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Wednesday - September 24, 2014
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Wednesday - September 24, 2014

Dungeonforge - Game Development Update

by Couchpotato, 01:52

Since I last checked on the failed kickstarter game Dungeonforge it seems the developer ran into funding troubles. He launched a new Indigo campaign to raise funds.

He was successful, and raised $5,000 at the end of August.

We've made it!!!

Thanks to some tremendously generous contributions from people with a true indie-gaming spirit, we were able to squeak by our goal with a little more than a week left!

A massive thank you to all who contributed! We'll continue to accept contributions until the 9th of course.

The contributions that have been made will enable us to continue with the project and do it in a way that is far more effective. Plane tickets are being purchased as I type to enable our team to work from within the same space once more. Any and all funds left after paying for transport back to the states for those team members will be put directly toward much needed equipment upgrades. Our current level of technology team-wide is woefully inadequate and our team has done an absolutely heroic job of bringing Dungeonforge up to its current state despite that fact.

We are very excited to enter in on the last leg of development in earnest! We couldn't be more excited to get our first playable portions of Dungeonforge into your hands! Our only ambition at this point is to reward the faith that you've shown in us by delivering an experience that exceeds your expectations! We can't wait to see what you create out of what we're creating!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-The Team at The Collective Dream Studios

Monday - March 10, 2014

Dungeonforge - Interview @ My Geek Review

by Couchpotato, 04:48

Dungeonforge's Creator Mason Stanford was interviewed by My Geek Review.

What was your first D&D experience?

Mason Stanford: My first ever experience with the game was with my cousins in their basement. I would have been around 6 and wasn’t allowed to touch anything, but the whole game and the seriousness and almost reverence with which they approached it made an instant impression on me. And these were guys who, when they weren’t playing D&D were playing football and chasing girls – not your typical nerds.

What was your inspiration for creating dungeon forge?

Mason Stanford: Yeah, and it’s even more crazy thinking back to it. My cousin Tony is like this huge partier even as an adult, but when I started posting on Facebook about Dungeonforge he was like “Dude! This looks kick-ass!”

How do you envision people using dungeon forge? Obviously there is no right or wrong way, we just want to see through the creators eyes.

Mason Stanford: In the broadest sense, the ideal is just to give an outlet to their expression. Also as a first exposure to creating game content, we hope Dungeoforge helps inspire some of the new generation of game developers the way Neverwinter Nights and games like it inspired this genaration.

Tuesday - February 25, 2014

Dungeonforge - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 05:10

Dungeonforge has failed to get funded on kickstarter. The project only managed to raise $13,309 of the $60,000 goal. The developer Collective Dream Studios has a final update.

Final Update: How to Keep Up to Date on Dungeonforge

Once again we'd like to extend our deepest gratitude to those that supported us throughout this campaign. Many, many, many of you were not only willing to pledge your monetary support, but also took the time to get the word out to your friends and online communities that you are a part of. Despite not reaching our pledge goal we come away knowing that where our work was virtually unknown before, Dungeonforge is bigger and has a more vibrant community than ever and that is thanks to you and you're efforts. Thank you.

As you know, we've declared that we will continue with the development of Dungeonforge. Many of you have already transferred your pledge to our PayPal campaign and we invite those that haven't yet to do so as well by sending your pledge to [email protected] And we'd love to keep each of you up to date on what's going on with development. Below is a short list of the ways you can keep in touch and up to date with the team at The Collective Dream Studios and the progress of Dungeonforge:

Website: Dungeonforge.net

PayPal Campaign: http://dungeonforge.net/index.php?threads/dungeonforge-paypal-campaign.3546/

Facebook: Facebook.com/Dungeonforge

Twitter: @CollectiveGames

IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dungeonforge

Email: [email protected]

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the state of the game or the mental or emotional well-being of our team.

We cannot express the gratitude we feel for your continued support as we move forward with our dream of bringing Dungeonforge to you.

Sunday - February 23, 2014

Dungeonforge - Update# 8, PayPal Campagin

by Couchpotato, 05:01

Collective Dream Studios has shared the link for thier PayPal Donation Campaign to raise funds for Dungeonforge. The game so far has only made $12,994 of the $60,000 goal.

