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Box Art

Saturday - February 15, 2014

Unwritten - New Game Called Dreamtime

by Couchpotato, 05:37

Druid Gameworks has information on a short prelude called Unwritten: Dreamtime. The new game is the developers plan B after the failed kickstarter.

Druid Gameworks Announces Unwritten: Dreamtime

Druid Gameworks Announces...

Druid Gameworks is now actively developing a short prelude title in the Unwritten series for Android and iOS mobile devices titled Unwritten: Dreamtime.

Dreamtime is expected to release in the Google Play Store, Kindle App Store, and Apple Store and retail somewhere between $3.99-4.99 USD. The official publish date is yet to be decided but our goal is to have it on the digital shelves this year!

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters in the Druid Origin Guild, we will also be porting Dreamtime to Windows PC with updated graphics and a new player interface to accommodate PC players!

Click Here for More Info!

Tuesday - December 10, 2013

Unwritten - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 00:36

Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight has failed to get funded for the second time. Here is the last update with more information on what Druid Gameworks plans to do next.

Final Update: Beyond Kickstarter

Hello Again Kickstarters,

Another campaign has come and nearly gone now. We’ve put our best foot forward for our current state of development and while we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished together, it doesn’t look like the crowd funding climate is in our favor right now. Our deepest thanks go out to those who have pledged, re-pledged, and tried desperately to get us to our goal; you guys are amazing, thank you SO much for all of your support!

Now that this Kickstarter is wrapping, let’s talk about what happens next?

Without proper funding, it’s just not possible for us to begin full development on Echoes of Twilight, let alone complete it. Currently, production has stalled as our Havok keys expired at the end of our free trial; we need a minimum of $15,000 just to license our engine and resume our work. We will continue to create assets for Echoes of Twilight, until we are able to raise enough of a project budget to get the engine unlocked again. However, we are unwilling to compromise our vision due to lack of funding. We would rather wait, raise the money needed, and make the game we envisioned, than hack it to pieces to get some mutilated form of the game made for less. It means waiting a little longer for Echoes of Twilight, but having a game that’s worth the wait. 

We will continue to post updates regarding progress on assets for Echoes as well as funding news in our Developer Blog

Friday - November 15, 2013

Unwritten - Kickstarter Relaunched

by Couchpotato, 04:49

Druid Gameworks has relaunched the Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight kickstarter asking for $280,00 this time. So check it out if you were a previous backer. Here are the details.

A Big Hello Again

First things first, we’re really excited to be back on Kickstarter sharing our project again! Making games is our passion and we love sharing what we’re up to, especially with people who love games as much as we do! It’s been a crazy few weeks as we tried to recover from our unsuccessful first crowd-funding campaign. We had to beg Havok for more time with our engine evaluation so we could finish some content for this campaign and being awesome as they are, they graciously gave us extra time to put together some new goodies! We set to work immediately so we could launch a new campaign while the fire was still hot, but some may be wondering why we didn’t wait longer before trying again.

We know we have an amazing concept and we are dying to get started on full swing development. It’s our hope to get funded before this year ends so that we can look back from where we started in April and be proud of how far we’ve come. Through starting a company, evaluating engines, planning the game, hiring new devs, training on new softwares, and finally building our crowd funding campaigns to share our content; it’s been a heck of a busy year! Nothing would make us happier than starting the New Year in full development with our project budget in place and we are so grateful to have you folks here lending your support.

Here are two new videos that might interest you also.

Kickstarter Promo 01: Game Content Demo

In this video we share the first bit of game footage from our engine evaluation with Havok's Vision Engine. After the clip you can also see some still shots, and some development images demonstrating how a basic sketch becomes game content, enjoy!

Kickstarter Promo 02: Game Content Demo-Daylight

After much cheering and requesting from our happy backers in this video we re-share the first bit of game footage from our engine evaluation with Havok's Vision Engine, except it's DAYTIME!

