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Friday - December 08, 2006
Thursday - October 26, 2006
Wednesday - September 13, 2006
Friday - June 02, 2006
Thursday - June 01, 2006
Wednesday - May 31, 2006
Saturday - May 27, 2006
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Friday - December 08, 2006

Dungeon Siege 2 - Deluxe Edition Website Launched

by Dhruin, 22:59

A website for 2K Games' Deluxe Edition of Dungeon Siege 2 has been launched with the usual screens and overview.  The Deluxe Edition contains the original, Broken World expansion and "bonus materials" and was released a few weeks back.

Source: Bluesnews

Thursday - October 26, 2006

Dungeon Siege 2 - Deluxe Edition Now Available

by Txa1265, 17:59

2K Games today announces that Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition for PC is available in stores now.

This special collector's set includes full versions of the original Dungeon Siege II, Dungeon Siege II: Broken World expansion pack, and a number of collectible items including a fold-out map, concept art, character portraits, wallpapers, and "The Making of Dungeon Siege II" video.

Dungeon Siege II was developed by Gas Powered Games and named "RPG of the Year" by GameSpy and PC Gamer. The recently released Dungeon Siege II: Broken World expansion pack brought closure to the epic storyline. The popular and critically acclaimed Dungeon Siege action-RPG series offers role-playing fans all the excitement of exploring a lavish, next generation 3D world while keeping the gameplay focus on intense and challenging non-stop action. 

Source: 2K Games

Wednesday - September 13, 2006

Dungeon Siege 2 Delux Edition Announced @ Gamer's Hell

by Kalia, 00:45
<a href="http://www.gamershell.com/news/32771.html" target="_blank">Gamer's Hell</a> received notice today that Dungeon Siege 2 will appear in a 'delux' edition that will include the recently released expansion, Broken World and other items of interest. <blockquote><em>Dungeon Siege II, which was developed by Gas Powered Games and named "RPG of the Year" by GameSpy and PC Gamer, has amassed an extensive following, while the recently released Dungeon Siege II: Broken World expansion pack brought closure to the epic storyline. Now fans of the series or those who missed the original titles can embrace this timeless world with the Deluxe Edition and its comprehensive bonus materials, including:<br><br><ul><li> Dungeon Siege II<br><li> Dungeon Siege II: Broken World<br><li> 8x12 fold out map of the entire continent of Aranna<br><li> Six printable portraits of Princess Eva<br><li> a SThe Making of Dungeon Siege IIa ? Video<br><li> Dungeon Siege II: Broken World Short Story: Katala's Journey</li></ul><br></em></blockquote>

Source: Gamer's Hell

Friday - June 02, 2006

DS II: Broken Worlds Hands On @ Gamespot

by Kalia, 03:08
Gamespot editors had a chance to sit down and get a good firsthand look at the upcoming Dungeon Siege 2 expansion, Broken Worlds. The expansion is due out in August and they had this to say:
While the series has shifted publishers, from Microsoft to 2K Games, Gas Powered remains at the development reins, and the Dungeon Siege team has packed this expansion with all sorts of content geared toward fans of the series, as well as fans of role-playing games in general. Broken World promises lots of high-level content to enjoy, and don't worry if you didn't play or finish Dungeon Siege II, because you'll be able to select from a list of premade characters, which will let you jump into the expansion directly. Meanwhile, if you have an existing Dungeon Siege II character, you can transfer him or her to the expansion for new challenges.

Source: Gamespot

Thursday - June 01, 2006

Dungeon Siege II: Broken Worlds Preview @ IGN

by Kalia, 15:56
The folks at IGN had a chance for a hands on look at the upcoming Dungeon Siege II expansion, Broken Worlds.
Unfortunately, this build only featured a small area of the expansion, but we were still able to wander around, explore, and fight for couple hours before we bumped up into its geographical limits. GPG says that Broken World will be in the 10-15 hour range, which is pretty impressive when you consider that many full games offer less, at full price. Look for it on store shelves in August, and keep your eyes peeled here for updates.
Read the rest here as well as view a few screenshots.

Source: IGN

Wednesday - May 31, 2006

Dungeon Siege 2: New Armors and Screens

by Kalia, 23:46
RPG Dot is hosting two screenshots and two concept art pieces for armors to be included in the upcoming Dungeon Siege 2 expansion, Broken Worlds. The first screen regards the Assassin's Armor:
The blood and rune magic that assassins use is forbidden by most societies. Practicing it is punishable by anything from exile to execution. This is of little concern to Blood Assassins, who believe their abilities put them above society.

Assassin armor is flashy and has potent runic woven throughout it that enhances its effectiveness. Only those who have learned the tenets of blood and rune magic can wear it, so Blood Assassins wear it to mark themselves, daring others to defy them.
The second armor is the Defender Armor:
Much like Dryad Nature Mages are protectors of the wild jungles and natural spaces of Aranna, Dwarven Fists of Stone are protectors of the mountainous natural spaces of western Aranna. They protect travelers moving through their lands and battle hostile creatures who would invade or despoil their homes. Their armor is strong, but flexible, and is equipped with many types of supplies and tools. Its enchantments increase its durability, but prevent anyone other than a Fist of Stone from using it properly.

Saturday - May 27, 2006

Dungeon Siege 2: Broken Worlds E3 Video @ 3D Gamers

by Kalia, 19:44
3D Gamers has posted the official E3 trailer for the upcoming Dungeon Siege 2 expansion pack, Broken Worlds. You can download it here.

Source: 3D Gamers

Dungeon Siege 2: Broken Worlds - Preview @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 08:32
GameBanshee wraps up their E3 coverage with a <a href="http://www.gamebanshee.com/editorials/e32006page10.php" target="_blank">hands-on</a> taste of Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World -<blockquote><em>Gas Powered Games lead designer Daniel Achterman tells me that the disastrous world contains a lot more gore and adult subject matter, too. Some of the monsters I was shown, for instance, were wearing leather facemasks designed to hide the grotesque deformities caused by experimentation. The floor of the dungeon we were exploring was strewn with body parts and stained with blood, providing a much more grim and dark atmosphere than we ever witnessed while adventuring through the original storyline. Daniel also tells me that the expansiona "!s overall difficulty has been greatly increased, mainly due to popular request from fans. The five new a Sbossa ? monsters each have some sort of dynamic tied to them that will keep players from simply launching a brute force attack on them. Additionally, the team has made an effort to implement what they call a Sconditional monstersa ? into the expansion, which means that they produce some sort of effect after they die. This may include an explosion that damages any character nearby, or some other detrimental effect altogether.</em></blockquote>

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