Link to Our PayPal Campagin on Dungeonforge.net

Our PayPal campaign is live now on our website. To pledge, you may visit this link, or simply send your pledge via PayPal to [email protected]:

Link: http://dungeonforge.net/index.php?threads/dungeonforge-paypal-campaign.3546/

Thanks again for your continued support!

Friday - February 21, 2014

Dungeonforge - Update# 7, Postmortem

by Couchpotato, 05:23

Collective Dream Studios has a postmortem update for Dungeonforge. The game has 60 Hrs left, and looks like it will fail if it doesn't raise $58,000.


It is obviously a discouraging, disheartening blow to have come so far with this campaign and fallen short on our funding goal. Many of you pointed out that you believe this was largely due to a lack of exposure. This is a sentiment we share, however under further analysis we've come to a greater understanding as to why and how to correct it going forward. The biggest feedback we got from members of the press was simple: the creation tools look great, but there wasn't enough gameplay shown to prop that up and give reason for the tools to be used. We agree. This was a conscious decision on our part due to limited time and resources. We opted to show what we felt made this game the most special which is our community focus and simple, powerful suite of design tools. However we understood, from the first day I pitched this idea to a group of friends/game devs and invited them on this journey, that gameplay would be the top priority - that we would design engaging gameplay first and then design the rest of the game around that. That's been what we've striven for ever since and it's disappointing to find that we didn't show that sufficiently.

However, what's awesome is that this is something that is very correctable in terms of how we present the game going forward.

What Happens Next

Our next major milestone will making good on our promise to release Early Access content on Steam. We are shooting for a May release. We've outlined in a prior update just what that will entail, including a player-created mega-dungeon which will be used to test out our dungeon creation and persistent world systems.

In the meantime we will be transitioning to PayPal-based funding as we move from here to that point. We invite all who have backed this project to continue your support by transitioning your pledge to that platform. This will help us to make good on the promise of a May Early Access release by allowing us to continue to work full-time on the project and helping us to keep the lights on at the studio. The same pledge rewards apply (if you would like to specify a pledge reward, just put it in the message area provided by PayPal when making your pledge. Otherwise we'll just make sure you get the reward level appropriate to your pledge amount).

One of the true positives about the way this campaign has worked out is that we understand that those who contributed their pledge are those that truly believe in what we're doing. If you do, then we humbly invite you to support us by pledging via PayPal to [email protected]

Details will also be available via our website at dungeonforge.net.

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support and good wishes as we move forward with Dungeonforge.

Thanks for the tip HellRazor.Wink

Tuesday - February 18, 2014

Dungeonforge - Update# 6, Creation Tools

by Couchpotato, 05:05

Collective Dream Studios has a new update for Dungeonforge with a new video showing off the games creation tools.

New Trailer - Creation Tools

We are thrilled to bring you this new trailer showing a deeper look at an early version of the creative tools you'll be using in Dungeonforge. 

This also comes with an invitation: Please, tell us what you think and what you want to see more of. We're at a point in development where your feedback can make a tremendous impact on the path we take with this. Ultimately, Dungeonforge is about community. We know you'll use the tools if you love them and we know you'll love them if you help shape them.

Tuesday - February 11, 2014

Dungeonforge - Update# 5, Dedicated Servers

by Couchpotato, 06:12

Collective Dream Studios talks about Dedicated Servers in a new Dungeonforge update.

Dedicated Servers

In addition to LAN support, Dungeonforge will feature dedicated servers for those wishing to host their own, entirely self-contained gameworlds online and allow friends to play and create content therein.  Loot, characters, lore and even the gameworld itself can all be uniquely tweaked or replaced entirely on dedicated servers for an experience that's as unique as you want it to be.

Administrators will have a full suite of moderation tools including the ability to choose who on the server may create content, approve content to appear in the gameworld or block content from appearing at all.

Dedicated servers may be set to private for only certain people to access so you and your adventuring buddies can enjoy your content together, or can be made public so that the world can enjoy the world you're creating.

Dedicated servers are entirely self-contained and separate from other content. Characters created and loot obtained on a dedicated server stay on that server.