Sunday - October 27, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 23:23

With one day left and with no chance of getting funded Druid Gameworks has a new update with news the project will be relaunching in November.

We're Coming Back in November!

Only 48 hours remain of our campaign here and even the most optimistic among us has to concede a round one victory to the Kickstarter gods. That said, we are far from defeated! In the last couple weeks we've really taken on the feedback from our backers here and applied it to a new Kickstarter campaign with a smaller goal, loads more content prepared for sharing, lots of cool new rewards, and more!

Even though this campaign wasn't funded, we're very grateful to have had this first run. Coming into it not one of us had any experience with Kickstarter, even weeks of research and planning couldn't teach us what a live project could. This one helped us iron out the kinks in our presentation and we plan to make a strong return.

If you have been promoting our campaign or plan to continue promoting (which makes yo awesome), please update your links to our new redirect at http://kickstarter.druidgameworks.com which directs to this page for now but will automatically redirect to the new campaign once it's live!

Thanks again to everyone who pledged, offered feedback, joined our community, and just cheered along the way, you've inspired us in ways you will never know. Thank you for believing in us, we'll see you in November!

- The Druid Gameworks Dev Team

Wednesday - October 23, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update#10, Podcast

by Couchpotato, 00:48

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight has a new update with a podcast with Druid Gameworks composer Joao Guerra.

Media Update: Podcast with Joao!

Hey Kickstarters!

For this update we have a fun treat, a podcast by Druid Gameworks composer Joao Guerra. Tune in and listen as Joao discusses some of the musical concepts and themes he's been putting together for Echoes of Twilight!

Sunday - October 20, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update #7, Rewards & Add-Ons

by Couchpotato, 02:16

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight has a new update about the games rewards and add-ons.

Hey Kickstarters!

Just an update here to point out some changes in the reward tiers. FIRST, whatever reward you have pledged to, you will still receive everything you expected to, we've only moved things down in your stack and added some new ones! We wanted to amp up what we have on offer with some fun new interactive and physical goods including bringing our exclusive voter pass down under $100, and adding a physical single disc boxed version of the game, exclusive only to Kickstarter backers! The reward tiers are difficult to edit once pledges have been made, so here's an overview of the reordered tiers!

Friday - October 11, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update #6, Still Kicking

by Couchpotato, 01:08

Druid Gameworks is back with a new update for Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight giving a status update on kickstarter.

Hey Kickstarters!

Just checking in here to let you folks know we're still here and still kicking!

Currently we are hard at work on a cinematic trailer, as well as prototype trailer that will give folks that taste of the game they're craving. We've also reached out to the press and some of our industry contacts trying to bolster the campaign. We're not ready to pack it in just yet so we hope you will continue to spread the word about our new breed of RPG! We are very grateful to all of our backers who have been so supportive beyond just pledging and we've had a chance to interact with so many amazing folks here on Kickstarter it's been a really great experience for us overall!

Still to come this week we're going to start sharing details about particular factions, as well as some details on a couple of our companion characters, and we hope to see one of our wip trailers up here soon, so keep checking in, and thanks for pledging, supporting, suggesting, and promoting, you guys (and the ladies too) rock!

Tuesday - October 08, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update #5, Rewards, Shipping, & PayPal

by Couchpotato, 00:40

Druid Gameworks has a new update for Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight talking about rewards, shipping, and paypal.

Alpha Access

We recently adjusted the reward tiers to add a digital game copy to the $20 tier and Alpha Access to the $40 tier, but we didn't update the rewards matrix graphic on the page here so there was some confusion about which levels receive Alpha Access. The Alpha Access reward starts at the $40 tier on through all the higher tiers. So those of you pledging at $50-$250+ you are also receiving the Alpha Access pass and that is now reflected on the graphic!

International Shipping

After shopping around for some quotes we are now happy to announce an International Shipping option. If you are an international resident and you would like to purchase one of the physical reward tiers like the T-shirt or Collector's Edition etc, you can now add a $15 add-on to your pledge for international priority shipping! So even though the reward boxes on Kickstarter say US Shipping Only, we are now honoring International Shipping as well for just the added price of the shipping. 


