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Saturday - March 31, 2007
Tuesday - December 26, 2006
Monday - December 04, 2006
Monday - November 27, 2006
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Saturday - March 31, 2007

Dark And Light - Free to Play @ Official Site

by Inauro, 00:21

The official Dark and Light forums have word that the MMO will be free to play pending a new billing model.

Dark and Light is currently being improved and heavily reorganized. Due to this and several other problems encountered with the billing service, we have decided to stop using this service and to find another partner.

As a direct consequence of this decision, Dark and Light is now totally free, without any kind of restriction, until a more satisfying solution can be set up in the months to come.
This is applicable to all accounts that were already created, whatever may be their current subscription type – Master, Freedom, or Discovery.

Due to the termination of this service, any billing or invoicing is of course stopped, including for accounts that were already opened.

A new system of account creation will be set up in the days to come to allow newcomers to also access Dark And Light for free.

The Dark and Light Team.

Tuesday - December 26, 2006

Dark And Light - Free Access

by Dhruin, 23:24

Farlan has announced they are offering a free access to Dark and LightHere's the mailout we received:

No access fees, no subscription...Dark and Light Game Access becomes free*! 
Dark and Light, new access mode revealed: Discovery Mode
Come back to Ganareth and invite your friends to join you in this adventure!

It’s all very simple: All you need to start playing is a valid Dark and Light Forum account.

It’s free: As soon as your forum account is activated, you can start playing immediately for free.

No time limit: This access is active for the whole lifetime of Dark and Light.

What’s the trick? No trick, just the goal to give most players the chance to start an unlimited adventure in the world of Ganareth.

>From the 10th level, the gamer continues the adventure with no limit but he cannot collect more XP points (Fighting, Social, and Craft).
If he decides to keep progressing though Ganareth, he will have to buy a Dark and Light activation key and will have to choose to be either a Freedom or a Master player.

For more information about the different offers available of Dark and Light, click here.
Master and Freedom offers FAQ.

I want to start the Discovery mode: click here

New starting zones revealed, new tribe gameplay... Read the lastest patch content

You know all now...See you soon in the lands of Ganareth !

Monday - December 04, 2006

Dark And Light - Giveaway @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 21:14

Ten Ton Hammer has a Dark and Light giveaway, with 25 "lucky" winners receiving a year's free subscription to Farlan's MMORPG.

Monday - November 27, 2006

Dark And Light - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 20:50

Farlan Entertainment's Géraldine Lescs has been interviewed at Ten Ton Hammer about Dark and Light.  The Q&A opens with an odd question considering the game ceased billing players while they reorganised:

Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle, Ten Ton Hammer:   Our congratulations for a fairly smooth launch for such an ambitious game. I do have to ask though: five hundred quests at release sounds like a fairly low number for such a vast 10,000 mi2 game world. World of Warcraft has over 3,200 quests, by contrast, in a much smaller game world (roughly the size of the greater New York City metro area between its two continents, or about 300 square miles, by ). Would you say Dark and Light's focus is on exploration rather than achieving levels quickly through completing quests one after another, or are the rewards for DnL's quests bigger than what MMO gamers are accustomed to?

Géraldine Lescs, Farlan Entertainment: First, the payers who enter the world of Ganareth do not access to the whole world but only Dark, Light, Al Drifa, Ysatis and Agnar kingdoms, which surface is not as large as the whole world of Ganareth. Second, we always claimed that Dark and Light was offering real freedom. This is why we decided not to force our players to quest all the time but incite them to explore, meet other players, create guilds, build their own world; not only questing.

We didn't reach all our objectives as, due to the size of the world anyway, players needed to be handled at the beginning. This is why we implemented new quests and we reworked the starting zones in order to help players to evolve faster and easer through the world of Ganareth. Very soon, all the players who will enter Dark and Light will be welcomed in a unique starting zone, all players of an alignment being gathered in the same zone.

Monday - October 02, 2006

Dark & Light: Review @ MMORPG.com

by Inauro, 22:38
MMORPG.com reviews the recently released Dark and Light, giving it a distinctly average score of 4.0.
Take the world of an MMORPG, multiply it by a hundred and add complete freedom of movement and a fluid day/night cycle with changing seasons and weather. This is Dark and Light. The world of Dark and Light is so huge that you can actually get lost in it. You can spend hours just exploring and enjoying the wonderful views of bright deserts, snowy mountain peeks and dark caverns. Unfortunately, this big beautiful world is pretty much empty.

The environment may never stop impressing, but the character models certainly do. They do not make good use of the current technology and their animations are at times silly. In fights your character sometimes swings his sword in circles above his head before hitting the enemy. The characters do a disservice to the environments they populate.

Source: MMORPG.com

Sunday - September 24, 2006

Dark and Light: Offline Engine Demo

by Dhruin, 22:45
Farlan has <a href="http://www.darkandlight.net/gameletter/2006-09-demo-patch/" target="_blank">announced a Dark and Light offline engine demo</a>:<blockquote><em>The Ganareth Tour* will give newcomers to the world of Ganareth a taste of many of the worlda "!s most addictive elements. It can be downloaded at no cost from www.darkandlight.com.<br><br>Farlana "!s interactive engine trial Ganareth Tour, is a small, standalone application that accurately portrays many of the experiences players can encounter as Ganareth engine discoverers. Users can roam various Ganareth landscapes including a desert, jungle, mountainous region and rolling countryside; try out Ganareth world sports such as snowboarding, gliding and free diving; sample means of transportation; and discover creatures and characters from these wild grounds.<br><br>a SVery few MMORPGs take the initiative to create an interactive demonstration of their engine. Because Dark and Light engine is so unique and appealing, we felt strongly that we needed to give newcomers a taste of what they can experience while entering the world of Ganaretha ? said Farlan Entertainment. a SThis free offline application is true to the look, the spirit, and the appeal of the engine and as such, is a great opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a part of our adventure.a ?</em></blockquote>