Dedicated servers give players even more far-reaching control over their unique experience in Dungeonforge. We're beyond excited to see where creative and imaginative people take this!

Saturday - February 01, 2014

Dungeonforge - Kickstarter Update# 5

by Couchpotato, 03:25

Collective Dream Studios posted the next update for Dungeonforge with information about the game on Steam Early Access, and the developers release time frame.

Announcing Steam Early Access Content and Release Time Frame

We are beyond psyched as a studio to be where we currently are. We were Greenlit after less than two weeks of voting. We knew once that occurred a lot of things would come into place for us, including Steam Workshop and Early Access.

Now we are thrilled to announce our Early Access content and the time frame by which it will be available to our backers!

Early Access Content and Features

  • Early version of our Adventure Creation System, the Dungeonforge! This will include the tabletop map generation function right out of the box for anyone looking to print and play their dungeons on the tabletop, as well as play them in the game.
  • Early version of our Persistent World system which will allow community dungeons to coexist online.
  • A "Mega-Dungeon;" A massive, persistent dungeon to which everyone contributes!
  • DM-able dungeons as a preview of what Live Tellings in Dungeonforge will have in store.
  • Submission of custom map tiles through Steam Workshop on day one, with weapon and character submission to follow. We're staggering this out so we can make sure the systems we'll have in place for balancing custom weapons and characters are adequate.
  • Two character classes to play with and customize on day one; The Knight and the Sorceress, with other classes joining them in short succession.
  • Instant feedback to the devs within the game, including in-game issue and suggestion submission and star ratings for just about everything so you can let us know about your experience as you go and help shape Dungeonforge in an indelible way that's exclusive to Early Access players.

Early access will begin in May of this year!

Friday - January 31, 2014

Dungeonforge - Kickstarter Updates# 1- 3

by Couchpotato, 01:18

Collective Dream Studios has three new updates for Dungeonforge.

Update #1 - "Stoke the Fires of the Forge"

We just wanted to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has deemed Dungeonforge worthy of your pledge so far. Five days into it the response that we've seen has been stunning and has grabbed the attention of some major media which we hadn't had before, with rockpapershotgun.com headlining the sites that have given us love. Your support has had a powerful effect even beyond your individual pledges. Thank you.

Update #2 -"Something We Like that We Thought You'd Like too"

Ah childhood. We have some very awesome memories of Kevin Sorbo as Hercules. To have a chance to talk about a product he's involved in is kind of an unexpected honor. But here we are and Kevin Sorbo is involved in filming a movie that's right now on Kickstarter. Head on over and help them hit some stretch goals!

Update #3 - "For the Tabletop Community by Popular Demand"

The tabletop gaming community has been a huge part of the success of Dungeonforge to this point. One thing that has come up consistently among that community is the desire to simply be able to export their adventures in the game for use in tabletop gaming sessions.

So, we've implemented a toggle into the editor which switches to a top-down view and gives the option to export your dungeon in a number of formats to be printed off and used in your tabletop gaming sessions!

We you find this utility useful!

Sunday - January 26, 2014

Dungeonforge - A New Kickstarter ARPG

by Couchpotato, 01:47

Dungeonforge is a new ARPG on Kickstarter developed by a studio called Collective Dream, and asking for $60,000. If the game sounds familiar it was on Indiegogo.

Dungeonforge is an Action-RPG in the spirit of classic D&D where you, as dungeon master, drive and shape the gameworld and everyone has a chance to weave their unique part of gaming lore.

Tuesday - August 13, 2013

Dungeonforge - A New F2P ARPG

by Couchpotato, 00:05

A new Indiegogo campaign seeks funding for Dungeonforge a free-to-play action/RPG being developed by Collective Dream Studios.

Dungeonforge is a free to play RPG where the community drives the content. We provide a dungeon and quest creation system, a rich gameworld for community content to exist in, and insane, action RPG combat with some innovative twists thrown in for maximum freshness. Dungeonforge is built on two main premises, that great gameplay, first and foremost, makes great games and that community created content makes the gaming world go 'round.

Information about


Developer: Unknown

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Canceled
· Publisher: Unknown