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Box Art

Monday - February 09, 2015

Nuclear Union - Renamed Project 5

by Couchpotato, 04:45

Joxer shared a new video from the developer BestWay for their cancelled game Nuclear Union which isnow called Project 5. They also still need a new publisher.


"Project 5" - a new game that is the spiritual heir of ideas aimed at "New Union", developed by studio BestWay own. Currently the game is just a project name.

Saturday - March 29, 2014

Nuclear Union - Development Halted & Renamed

by Couchpotato, 02:45

I mentioned in the forums earlier this month that Nuclear Union might be suspended, or canceled, Thanks to Joxer we now have confirmation from a site called Red-Buzz.

It seems developement has been suspended due to 1C-Softclub pulling the plug. All is not lost though as the developer Best Way is looking for a new publisher.

I’ve just finished recording How Games Are Made podcast with Dmitry Morozov, founder of Best Way company, game designer of Men of War series. It will go live in next couple of days, but it’s in Russian, so I’ll share some details with you here.

Much discussed Nuclear Union from Best Way was closed half a year ago right after Gamescom 2013. 1C-Softclub decided to focus on distribution instead of publishing and scraped it. It’s a pity, because Nuclear Union was actually 1C’s idea – they wanted to publish a Russian Fallout, every post-Soviet developer’s elusive dream.

Best Way owns assets and engine, but not the script, so they are remaking the project now. It will change title and story, but not the genre or setting. Best Way is looking for partners to finish a post-Nuclear Union (that’s my name for the game, not official one).

Monday - September 16, 2013

RPGWatch Feature: Nuclear Union First Look

by Myrthos, 13:58

We had the opportunity to take a look at one of the first publicly available builds of Nuclear Union and have made an article that sums up what was shown.

The game does not have an open world, but uses zones that allow you to move from one area to the next, which takes only a short time. On the world map all these areas that can be visited will be visible. The amount of visited and to visit areas will grow as you progress in the games. You can always go back to any area you visited before, so none of them will be locked. In some cases it is even a requirement to visit areas again to solve quests.

Nuclear Union allows you to have companions that follow and assist you. You cannot control these companions and they will use their own AI to assist you in combat. In the demo there was only one companion, but they did mention that the maximum amount of companions will probably be something like two, depending on further balancing. The companions can be selected from a larger group of potential companions you will encounter during your travels.

Saturday - August 03, 2013

Nuclear Union - Preview @ Just Press Start

by Couchpotato, 07:37

Just Press Start brings us a new preview of Nuclear Union. The article even links to an audio interview with Game Producer Denis Maltsev. 

I DID find it a bit jarring that the world felt lived IN, but didn’t feel quite ALIVE yet, if that makes sense.  There were lots of folks going about their lives, but they couldn’t be interacted with yet, making the bustling compound I was exploring feel more desolate than it was.  I know that NPCs have to be added, quests need to be fleshed out, and so on, and I’m confident the team will be fleshing things out considerably as development continues.  It must be said that the characters I DID meet were more realistic than many NPCs I’ve dealt with in other games, with a true sense of purpose and definite agendas.  Have I mentioned yet that I was really digging this game?

Nuclear Union is impressive right out of the gate.  However, I do have major concerns about the localization.  I know Denis Maltsev and company are trying to tell a particular story from the former Soviet point of view, but it still needs to be accessible and engaging to non history buffs in the west in order to be successful here.  A great translation (such as the kind Carpe Fulgur provides for Easy Game Station titles like Recettear) along with some solid voice acting will go a long way here.  In any case, I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product in Q2 2014, and you should be as well.

Thursday - March 28, 2013

Nuclear Union - Creatures, Areas and Characters

by Myrthos, 12:41

The Nuclear Union website has seen some updates a few days ago. There is info on creatures, areas and characters. Teh following is on an area named Jet Cemetery.

In October 1962 the Moscow region’s skies witnessed an absolutely unprecedented air combat.

