Telepath: SoG - Interview @ True PC Gaming

by Dhruin, 21:45

Craig Stern from Sinister Design has been interviewed about their indie RPG, Telepath: Servants of God, over at True PC Gaming:

Where did the idea for Telepath RPG: Servants of God come from?

So you have a situation where each of the two most interesting RPG subgenres has glaring weaknesses that just so happen to correspond to the other subgenre’s strengths. Combining the two to fill in the weak points just seems like an obvious move.

I originally got the idea for the game’s premise after reading news reports about officers in the U.S. Army forcing soldiers to attend religious services and receive spiritual training; about the Department of Defense planning to deliver care packages with Left Behind: Eternal Forces to our troops in Iraq; and about the rise of dominion theology in America. The thought occurred to me: if the military were to be captured by people who place religious doctrine above the rule of law, than what, realistically, would stand in the way of a coup? This game is a way of exploring my feelings about that concept.

As far as gameplay goes, Telepath RPG: Servants of God is an attempt to make the world’s first proper Western RPG / Strategy RPG hybrid. Western RPGs, as you know, are typically nonlinear  games with open worlds, consequence-laden dialog trees, and quests with multiple endings. However, they have a history of featuring rather lackluster combat systems. Strategy RPGs, by contrast, feature awesome grid-based, turn-based tactical combat systems. However, they have a history of employing rigid, linear plot progression with no opportunity for deviation or meaningful player choice.

Monday - December 19, 2011

Telepath: SoG - Release Date

by Dhruin, 23:09

Sinister Design has set a release date of February 14th for Telepath: Servants of God.

Attention everyone! Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been in development for a very, very long time–almost exactly four years now, by my reckoning. But the end is finally in sight. I’m writing to announce that TSoG, at long long last, is going to be released in its finished form on February 14, 2012.

Why release it on Valentine’s Day, you ask? Why, because I love you all, of course! (Also, conveniently, that’s about how long it will take for me to complete the game to my satisfaction.)

 For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the game’s minute-to-minute updates on Twitter, I’ve been fleshing out the world with quests and adding a chance of randomly generated battles to the more dangerous areas of Cera Bella (the likelihood of which is reduced by higher Aptitude). The end-game involves invading your home city; the more soldiers you’ve amassed, the better that is going to work out for you. Once you’ve set up the Resistance with a headquarters, reaching the end-game depends only on the number of soldiers you’ve amassed. Since you can gain soldiers in a few different ways (quests, recruitment, and hiring mercenaries) you can get to the end-game via whatever methods you like best.

Most of that is in-game now. I’ve got only a few things left to add at this point: Crypt 4, missions involving the Order of the Black Rose / The Assassin’s Cult, a recruitment mission in Ravinale whose success will be affected by your reputation among the populace, another recruitable character named Rajav, and the end-game. There’s two months to go. Let’s do this.

Saturday - November 05, 2011

Telepath: SoG - Updated Demo

by Dhruin, 21:35

Sinister Design let us know their indie project Telepath: Servants of God has a new build as they work towards a full release by the end of the year:

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been updated!

  • Play cards with the Rubat clan chief’s son!
  • Get an audience with Dean Anya at the Psy Academy and convince her to lend you troops!
  • Find hidden riddle chests and crack their codes for lots of gold!
  • Meet Judge Hakim, the newest acolyte!
  • Enjoy having fewer bugs!

To update the game, just download the updated AIR installer and run it. It’ll ask you if you want to replace the previous install: click the Replace button. (Your saved games will remain intact.)

Note that you'll need Adobe Air installed.

Monday - October 10, 2011

Telepath: SoG - Voice Actor Interview

by Dhruin, 08:53

Sinister Design has a video interview with the voice actor playing "Griffin" in their upcoming indie RPG, Telepath: Servants of God.

The Telepath RPG: Servants of God character Griffin is voiced by Ray Proctor, a professional actor with a PhD in Shakespearean studies. A couple of days ago, I got the chance to sit down and talk with him at length about Griffin. Ray had some fascinating insights to offer about how Griffin sees himself, his relationship with other characters, and what The Gift is all about.

Tuesday - September 20, 2011

Telepath: SoG - Updated Demo, Preorder Discount Closing

by Dhruin, 23:50

Sinister Design's indie turn-based CRPG Telepath: Servants of God has a new, updated demo. You also have one more week to access the preorder pricing:

Attention ladies and gentlemen: as of today, there is precisely one week left to nab Telepath RPG: Servants of God at the early pre-order price! On Tuesday, September 27, the price goes up from $19.95 to $24.95.

