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Monday - November 06, 2017
Monday - September 25, 2017
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Friday - February 13, 2015
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Monday - November 06, 2017

Gothic 2 Gold - Complete Remaster

by Silver, 00:17

@SinitarGaming Gothic 2 is getting a complete remaster via a mod called Returning 2.0 which means new mechanics, quests, areas and more.


Welcome folks! Description & links below. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/NpRg9Yy
If you can spare a dollar or more, please consider becoming my patron at https://www.patreon.com/SinitarGaming. It cost you little, but helps me significantly. Rewards include early access to videos, video calls with me, discord rewards, HD wallpapers and more. Gothic 2 "Returning" is a biggest gothic mod ever created.

Returning 2.0 is completely overhauling whole game in lore-friendly way, adds dozens of new locations, quests, items, new factions, story chapters and much more, giving 250+ additional gameplay hours in total.
Gothic 2 Returning 2.0 original forums(complete english installation guide coming soon):

Returning 2.0 wiki: https://rpgrussia.com/returning-onlin...
Gothic 2 Returning 2.0 english forums:
Latest Kai Rosenkranz music:
Me on other resources:
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/sinitargaming
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinitarGaming
Background music - amazing Kai Rosenkranz


Monday - September 25, 2017

Gothic II - The History of Khorinis

by Hiddenx, 17:38

The Soulfire team is working on a big Gothic 2 mod: The History of Khorinis




The action of the History of Khorinis is situated on Vaduz Island, which is a part of the Kingdom of Myrthana, being an important center of trade, extraction and agriculture. On Vaduz we can find the huge town, many farms, mines, taverns, competitive merchant guilds, the Monastery of Adanos and so other interesting places, waiting for discovery. In the game we have an opportunity to play as Lars, whose life changes drastically as a result of a mysterious intrigue. A player will make a decision to which influential guild will join, deciding on his fate and his enemies. During the game, we will meet many characters from the world of Gothic and we will meet their history prior to the creation of the Barrier.


  • The world's first fan project with professional dubbing!
  • Vaduz Island — brand new world much bigger than the ones from previous versions!
  • Khorinis, The Valley of Mines and the Old Mine as you have never seen before!
  • Attention to the compliance with the story of the saga
  • Ability to use a shield
  • Many treasures to be found
  • Side quests
  • Humoristic elements
  • New guild, items and armors
  • Professional soundtrack, composed especially for the needs of this addon
  • New skills (advanced blacksmithing, cooking, etc.)
  • Hugh number of new PFX
  • and many more

Friday - April 24, 2015

Gothic 2 Gold - Latest DirectX11 Mod

by Fluent, 01:14

Hi! In this video I take a look at the DirectX11 modification for the classic CRPG, Gothic 2. The version shown in the video is current as of April 2015 and is still under construction as we speak


Hey everybody! Thanks for joining me, as today I take a look at the most current version of Andre's D3D11 renderer mod for Gothic 2!

The version I'm playing is the X15 Version, current as of April 2015. In the video I show off a few tricks that the mod is capable of doing, as well as show off a bit of the terrain in my favorite first-person mode!

The best thing about this video is that it is truly 1920x1080, full HD and a constant 60 FPS. Later on in the video I actually show the game with full 8x Supersampling AA, as well as other bells and whistles I talk about in the video. :)

My system specs:
Windows 7 64-bit
i5 4690 3.5ghz CPU
Nvidia GTX 970 GPU
256 GB SSD

For the high resolution font mod, use this link. Download it and add it to your Data folder and voila! You now have a better font! -http://fgex.ru/files/FONT_High_Resolu...

Follow the mod here - http://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/...

If you like the sort of work I do here on YouTube, please consider becoming a Patron of mine on Patreon. It would mean a lot and greatly help my channel! Check it out! - http://www.patreon.com/fluent

Also, leave a comment letting myself and Andre know what you think about the great work he's done! Share the video to get others excited for it. There are still a lot of people who love the Gothic games that aren't aware of this great project, so let's let them all know about it! :)

Lastly, press the Like button and subscribe to my channel for more!


Friday - February 13, 2015

RPGWatch - Gothic 2 D3D11 Renderer

by Couchpotato, 01:28

Fluent tries out the new D3D11 Renderer for Gothic 2, and shared his thoughts in a new article. Don't forget he could also use your help on his Patreon Page.