An unbelievable number of jets were annihilated somewhere in the Golitsyno, Uspenskoe and Odintsovo triangle. B-36, B-47 and B-52 US Air Force Strategic Bomber Divisions, with nuclear bombs including the H-bomb load were trying to breach the Moscow air defenses from the South/South-West. The bombers were accompanied by F-105D Thunderchief fighter-bombers. As a result, dozens of US fighters and bombers were shot down because they were confronted by several regiments of S-25 surface-to-air guided missiles, and a full air defense division with SU-9 and Yak-25 aircrafts. Some damaged jets did not explode in the air, but force landed. The Soviet side suffered heavy losses as well.

The early 1970s witnessed a large-scale flooding, and the follow-up swamp formation in that area.

In 2013 the long-abandoned vast marshy region is called “Jet Cemetery.” There are only a very few weird people, who for some only-known-to-them reason still live there in the hull wreckages.

Thursday - February 28, 2013

Nuclear Union - Interview with Igromania

by Myrthos, 12:27

The Nuclear Union website is hosting an interview (in English) with two devs and producers on their game that was available in the Russian magazine Igromania.

What happened to the world after the nuclear war? Which states are preserved? How many people are on the planet? Are there any areas that were not affected by the war?

Immediately after the 1962 war, in addition to a part of the USSR and a number of peripheral countries in Western Europe (e.g. Spain), a large area of Asia survived including China, Japan, Iran, and India. Nothing serious happened to Australia, Africa and South America. However the nuclear war was only the first in a series of global catastrophes. Huge masses of people died during the harsh winter of 1962-1963 from cold and hunger.

Further, over the years the Arctic ice was covered with soot from huge fires. The reflectivity of the surface decreased and the ice began to melt. This led to a fast rise of global sea levels and flooding of large areas. Floods, in turn, unevenly increased the pressure on the continental plates that led to a series of abnormally strong earthquakes in 1970.

As a result of these disasters, many parts of Eurasia have disappeared from the face of the Earth. In particular, it destroyed the remains of the public entities in China, Japan and India. The total number of people on Earth is estimated to be 250 million compared to today’s total of almost 7 billion.

In 2013 the official Soviet point of view states that the capitalist countries no longer exist. In reality it is not 100% true. There are small states even in the USA, for example, the Texas Directory. However, due to the almost complete cessation of flights, long range navigation and the destruction of the tropospheric Heaviside layer (which provides long range radio communications) there is no opportunity for regular contact.

From a first glance, the game looks a lot like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the Fallout series. Are there similarities?

There are no similarities, at least in the most important things. First, usually a state and its basic parts (army, police, scientific institutions) are the main reason for the end of the world in post-apocalyptic games (either actions of its military led to the war or scientists made a doomsday virus on purpose, or something along these lines). Secondly, even if some state institutions remain in the game, they are usually hostile to the main hero (for example, government special forces hunting down Gordon Freeman in Black Mesa).

On the other hand, we’re making a ‘positive anti-utopia’. We show a world that is hostile, that is not funny and that contains numerous dangers. But state ‘stalkers’ (‘special scouts’ in the terminology of the game), scientists, the state government itself – they all are ‘our people’, they are allied to the player in game terms. The same is true for a number of isolated communities that are loyal to the central power.

Sure, players can choose to go and help bandits, for example, and thus inflict harm to the state. Nevertheless, the state as a whole is a good thing in our game. We don’t do this for propaganda purposes (my personal feelings towards the Soviet state of late 1980s are mixed, I can’t describe them as positive), but for creating a fresh, new, original setting.

Wednesday - January 23, 2013

Nuclear Union - Updates

by Myrthos, 12:47

The Nuclear Union website has seen a few updates last week about enemies, weapons and history. Here is a bit on the Howler.

It is rumored that the howler is a hybrid of the wild boar and a dog, but it’s not confirmed.

This creature has a solid corneous protection outgrowth on the big head and is almost invulnerable for the front attack. Howler is moves fast and can be very dangerous for a poorly armed man.

If howler hunts alone it’s better to stay away from him on a high distance. The animal is not inclined to attack first, but it will try to scare the person with a loud low howl (for this howl the howler got its name). Attack will follow only if the person doesn’t move to a safe distance.

However howler is extremely dangerous in the packs of dogs. Its behavior changes to highly aggressive. In the pack howler acts as a battering ram, tends to knock people down to allow the dogs tear the lying into pieces.