In the meantime, I’ve once again updated the demo* with a variety of significant bug fixes and performance improvements. Getting back to content creation now: the Rubat Clan and the Great Forest are up next!

*Here is the official guide to getting the demo set up.

Wednesday - August 10, 2011

Telepath: SoG - AIR Build Released

by Dhruin, 09:59

Craig Stern from Sinister Design writes in about a big update to Telepath: Servants of God.

I’ve now officially released the first AIR build of Telepath RPG: Servants of God! This version of the game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux alike using a single installer.

To install, make sure you have Adobe AIR–it’s free and available right here. Install AIR first–once that’s taken care of, get the game and install it.

This build features a ton of improvements to the game–so many that I can’t get into them all here–but here are a few:

  • The Crypt of the Poet King is now finished, and boy is it ever a nasty one.
  • My favorite new feature is that your character can now use drugs and (depending on your luck) get addicted, suffering prolonged withdrawal effects if he goes too long without a hit. (Don’t do drugs, kids!)
  • You can now swap out orbs between battles.
  • There’s new music in the game that plays during the battle preparation screen.
  • There are a ton of bug fixes.
  • The game engine now officially supports voiced dialog.
  • Did I mention that Mac and Linux owners can now play the game off their hard drives? Because they can. And it’s awesome.
  • Monday - July 11, 2011

    Telepath: SoG - Gearing up for the next big update

    by Dhruin, 22:00

    Sinster Design is getting ready for a big update to Telepath RPG: Servants of God. Word is there will be "new dungeons, new attacks, lots of bug fixes, and best of all, a single install file that works equally well on PC, Mac and Linux" for those who have preordered. Check out the newsbit at Sinister Design, where there is also a small video.

    Friday - April 08, 2011

    Telepath: SoG - Final Boss Music

    by Dhruin, 23:37

    Sinister Design let us know they've posted the final boss music to Telepath RPG: Servants of God. Word is "the track incorporates numerous musical motifs from this (and previous) Telepath RPGs, and has a real life opera singer at around the two-minute mark." It's a pretty impressive original track for an indie game, I must say.

    Wednesday - April 06, 2011

    Telepath: SoG - Screens @ Rampant Coyote

    Friday - March 04, 2011

    RPG: A Universal Definition @ Sinister Design

    by Dhruin, 22:26

    Craig Stern from Sinister Design - developer of the Telepath series - has penned an article titled What makes an RPG an RPG: a universal definition. That's a brave thing to tackle but its a well written article that looks at setting, exploration, combat, stat improvement, story and choices and consequences. We don't end up with a simple definition statement but he comes close...now to you to argue if he has it right. A sample on story:

    Consider this idea for an RPG: you play an elderly man, an alchemist living in a small town. One day, a band of thugs visits the town and demands tribute. Your town, being poor and small, cannot afford to give the thieves the tribute they demand. Under cover of night, they retaliate by secretly poisoning the town’s well with a flavorless, colorless, slow-acting toxin. As the game begins, every last person in your town—including your character—has ingested a lethal dose of this poison.

    Realizing what has happened, the player character scrambles desperately to concoct a serum to counteract the effects of the poison. He does so in time to save his own life. However, he only has enough ingredients to save himself. Even then, the best he can manage is to ward off the poison’s effects for a few months, buying himself time to either achieve revenge or find a cure.

    Over the rest of the game, your character grows steadily weaker. Combat is exhausting—far from making him stronger, each encounter saps his vitality further. He lacks the energy to learn any new skills. Your character is clearly dying from the poison; the only question is whether he will successfully achieve his objectives before that happens.

    Now, ask yourself: fully apart from whether this is a satisfying story or not, is this an RPG story? Here we have a persistent character with unique skills starring in a straightforward revenge tale set in a fantasy setting. We even have the classic trope of the protagonist leaving behind his wrecked hometown and setting forth into a dangerous world, which serves its usual purpose of allowing us to play the character in a way inconsistent with his backstory.