We have had a LOT of requests to make a PayPal option available for pledging. At this time it doesn't appear that Kickstarter supports PayPal pledges. However, we have seen several projects offering PayPal as an alternative so we have sent out some messages to Kickstarter and these other creators to see just how they swing that through the whole process. If it's possible, we will certainly make this option available so keep checking back to see where we're at with that.

Monday - October 07, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update #4, Let's Talk Magic Part 2

by Couchpotato, 00:50

Druid Gameworks has posted the second part of the magic update in this new kickstarter update.

Ritual Magic is an ancient type of spell craft left over from the age of the Iethor; an aquatic humanoid race that is long extinct but was one of the earliest to inhabit Arthanswold. Though as a species they had no inherent magic, the Iethor learned how to tap into the source of all magic using a combination of power symbols and natural elements. The depth of their knowledge is now lost to time, but they left behind clues that will enable you to unearth their secrets.

The process of using Ritual Magic begins with discovering the ruins of Ritual Sites called the Unara, which can be found scattered all across Arthanswold; usually near a font of elemental power like a spring (water) or natural mound (earth). Each site is dedicated to a different element and each has a unique offering of ritual spells that can be unlocked. Before you can reach the mysteries within, you will need to collect the glyph markers displayed on the ruin.

Elemental Gyphs

The four primary elements Water, Fire, Earth, and Air form the base structure of most spells regardless of spell type because of their connection to the natural structure of the world. They represent the physical connectedness aspect of the spell formation. Elemental Glyphs are fairly abundant and can be found readily with even casual exploring.  Most magic wielders will have these glyphs available for you to buy or trade for as well

Power Glyphs

Combined with elemental glyphs, Power Glyphs are the actual source of magical fortitude for Ritual Spells. These glyphs tap into the magic flow of external sources like plants and animals and roots them into your spell crafting. However, these can be harder to acquire and are very rarely purchasable. They will most likely be found in difficult dungeons, as special rewards for challenging quest work, or fleeced from high level enemies if you can defeat them.

When the required glyphs are in your possession you can then insert them into the Unara to perform the sacred rite event which gifts you a spell map for that location and opens a spell queue in your inventory.

A Spell Map is essentially a recipe of physical and/or spiritual ingredients which can be combined at a Ritual Table to create an instance of that spell in your queue. Once a ritual spell is learned from a spell map, it is yours to use and reuse as often as you choose. Ritual spells can also be crafted at any time, at any ritual table (even those within player homes), to load the queue and save for later use. As your queue is used up, you can gather more ingredients and recraft to reload your inventory for the next fight!

Sunday - October 06, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update #3, Letís Talk Magic

by Couchpotato, 01:04

Druid Gameworks has another update for Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight with details about the games magic system.

For this update we’re going to share a bit about the magic concepts in Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight. There are actually two different approaches to magic within our universe so this will be covered in two different updates.

In most RPGs magical ability of some kind is a default on all characters. The thinking being, if you want to play a non-magical character, you can just opt out of using it. Yet in game play you will often find yourself in situations that demand your non-magical character rely on magic to complete a puzzle or a quest to progress. That’s not really allowing for a non-magic role play.

In the Unwritten series, players have a choice during CharGen to select magical alignment. If the player selects “none” then they enter game play as a truly non-magic entity, forced to rely on good battle skills, poultices, magical companions, or healers to survive the dangers of Arthanswold and progress their tale. Let’s take a look at what we call the “Inherent Magic System” in Unwritten; Magic that comes from within.

Saturday - October 05, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Media Update #2

by Couchpotato, 01:00

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight has a new update with that contains a new video to show off the playable races.

After this we have a cinematic teaser coming to bring some more of the magic into our presentation here since folks are clamoring for more and more. We LOVE seeing you guys getting so excited for this project! A big thanks for all the support and feedback, it's made a huge difference in our campaign already!