Considering the head-on armoring of the howler weapon with a good penetrating ability (rifles, sniper rifles and heavy weapons) are most effective against it. At the same time, you can shoot the howler with small arms, not aiming for the head but for an unprotected body.


Wednesday - December 12, 2012

Nuclear Union - Official Website Launched

by Myrthos, 12:09

1C, the publisher of Nuclear Union sent word that the official website for the game was launched today.

MOSCOW, Russia December 12, 2012 Leading Eastern and Central European publisher, 1C Company, and Best Way are proud to announce the launch of the official website of the upcoming Action/RPG Nuclear Union. The website can be found at http://www.nuclearunion.com/ and gives great insight on the game world with its culture, locations, enemies and much more. Fans will also find new art, screenshots and enemy descriptions to help them prepare for the apocalypse.

Nuclear Union is a new large-scale RPG for PC from the creators of the Men of War series, taking place in a post-apocalyptic alternative reality where the world has survived a nuclear war that broke out after the Cuban Missile Crisis. 50 years after the war, the fragments of the Soviet empire that were hastily brought underground have gradually become a real state with its own capital, a city called Pobedograd. Using prototype weapons, radiation suits and anything he can find, this is more than one man’s story of survival, but that of an empire and the world.

Be sure to check www.facebook.com/nuclearunion for some exclusive Nuclear Union content.

Wednesday - November 21, 2012

Nuclear Union - About Localization

by Myrthos, 22:57

The devs of Nuclear Union are asking for your opinion on their Facebook page on a localization issue:

Comrades, you are the sincerest followers of our game and we want to hear your opinion.
As you know the game is developed in Russian and it deals with the USSR-related stuff, so all the press in the game, billboards etc etc is originally in Russian/Cyrillic. We have several opinions within the team about localizing stuff like that:
1) The headers and articles in the newspapers, billboards and s...
igns remain in Russian to keep the level of authenticity higher and we simply give you subtitles of what’s in there (like a gist)
2) We localize / translate everything, including the names of the newspapers or text books.
Your opinion is very valuable for us. So please let us know what you think about it. Have a nice and bright day!

Tuesday - November 13, 2012

Nuclear Union - New Postcards

by Myrthos, 12:33

Two new postcards showed up in the last weeks on the Nuclear Union Facebook site, showing what postcards would have looked like if things went according to the Nuclear Union story.

Thursday - November 01, 2012

Nuclear Union - New Artwork

by Myrthos, 23:46

3 nice looking pieces of artwork are available on the facebook page of Nuclear Union.

Wednesday - October 17, 2012

Nuclear Union - New Screenshot and Greeting Card

by Myrthos, 14:14

The Nuclear Union Facebook page has been updated with a new screenshot and a greeting card with the following text:

October 1962. The world is on the verge of the nuclear catastrophe. The Soviet Union vs. United States confrontation happened during the Cold War, and is widely known as the Cuban missile crisis. For USA the crisis started on October 15, 1962 when the reconnaissance revealed Soviet missiles under construction in Cuba. JFK requested immediate withdrawal of the missiles. The tension was building up until October 28 when Khrushchev announced that USSR would dismantle and return ...
the missiles to the Soviet Union, expressing his trust that the United States would not invade Cuba.

October 2012. This month we commemorate 50th anniversary of these events. Nuclear Union lets you relive this breathtaking moment in the world history and the consequences that never happened. What if any of the world leaders pushed the red button?

Pobedograd and the alternative future of 2012 send all of you a greetings card with the city views.

Thursday - October 11, 2012

Nuclear Union - Combat and Art screenshots

by Myrthos, 13:03

There are 3 new screenshots for Nuclear Union showing some real action and 3 new art images available on their facebook page.

Wednesday - October 03, 2012

Nuclear Union - Concept Art Trailer

by Myrthos, 13:00

1C has released a new trailer showing the great looking artwork of Nuclear Union. Note that this is the concept art and not in-game footage.

These beautiful, hand-drawn, and previously unseen, visuals from the nuclear future are accompanied by an amazing soundtrack. The renditions are bound to excite those who await the game and interest those who have not yet seen the gameplay trailer.


