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Monday - November 24, 2014
Sunday - November 16, 2014
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Monday - November 24, 2014

The Shadow Sun - Now On Android

by Myrthos, 23:22

The Shadow Sun is now also available on Android, just in case you want to play it and don't want to do it on an iOS device.


Download the Game On Google Play and the App Store Featuring a New Camera System Bringing Players Deep into the Action

Burnaby, Canada- November 24, 2014- Ossian Studios Inc., founded by former BioWare producer and developer of top-quality role-playing games (RPGs), announced today that The Shadow Sun is available now on Android devices. With polished gameplay and a new camera system, The Shadow Sun offers a deep, single-player role-playing experience with more than 10 hours of gameplay through a gripping, dark fantasy story and intense visceral combat against the many wicked creatures of Shar.

"We listened to our players and made tweaks to the gameplay and camera in The Shadow Sun to bring a truly great adventure to Android devices," said Alan Miranda, CEO of Ossian Studios. "It's a great coincidence that my friends and past colleagues at BioWare have just launched Dragon Age Inquisition at the same time, and The Shadow Sun is a deep mobile action RPG, that will scratch that itch as RPG fans wait to head home to play the next masterpiece in BioWare's incredible franchise. Much of my development knowledge stems from the time that I spent working with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the founders of the studio and true masters of the genre."

Taking place in the vast and cursed city of Shar, The Shadow Sun brings the ultimate western action RPG to Android devices. Surrounded by desolate deserts, players will explore the ancient city held within the grip of a mysterious plague. With more than 10 hours of gameplay, fans will journey through 70 unique areas and uncover 200 different items, ancient treasures, and hidden secrets to help them prepare for combat against deadly enemies across the city. Gamers can customize their character, adopt a faithful dog, and ally with companions who will join you in this epic adventure with multiple quest solving options and more than 30 attacks, spells, and skills to choose from. Rendered in full 3D graphics using the Unity engine, The Shadow Sun offers a deep, single-player role-playing experience unseen in the mobile gaming space.

Sunday - November 16, 2014

The Shadow Sun - Patch & Android Version

by Couchpotato, 22:16

Ossian Studios announces that The Shadow Sun will be released on Android devices.

We’ve just released our v1.02 update for The Shadow Sun on iOS. Included are a new pet dog companion that you can feed, play with, and have fight alongside you, a brand new app icon, and an improved camera that fixes the issues some players reported to us. We’ve also put the game on sale for the first time since release, for $4.99, so grab it while you can!

We are also happy to announce our upcoming Android version of The Shadow Sun for the Google Play Store! Currently, we’re looking for beta testers for our open beta, so if you’re interested in trying out the game on your Android phone or tablet, then go to our forums to sign up!

Tuesday - April 15, 2014

The Shadow Sun - Android Beta Testers Wanted

by Couchpotato, 05:03

Ossian Studios has a new post on the The Shadow Sun forums looking for beta testers to help with the android version of the game. Here are the details if you're interested.

The Shadow Sun Android Open Beta

We’re looking for beta testers for our upcoming Android version of The Shadow Sun, our fantasy action RPG. This is an open beta that only includes a short part of the game to see how it runs on different devices.

If you’re interested in trying out the game on your Android phone or tablet, just post in this thread to let us know (minimum OS version 2.3.1). We will then contact you via email. Since the Android version will be sold on the Google Play Store, the beta will be distributed via a private Google+ Community (which ties into Google Play). So you need to be a Google+ member in order to download the beta.

Wednesday - January 01, 2014

The Shadow Sun - Interview @ Digitally Downloaded

by Couchpotato, 04:35

Digitally Downloaded interviews Ossian Studios CEO Alan Miranda to talk about the just released iOS RPG The Shadow Sun.

What inspired you to develop a high quality RPG for the mobile platforms?

Prior to Ossian developing TSS for iOS, we made fantasy RPGs for publishers or other developers (BioWare, Atari, CD Projekt). Unfortunately, in each of those cases, something that was completely out of our hands went awry, like delays and cancellations on the publisher side. For any developer, that’s extremely frustrating and potentially devastating financially. That’s why being able to make a game that we could bring directly to a fanbase appealed to us so much.

So back in December 2009, it seemed to us that there was an absence of high-quality Western RPGs on iOS, made by experienced RPG developers. We saw that as an opportunity for us to jump in and start making one instead of trying to make a PC RPG in an already crowded marketplace.

Where did the idea for The Shadow Sun come from?

 Having worked on numerous fantasy stories for our previous games, we knew we wanted to create something deeper and more intriguing than a story backdrop of a war or an obvious menace like an undead horde overrunning a kingdom.