Pretty graphics! We all love them (some of us more than others), but we can’t deny the fact that the graphical look of games, as shallow as it may be, determines some level of our enjoyment of a game. Personally, I can handle any style or look of graphics, from games played in MS-DOS, to more modern titles that look graphically impressive, such as a modded version of Skyrim. All good games can be further enhanced by quality graphics, and what we have today is an impressive undertaking by a modder who wishes to breathe some new, graphical life into one of our beloved RPGs from yesteryear.

That modder’s name is Andre, aka Degenerated. The game – Gothic II. Interested yet? You should be!

Andre has singlehandedly taken a game that, in my view, already looks beautiful, and has attempted, with much success, to ‘port’ this game to modern hardware, in the modern graphical framework known as DirectX11. In other words, he’s taken the base game of Gothic 2 and given it a graphical upgrade that is only capable by using DirectX11, rather than the older, more dated DirectX version that Gothic II used.

In short? The game looked good, it looks even better now. Best of all? It runs flawlessly on modern hardware once again, as though the game were just released in 2015! This is a large achievement, and one that I certainly wanted to cover a bit here on the ‘Watch.

Wednesday - February 11, 2015

Gothic 2 Gold - Direct3D11 Alpha Version

by Couchpotato, 04:37

Staff member Fluent posted a new video on his YouTube channel with a preview of the  DirectX 11 mod for Gothic 2. Don't forget to also read his retrospective article.


In this video, we take a quick spin of an alpha version of Direct3D11. This is a project by a modder who has taken Gothic 2 and updated it to modern standards by making it run in DirectX11.

It's a very ambitious project, and right now some work has been done, but there's a lot still left to do. The potential for graphical updates like those seen in other DirectX11 games is very high, and the game, which already looks beautiful, can be beautified to an even higher level!

Here is the forum post that has the English version of the description of this mod. You can read more about it and follow the project more closely here.

Wednesday - February 04, 2015

RPGWatch - Gothic 2 Retrospective

by Couchpotato, 01:18

Fluent played Gothic II , and shared his thoughts in a new retrospective article.

Open-world RPGs. We all love them. We love exploring a huge, unbounded world, picking up quests all over the map, talking to a million and one NPCs and finding interesting things hidden around every corner. The sense of freedom and exploration you can get in an open-world RPG is second to none. Some are sprawling, huge worlds with lots to see and do, and others are more focused and funneled, yet still more open than your typical linear RPG. Above all, most of the open-world RPGs I’ve played are quite good. Some of them are great. A choice few are legendary. Today we will be talking about one of, if not the most legendary open-world RPG of all, Gothic 2.

Monday - December 21, 2009

Gothic 2 - Velaya Mod English Release

by Dhruin, 21:24

This is from a week back but better late than never.  An English translation of the well-known Gothic II + NotR mod Velaya: Tale of a Warrior has been released.  The mod offers around 40 hours of gameplay across four chapters and an altered Khorinis.  The English installation is a little tricky, so make sure you read the instructions.  Here's the blurb:

Velaya - Tale of a Warrior is a German modification that tells the story of a young woman (known from Gothic 1 ), who makes her way around Khorinis, shortly after the nameless hero and his companions left the island. A lot has changed in the meantime and the land is still in need of a hero. Or heroine?

But this is not Velaya's problem at the moment. Right now she is busy rejecting Dar, probably the most unpleasant mercenary on Onar's farm. Their dispute ends after a brief fight... on the planks of the tavern. Dar has to pay a penalty to Torlof, for beating up a helpless woman, but this is not enough for Velaya. She wants to get back at the weedhead her way. And soon she won't be as helpless as everyone thinks she is...

Beating up Dar will only be the first step. There is a lot more chauvinism to face. For the men of Khorinis it's not always easy to get used to a female adventurer. But they will soon learn to respect the ambitious woman and value her deeds.

Source: World of Gothic

Thursday - July 02, 2009

Gothic 2 - IronKeep Patch v1.0a

by Dhruin, 22:58

World of Gothic has news the IronKeep team has released an updated v1.0a community patch for Gothic II.  If I understand correctly, they've added an Alternative Balancing System option, which seems a major feature for a 1.0a release:

Hello WoG Community,

We're delighted to announce the official release of our latest patch, v1.0a. Okay, it's been out for a little while now , but we decided to wait until it was up here on WoG, the community where we came into being, before we made an official announcement.