Sunday - September 30, 2012

Nuclear Union - Divers Camp Screenshots

by Myrthos, 22:22

1C the publisher of Nuclear Union has made 3 new screenshots available on their Facebook page. These screenshots are from the Divers Camp:

In the far corner of the large marshy location, at the site of former country house settlement Rechnick, one can find now a shift diver camp. A special group of divers from Pobedograd are searching rare underwater artifacts, which are extremely useful for the country. The Gravitational Ignitron, or the Amber Egg as the divers call it, has been the most precious finding so far.

The shift lasts for a couple of months; hence the divers do their best to arrange the utmost comfortable conditions for their stay in these wild lands. They live in tents, whereas expensive equipment, compressors and carefully arranged findings are located in a closed roofed hangar/trailer. The divers also have the Lenin room there, where they attend lessons in politics every Tuesday given by the head of the expedition.

Wednesday - September 19, 2012

Nuclear Union - Moscow Suburbs Screenshots

by Myrthos, 12:18

Three new screenshots of Nuclear Union, showing the suburbs of Moscow are made available by 1C on Facebook.

A chain of large-scale floods in 1968-69 led to swamping of large areas adjacent to Moscow.
Today we present you one of such settlements that was devastated by waters, and abandoned ever since.

Now the only living creatures to be found here are mutated animals, carnivorous plants and horrid underwater creatures. However, if the protagonists explores the location with due attention, he might find lots of interesting and useful – from sophisticated and expensive equipment, which is highly requested for the further development of the country, to true friends and even (it is a secret!) gorgeous women.


Thursday - September 13, 2012

RPGWatch Feature - Nuclear Union Preview

by Dhruin, 13:21

Myrthos was recently shown the post apocalyptic RPG, Nuclear Union. Here's a sample:

One of the noteworthy features in the game is the anomalies that appear throughout the gameworld, which are somewhat like environmental puzzles. The video that was shown had an example of such an anomaly with a gravitational force that attracted all the debris in its surrounding. These anomalies come in pairs where one is stationary and the other is active and there are different ways they can be interacted with. First of all, you can activate the static anomaly, thus deactivating the active one. You can also move some of the anomalies by touching them in the right way.

Read it all here.

Wednesday - September 12, 2012

Nuclear Union - New Screenshots

by Myrthos, 22:41

Three new screenshots of Nuclear Union showing the settlement of the Riverers can be found on the Nuclear Union facebook page.

Monday - September 03, 2012

Nuclear Union - Preview @ Rock, Paper, Shotgun

by Myrthos, 12:27

A preview of the post-apocalyptic RPG Nuclear Union that is currently in an alpha stage can be read at Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

In a brief conversation with 1C I was told that the big difference between the setting of Nuclear Union and other post-nuclear environments is the continued presence of a government and other major organisations. Rather than newly formed factions and bandit groups, this world will still have leaders, an army and, horror of horrors, perhaps even actual politicians. It makes sense that they’d survive, with their bunkers and their cockroach genes. What this means for the game and the plot isn’t entirely clear, but it could well give a different sense of scale, with a world perhaps more populated, and groups powerful and sizeable enough that they can’t be overthrown by a single Vault dweller.

Wednesday - August 29, 2012

Nuclear Union - Preview @ Gamespot UK

by Myrthos, 13:11

Gamespot UK has a look at the post-apocalyptic RPG Nuclear Union, which is being created by the Ukranian company Best Way and published by 1C. Nuclear Union is based on the 'what if' scenario of the Cuban missile crisis resulting in a nuclear war.

The most interesting element during the demo was the appearance of physical anomalies, Nuclear Union's version of environmental puzzles. The impact of a nuclear attack doesn't just destroy life and mangle buildings; such a profound expulsion of energy also disturbs the forces of nature, creating pockets in space with their own gravitational fields. They don't pose a direct threat to the player, and are completely optional, but resolving anomalies rewards you with items and special abilities. By manipulating objects orbiting the core of an anomaly, you can neutralize its gravitational field and gain access to the prize within. Just make sure you watch your back while doing so, lest you risk attack from the hordes of mutants roaming the land.

Information about

Nuclear Union

Developer: Best Way

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Pausable Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Full

Regions & platforms
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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: 1C Company