So we put our heads together and developed the idea for a shadow that was slowly creeping across the face of the sun. It seemed like a great premise for a world in peril - an epic backdrop for the fantasy stories we wanted to tell. It was mysterious and Lovecraftian in its otherworldliness.

 As The Shadow Sun is a Unity-based game, are you considering porting it to consoles as well? Which consoles would you like to see it on the most?

After the iOS version comes out, we’ll be looking at other mobile platforms, such as Android. Past that, it’s hard to say. The game was originally designed with a certain set of iOS criteria in mind, and we would have to evaluate very closely to see how well that could be ported to consoles or the PC/Mac. But the Unity engine does give us that option should we so choose, which is great!

Saturday - December 21, 2013

The Shadow Sun - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 03:33

I have a batch of new revviews for the recently releaed iOS RPG The Shadow Sun.

Toucharcade - 4/5

Despite its 3+ year development cycle, Shadow Sun is far from being a ‘perfect’ RPG. However, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. Sure, there are a few areas I would have liked to see improved, but I think Shadow Sun succeeds in the areas that matter the most. With a compelling story, plenty of content, and a character customization system that works, Shadow Sun succeeds in its goal as a Western RPG. I only hope that trend continues and we see future outings.

Gamezebo -  4/5

Ossian says there is about 10-15 hours of content in The Shadow Sun, and though I didn’t get through it all for this review, I saw enough to say there aren’t too many games like this on iOS right now. Despite some mildly rough edges, there’s plenty here to recommend. And yes, it was largely worth the wait.

Digitally Downloaded -  4.5/5

As an exclusive mobile RPG it's yet another example of why folks who had previously overlooked mobile platforms for their gaming potential should reconsider that stance. I can only cross my fingers and hope the game is a success and the developers are encouraged to continue building on the interesting fantasy world that they've built and not fully explored.

Pockettactics - 4/5

What you’re really getting here is one good act out of what could have been a longer, three or four act RPG. If that’s a problem, fair enough, but if you treat The Shadow Sun as a sort of gamey pulp fiction, you’ll find it’s just deep enough. Wanting more of the same out of a title is far better than just wanting more.

Friday - December 20, 2013

The Shadow Sun - Now Available

by Couchpotato, 00:44

Ossian Studios announces that The Shadow Sun is now available for purchase.

The Shadow Sun Live

The Shadow Sun has made its worldwide debut in the Apple App Store today! If you’ve been itching to play a great iOS RPG over the holidays, with thrilling combat, compelling story, meaningful role-playing choices, and a beautiful world to explore, then look no further. Priced at $7.99 for a limited time holiday sale, grab it while you can before it returns to its regular price of $9.99 on December 28th.

From the Ossian Team:

It was almost 4 years ago exactly (December 2009) that we sat down and decided to go all in and make an iOS RPG the likes of which nobody had ever seen on the Apple App Store. Since that time, many things have changed on the platform, but our vision and persistence never did. With The Shadow Sun, we released the deep, story-driven role-playing game we set out to achieve, and we’re extremely proud of the accomplishment. We hope you have fun playing it!

Monday - December 16, 2013

The Shadow Sun - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 22:05

Here are three preview for Ossian Studios iOS RPG The Shadow Sun.


We first heard about The Shadow Sun back in 2010, so it’s been a long time coming. But when you start playing the finished game, which hits the App Store December 19, you immediately see where all that time and effort went. The Shadow Sun is an ambitious action-RPG, like Aralon or Ravensword: Shadowlands, that takes place in an intriguing new fantasy world.


Thus far, The Shadow Sun is proving to be a solid iOS RPG. The gameplay is fun, the atmosphere is distinct, and the storyline holds promise. The Shadow Sun should be available in the App Store later this month and there is no word yet as to any possible PC or console versions.


The Shadow Sun is a third person 3D story-based action RPG in an all-new fantasy setting. You choose a gender, appearance, attributes and skills and are off on your adventure.

You are not playing strict D&D class archetypes, but you can shape your character into standard classes based on skill choices. For example, the skill tabs contain items for warrior, mage, rogue, and general skills. So by focusing on high intelligence and choosing magic skills you will shape a mage.

The only concern I had playing was about the graphics – while they might have been cutting edge on the iPad in 2010, in 2013 they are not. While this isn’t a huge concern for me, for some iOS gamers it could be a big issue.

Friday - December 13, 2013

The Shadow Sun - Release Date Announced

by Couchpotato, 04:25

Ossian Studios has a short post announcing the release date for The Shadow Sun.

Get your sword, spell book, and iDevices ready! In exactly one week from today, on December 19, 2013, The Shadow Sun will be released in the Apple App Store worldwide!

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