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Monday - July 04, 2016
Thursday - May 29, 2014
Wednesday - March 20, 2013
Box Art

Monday - July 04, 2016

Sovereign - On Steam Greenlight

by Hiddenx, 23:43

You can support Sword and Sorcery: Sovereign on Steam Greenlight:

Swords and Sorcery - Sovereign is the sequel to Swords and Sorcery - Underworld, currently available on Steam (demo and full):



The game series emulates party-based RPGs with grid based, first person perspective exploration, turn-based encounters and myriads of complex features that work together to revisit what kept the first generation of role-playing gamers up all night playing (inventory, puzzles, tactics, character development, exploration, NPC interaction, bestiary...).

Sovereign remains, at the core, a very similar game to Underworld but expands on the formula.

*** Combat ***

Combat (turn-based, tactical) remains very much the same as it was in Underworld. Other than the availability of new spells and skills, as well as a long list of new monsters with new abilities of their own, combat is centered on selecting an option for each character when his/her turn comes up from either a list of spells, tactical positionning, offensive or defensive abilities or special skills. There are about 200 monsters planned, or almost twice as many as there were in Underworld, offering larger tactical variety than the Underworld bestiary did.

*** A large open world ***

The teaser gives a sense of the large variety of environments to explore and the map in the screenshots hints at 48 overworld maps, and many more cities, dungeons, caves, underwater areas, and places beyond the "known world". This adds up to well over 100 areas to explore!

*** New magic system ***

One of the effects of a large open world is that exploration can reward the party with new spells, rather than have them be awarded by a trainer. Also, proficiency in various schools of magic can be developped (neophyte to master), and this, however, does require finding trainers and fulfilling their requirements.

There are four to choose from. A caster can choose to specialize in one or unlock more. Necromancy is only available to those that have learned Elemental, Light and Illusionist so there is some incentive for at least one character to risk spreading him/herself thin.

Each of the four schools has four pillars and higher level spells. Elemental, for instance, is the most straight-forward with Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Higher Elemental spells. Pillars only contain four spells each, but this allows for the same policy as Underworld's: making each spell valuable in its own way.

Each pillar requires a learning process from Neophyte to Master. Proficiency in the school can only be as high as the highest rank obtained in the four pillars, and the same goes for the higher level spells.

I wanted to keep using spell components (runes and holy water), but this needed to be adapted to remain compatible with the possibility for all casters to learn more than their native school of magic. At first, a priest only knows Light magic and can cast Holy Water. Later, if he/she learns Elemental magic, which is the Sorcerer's specialty, He/she will not be able to collect runes. But runes are no longer necessary to cast any of the Elemental spells. Rather, they can be used to make them more powerful.

The same goes with the spell Holy Water. It is the one Light spell only Priests will ever be able to use, and they can spend Holy Water to enhance any spell they cast (including spells from other schools).

Therefore, the new class, Druid, is somewhat gimped. They will never have access to any components. But they start out with some proficiency in Elemental, Light and Illusionist and will find more redeeming factors in the course of their travels.

*** Skills ***

There are combat skills and non-combat skills. Some are active and some passive. Combat skills give several new combat options but there are still only three active combat skill slots, so choices will need to be made. Skiils currently include options that could rightly be called feats, so there is no separate feature for those as of today. This may evolve depending on workload though.

*** NPC interaction ***

I am looking to offer more choices than I did in Underworld, but will hold off on details for now as this can easily get out of hand if dialogue trees branch out too much (for a one-man team to handle).

*** Crafting ***

Sovereign has a basic crafting sytem planned. Rather than a very long list of mostly useless craftable items, it will be restricted to fewer but more rewarding recipes. Proficiency in crafting will be determined by what level of mastery has been unlocked, which in turn will require minimal attribute scores and dealing with the proper trainer. I believe this will make crafting interesting, while taking out necessity to grind that characterizes many crafting systems that reward by useage. Your party will have access to basic reagents for sale, but will need to find rare reagents for the most powerful items.