    Monday - February 07, 2011

    Telepath: SoG - Interview @ Rampant Coyote

    by Dhruin, 20:22

    Rampant Coyote Jay Barnson has interviewed Craig Stern from Sinister Design about both Telepath RPG and life as an indie dev:

    Rampant Coyote: Your newest game, currently in development, is Telepath RPG: Servants of God. You’ve described it in the past as part “Japanese strategy RPG, part free-roaming Western RPG.” For those who haven’t yet played the online demo, describe your game. What’s it like, what makes it great, and what is the story about?

    Craig Stern: Telepath RPG: Servants of God (a.k.a. TSoG) is like an inverted funnel: it starts off very linear, then opens up wider and wider. By the end of the game, it’s all about currying favor with different factions around the continent, trying to secure troops and financing in order to successfully invade your home city, overthrow the theocratic government that has taken root there, and restore democracy.

    TSoG is sort of my dream game, the game I always wanted to play as a kid: which is, essentially, a cross between Shining Force and Fallout. So you get your Western cake of exploration and role-playing and you get to eat it topped with the rich, creamy icing of Japanese-style turn-based tactical battles.

    Wednesday - December 15, 2010

    Telepath: SoG - Preorders Open

    by Dhruin, 20:57

    Sinister Design sends word that preorders are open for their indie turn-based RPG, Telepath: Servants of God.  You'll get unrestricted access to the game as it develops and a 20% discount.  Word is the full game should be finished mid 2011.

    There's also a new trailer and the Rampant Coyote explains why he is looking forward to it.

    Monday - November 15, 2010

    Telepath: SoG - Preorders Coming Soon

    by Dhruin, 20:56

    Sinister Design sends word that preorders will soon be available for Telepath RPG: Servants of God.  Preordering will get you early access to the development builds and a 20% discount.

    Monday - October 11, 2010

    Telepath: SoG - Dialogue Trees, Voice Actor Interview

    by Dhruin, 09:56

    Craig from Sinister Design writes about some of the limitations of dialogue trees and his plans to include good ol' text parsing in Telepath RPG: SoG:

    Writing nonlinear RPG dialog is a challenge. It is no simple matter to provide conversation options that simultaneously feel satisfying, are diverse enough to let the player role play, and which still fit well within the dialog tree itself.

    There are technical limitations to consider. For any given branch, you can only fit so many reply options onto the screen at once. And at least one of those will usually be taken up by an “exit ramp” (a reply that ends the conversation)–as a principle of good design, one ought to include exit ramps at frequent intervals so the player is never trapped in a conversation that she (or the character she is playing) doesn’t want to continue having.

    Because of these limitations, some situations simply aren’t well suited to the dialog tree format: for instance, answering a riddle or guessing a password. Passwords and riddles are good to include in an RPG because they allow for different types of puzzles. A locked door in an RPG might be opened by bashing it in, finding the key, convincing someone else to open it, and so on. But requiring the solution to a riddle in order to pass adds another layer to the proceedings. The player has to collect clues and make deductions in order to arrive at a solution. It’s a different type of challenge.

    There's also an interview with another voice actor, playing the role of Malis.

    Monday - September 27, 2010

    Telepath: SoG - Voice Actor Interviews

    by Dhruin, 20:33

    Sinister Games writes about a couple of video interviews with voice actors from their indie game, Telepath RPG: Servants of God.  The voice of Arman is interviewed here and a character named Rahel here.

    Monday - August 16, 2010

    Telepath: SoG - Updated Demo

    by Dhruin, 21:02

    I'm cheating here.  Craig from Sinister Design sent news their indie game Telepath RPG: Servant of God would be on display at a Chicago gaming event...Sunday last.  Since I missed posting in time, hopefully posting about the demo update from June that we also missed will help make up for it:

    The Telepath RPG: Servants of God downloadable demo has been updated to version 1.2, including all the changes made to the game since the release of the last downloadable demo:

    • better enemy AI
    • enemy AI scales with difficulty
    • “click-to-select” character selection in combat
    • more in-game tutorial pop-ups to get new players used to how combat works
    • dark areas
    • hidden treasure chests
    • a new orb

    The full game release is due in 2011.

    Information about

    Telepath RPG: Servants of God

    Developer: Sinister Design

    SP/MP: Single-player
    Setting: Steampunk
    Genre: Strategy-RPG
    Combat: Turn-based
    Play-time: Unknown
    Voice-acting: Partially voiced

    Regions & platforms
    · Homepage
    · Platform: PC
    · Released at 2012-02-14
    · Publisher: Sinister Design