Thursday - August 10, 2006

Dark and Light: Farlan takes stock, three months free

by Dhruin, 23:27
Farlan has posted a <a href="http://www.darkandlight.net/article.php3?id_article=2621" target="_blank">press release</a> explaining that after an analysis of the current state of Dark and Light, three months free access will be given to subscribers while aspects of the game are retooled, with help from their Chinese licensee, SnailGame:<blockquote><em><b>Farlan Entertainment draws up conclusions from the launching of Dark and Light and offers three months of subscription to all its customers</b><br><br>Port Louis, Mauritius - August 7th, 2006 - Farlan Entertainment, editor of a SDark and Lighta c, the largest MMORPG you have ever seena ?, analyses the first months of exploitation of the game Dark and Light.<br><br>ALTHOUGH the principal innovating technical features (a unique world, three axes of progression, a total freedom of movement without loading time, to quote only the main ones) function in a very satisfactory way, but still some Dark and Light Players would like the completion and handling of the game to be improved<br><br>Farlan Entertainment, which is, let us recall it, a young editing company made up of an enthusiastic personnel, had indeed decided in June to launch the game under the double pressure of its impatient community as well as a financial pressure due to its establishment in private capital. Today, the editor draws up the conclusions and reacts to them.<br><br>After having prioritized the production of the principal characteristics and key features of the game, Farlan Entertainment currently concentrates on the completion of the generic functions that every good game must obviously provide: a better handling, the legibility of the user interface, the improvement of the transfer speed of the engine, improvement of the immersion in the world, improvement of the fights in particular those in groups.</em></blockquote>

Friday - June 30, 2006

Dark and Light: In-Game Events

by Inauro, 01:19
Farlan Entertainment has announced its intention to add in-game events to its recently released MMORPG Dark and Light.<blockquote><em> <br>Farlan Entertainment, publisher of Dark and Lighta c, The Largest MMORPG Youa "!ve Ever Seen!, today announced two additions to its popular online fantasy game that provide even more engagement for players on a daily basis. Alchemic Dream, Dark and Lighta "!s community management provider, has initiated multiple daily events for players to participate in, while the return of Dark and Lighta "!s newsletter, the Ganareth Gazette, once again keeps players up to date on the battles, villains, nobility, creatures, quests, and other developments in the land of Ganareth. <br> <br>a SJust as in the real world, Ganareth is a place where nothing stands still. Unexpected challenges and opportunities are a major part of the appeal of Dark and Light,a ? said Frdric Caille, CEO of Farlan Entertainment. a SWe believe players will find the daily events introduced by Alchemic Dream to be both entertaining and useful. Ganareth is a living, breathing world full of inspiration, intrigue and adventurea  a world people naturally want to be a part of.a ? <br> <br>The events introduced into Dark and Light are sure to be varied and fresh. In a recent schedule, for example, players had the opportunity to escort a troupe of performers traveling by Alka "!Em, take part in the Ganareth World Sport, take back a strategic Al-Drifa bridge, or stop a turf war between two spiteful clans. Events are staged in all five game languages and are posted on a weekly basis in the Community section of the sitea "!s language forums. <br> <br>The Ganareth Gazette is an indispensable daily news publication detailing all the latest thata "!s happening in the world of Dark and Light. Reports of various actions, schemes, stories and other developments are reported by a team of journalists. Feature articles also provide valuable information about the history, characters and strategies of Dark and Light. Players can find the Ganareth Gazette by logging onto www.darkandlight.com <http://www.darkandlight.com/> . <br> <br>In addition to these additions, Dark and Light has launched a new corporate home page at www.darkandlight.com .</em></blockquote>

Source: Dark and Light

Friday - June 16, 2006

Dark and Light: Review @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 07:43
The first significant <a href="http://pc.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r21309.htm" target="_blank">review</a> of 'Dark and Light' is now up at GameZone...with a score of 5.3/10. Here's the opening gambit:<blockquote><em>The promise was the worlda "!s largest massively multiplayer online game, and in that developer NPCube and publisher Farlan Entertainment has delivered.<br><br>But even the best plans can falter in execution and unfortunately while Dark and Light brings several wonderful ideas into the genre, the game has a lot of problems a  so many, in fact, that the game is hardly worth playing on a given night.</em></blockquote>

Tuesday - June 06, 2006

Dark and Light: Live @ Official Site

by Inauro, 02:48
Dark and Light went live over the weekend and the official site has been overhauled to coincide with the launch. For further details about downloading the game client and the latest in animations, screenshots, and movies head on over to www.darkandlight.net.

Source: Dark and Light

Saturday - May 27, 2006

Dark and Light:: Updates @ Official Site

by Inauro, 04:50
The official Dark and Light site has been updated with an article entitled "For Ganareth" and a selection of new screenshots. Here's a snippet from the article:
UNCONSCIOUSLY, hands poised on their weapons, many warriors raised their heads towards the sky to see what started out as a great shadow that covered them.

Forming big circles over fortune encampment, a trained dragon, mounted by a Brave in armor, searched for a place to land in the plains already darkened with people. In the last few hours, many Fighters had reached the border of Al Drifa, in these plains more accustomed to hosting festivities and other markets rather than the veritable military camp that was currently there.

Source: Dark and Light

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