*** Factions ***

I currently have six factions planned and choosing which one to side with will determine access to quests and their rewards which can include equipment, spells, and skills. Some do overlap though so all choices do not permanently bar access to anything but can offset some until another opportunity arises.

Check out the screenshots and video, stay tuned for development updates and please vote for inclusion on Steam!

Thursday - May 29, 2014

Sovereign - New Game Update

by Couchpotato, 03:29

Forum member Charles-cgr sent us news about a new update he posted for his RPG game Sovereign / Underworld on his website called Olderbytes.

Arena Combat

It is high time for a new update. It’s been almost a year!

I’ve been working on three things.

- The new engine for Sovereign.

- A rebuild of Underworld in the new engine.

- A smaller project called Iron Ruler. It is a turn based strategy board-game except there’s no board since it’s a computer game.

This update is about the new combat that will be featured in both Sovereign and the upcoming Underworld update.

Underworld Gold Plus… I’m running out of suffixes and it is getting a bit ridiculous…


Arena combat with Ice Bolt spell effect (Click for full size)

If you are familiar with previous versions of Underworld, you’ll notice it’s changed quite a bit. Full screen, no fixed GUI, combat log appears in real time, partyand mobs are represented by portraits, out-of-melee combattants are darkened, the arena pic is used as background (only in arena fights), all spells are illustrated with a fading effect (both combat and non-combat), all options are represented by an icon (but keyboard shortcuts remain functional and you’ll be able to display them).

The skull at the bottom right still triggers autofight for quick resolution of easy battles (or suicide).

Spell casting has changed as well:

Spell book with level two priest spells (Click to enlarge).

That’s it for today. There’s more to show, tons of images, new modules (like crafting), new character creation… Unfortunately I still can’t announce a reliable release date. Everything seems to take twice as long as initially expected. But I’ll try to post updates much more often.

Wednesday - March 20, 2013

Sovereign - Work In Progress

by Myrthos, 12:41

Charles informed us that a development update for Swords and Sorcery: Sovereign is available that gives some information on character creation, inventory and stats.

The character creation screen above shows one of several steps involved in creating a character: choosing the character portrait. The first few steps involve choosing a class, a race and a gender. these three are listed at the top left. The chosen portrait will be there as well as the character’s name. With these choices made, you get to distribute five aptitude points. These can either go in attributes, resistances, skills or craft. The first decision you will be confronted to is whether to concentrate on attributes or whether to include skills or crafts for a better rounded character.

- Hovering over a choice makes a description appear, which includes (or will include) requirements.
- Some skills require other skills and cannot exceed their value. Swords, for example, require proficiency in pugilism. If your character has a score of 3 in pugilism, sword proficiency cannot exceed 3. Other skills require and cannot exceed one or several attributes. Pugilism cannot exceed strength, accuracy and dexterity divided by three and rounded down.
- The same goes for crafts (they can have either attribute or skill requirements, or both). Crafts are optional and choosing to learn or improve one instead of adding that point to an attribute or skill typically makes a less proficient combattant. But it is a big world awaiting you and not everything will be about winning battles.
- Skills marked with an @ are active skills. These add options in battle whereas passive skills unlock other things. Two Handed for example is a passive skill that allows the character to wield two handed weapons, given he/she has the skill to wield the one-handed variety. Even if the two-handed score is higher than the weapon skill that corresponds to the weapon the character has equipped, the score that will be taken into consideration will be the lowest of the two. @Stealth, on the other hand, is an active skill that gives the character the ability to “become unseen”, which in turn allows the use of other skills. While rogues start with good knowledge of Stealth and associated manoeuvers (without need to spend aptitude points), any character can learn to do the same if you choose to have them do so. There will, however be a limit to the number of skills and crafts a charactercan learn.


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Play-time: 40-60 hours
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