We've fixed some final bugs in the scripts and added a new, optional Alternative Balancing System, for those who want to try Gothic II again but with some more flavor to the gameplay. You don't have to install it if you want to play "classic" NotR, but if you're itching for a new game experience with the same game, you might want to give it a shot.

Full details are found in the Readme, available during the setup and in the /ICP directory generated by the Setup. Enjoy our newest release!

Best Wishes,

The Ironkeep Studios Team

Head over for a list of mirrors.

Monday - May 18, 2009

Gothic 2 - IronKeep Community Patch v1.0

by Dhruin, 23:05

The World of Gothic forums has news of a Community Patch for Gothic II Gold from a group called IronKeep Studios.  Here is the modest changelog:

_____Patch v 1.0______

- Fixed several text and dialogue errors.
- Certain Lines in Vatras & Lares' dialogue are now in English.
- Appraising your Goldmining Ability is now in English.
- A few more XP Bonuses.
- On the quest to get Thorben's approval, getting a blessing from Isgaroth now gives you a 100 XP bonus.
- The Stunt Bonus is now 1000 XP.
- Joining Morgan's and/or Henry's Raiding Troop now grants a 50 XP Bonus.
- Toughened up the Black Wolf of the Novice Quest, Boars & Field Raiders now yield 100 XP when killed, Ice Wolves now yield 250 XP.
- Fire Devils, and Shadowbeast Skeletons are now slightly tougher.
- Bartok is tougher, so it's less difficult to keep him alive on the "Furs for Bosper" Quest.
- Giant Rats are tougher than Young Giant Rats. Wolves, Minecrawlers, Bloodflies, Snappers, and Razors now have stats similar to Gothic I.
- Lares can now provide the Simple Way to join all 3 guilds.
- Fixed the notorious "Stuck Ornament Bug" with Lares.
- Fixed a bug with the Bandit's Tower Quest.
- Fixed the bug where the Dragons occasionally yield no trophies.
- The Orc Attack Video no longer crashes the game.

Source: GameBanshee

Wednesday - February 04, 2009

Gothic 2 - Now Available on Good Old Games!

by Txa1265, 00:20

As noted here:

Due to some last-minute trouble we had to postpone the release of SpellForce, however we're releasing another great RPG in its stead - Gothic 2 Gold.

Gothic 2 Gold is a third-person role-playing game by Piranha Bytes. The game's storyline picks up where the first part left off, three months after the protagonist the Nameless Hero, is rescued by Xardas. He soon learns he has much yet to do, as Khorins faces another threat. Its only means of salvation lies in an ancient artifact - the Eye of Innos - which lies in the hands of Lord Hagen, leader of the paladins. If he fails to retrieve it, war and ruin will befall the land. If you want to get hyped some more, check out the intro movies on our YouTube channel.

Download it here for $9.99!

Source: Good Old Games

Monday - December 04, 2006

Gothic 2 - Gold Review @ Plain Games

by Dhruin, 21:08

A Christian-centred gaming site called Plain Games has kicked up a review of Gothic II: Gold with a score of 3.5/5:

The game is extremely non-linear, with seemingly endless paths to explore. The mages are scheming and invite you to join their order. A violent tension is building between the paladins in town and the rebellious farmers on the outskirts of the region and both factions try to recruit you to their side. To progress in the main plot, the hero must become a proper citizen of the town, which includes obtaining a job. There are several jobs to choose from, everything from thievery to blacksmithing to herb gathering. Another option is to join the town militia, with the possible future of becoming a paladin.

Source: RPG Codex

Tuesday - July 25, 2006

Gaming Steve recommends Gothic 2 - for Oblivion players!

by Gorath, 01:55
Gaming Steve briefly talked about the Gothic series in his popular podcast. In the latest episode he answered the question everyone of us has heard dozens of times: (paraphrased)

"I love the latest Elder Scrolls title, but what should I play when I'm done with it? Which games are similar?"

You can find Gaming Steve's excellent podcast as mp3 behind the link in the source. The relevant part starts at 1:29:54.

Source: Gaming Steve

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