Thursday - October 03, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Media Update

by Couchpotato, 01:00

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight has a new update that has more information, and a video to watch for those interested. As of right now the game has managed to gather $17,759 with 26 days to reach $500,000.

Media Update

Just a brief update here to let you folks know we have finally posted our first video! Again apologies for the delay. The video was pulled right after launch due to excessive length and it took a bit of time to get it broken down; we're so grateful for not only the patience but the supportive feedback from the Kickstarter community, you rock in so many ways!

The purpose of this narrative film is to give substance to the concept artworks we've posted, as well as to share some Kickstarter exclusive storyboards. We will be posting the second part of the video as a separate feature, focusing on the races.

You may notice some of the artwork has been removed from the page here, in an effort to shorten the presentation a bit we've relocated these to a slideshow, there's a linked image at the end of the Concept Art section that will take you to that gallery if you are interested in seeing more images from our development. We've also added a link to the "Where Your Money Goes" image that will take you to an itemized breakdown of our Kickstarter goal so you can see just where the funds are allotted and where the amount came from.

Coming up soon we'll be updating with more videos, as well as some in depth outlines of game features folks are most curious about such as magic systems and faction details so keep watching for updates!   

Monday - September 30, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Kickstarter Launched

by Couchpotato, 01:45

The kickstarter for Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight is now live, and asking for $500,000. The game can be described as a single player, open world, open play, fantasy RPG where player choices determine the direction, flow, and the outcome of the game.

Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight is a single player, open world, role playing adventure game that combines the visual appeal of modern graphics and animation technologies with the classic role-playing elements hardcore RPG gamers love. In modern games, immersion, interactivity, and customization are often watered down by major studios, resulting in diluted replay value and degradation of the “role play” nature of the games. As RPG gamers ourselves, Druid Gameworks understands all those fun nerdy things RPG gamers want to see, or do, and we plan to give it to them in spades.

In this non-traditional prequel and introduction to the Unwritten series, players are introduced to the world of Arthanswold through the heartland isles of Aerendwel and Byre, where the diverse and often unforgiving landscapes range from perilous mountain passes to dark ominous marsh lands, and overgrown jungles. In a player driven adventure, you can explore the world in any direction you want your story to go! Unearth hidden locations, unique characters, and dynamic quests. Chronicle your adventure in your journal, taking real notes whenever something important crosses your path. Customize pets and companions, take ownership of shops, wield powerful ritual magicks, join factions to form friendships, and uncover the shards of an ancient mystery that echoes from the past.

Thank you for reminding me wolfgrimdark. Wink

Tuesday - September 24, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Game Update

by Couchpotato, 00:35

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight has a new game update in advance of games kickstarter with more information about the game.

Now that Kickstarter is just around the bend it's time to update our pre alpha announcement, which was really just a generalization of the game's theme, and share some actual details about the game series concept, our unique selling points, and of course a snapshot of the long awaited storyline!

Visit the link for all the details.Wink

Friday - August 30, 2013

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - A New Kickstarter RPG in September

by Couchpotato, 01:30

Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight is a new game from Druid GameWorks. It's a new studio made of modders from various Bethesda games. You can check out this page with information about the modders.

A shadow looms on the horizon when an ancient foe returns from the depths of the abyss to stake a claim on the land of Midengard. The old ones whisper a prophecy foretelling a time when creation will falter, the ancient god tree from which all life springs will wither and die, and the fate of our worlds will lie on the shoulders of an Unwritten; a rare legendary figure who is unbound from the wheel of fate and who, through their actions, will alter the flow of destiny.

The battle for Midengard begins in the heartlands of Aerendwel, where you alone stand in the balance between good and evil, able to choose your fate and change the fate of of the world. As you quest to uncover the truth about the past and your elusive enemy, will your choices bring salvation to the land...or destruction?

Thanks go to sakichop for this news-bit.Wink

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Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight

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Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Full

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