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Sunday - April 20, 2014
Thursday - April 10, 2014
Saturday - April 05, 2014
Friday - April 04, 2014
Sunday - March 23, 2014
Saturday - March 22, 2014
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Sunday - April 20, 2014

Fractured Reality - Funding Canceled

by Couchpotato, 05:44

Ross Tunney has cancelled his kickstarter Fractured Reality after funding has crawled to a stop. He released a few messages in the comment section with more information.

Ross Tunney 

@Gabriel - Above all else, we're not relaunching this project. KS campaigns are very predictable, and the first week gives a strong impression of how the campaign is going to pan out. I didn't cancel the project because it's hard; I cancelled it because it isn't getting the attention it needs to get off the ground. But hey, I don't expect you to understand.

I'm just one man, and this project has had be stretched way too far.

For the record, the ONLY reason that I started work on Reboot before I cancelled this campaign was because I had trouble bringing it down (security issues)! It wasn't an act of disrespect to you guys, since this campaign obviously wasn't getting funded.

So yes, I am sorry to see you go Gabriel, but I can't please everybody.

@Sector - Thank you. I agree whole-heartedly, regardless of some people's attitude towards the decision. I know what you mean about the logo- it was a TERRIBLE experience with a freelancer that further highlights the cons of running a game studio like this. FR needs a proper, full-time team working on it, otherwise it's not going anywhere.

This is one of the reasons KS is so great! We developers can test the water before we sink too many resources into it. FR has hit a roadblock for now, and honestly, I'm happy to be returning to the realm of 2 dimensions.

Thanks for your continued support dude :)

Thursday - April 10, 2014

Fractured Reality - Update# 2, Catch-22

by Couchpotato, 05:18

Ross Tunney of New Reality Games has posted the second update for Fractured Reality with news on the games slow funding, or as he calls it Catch-22.

It's called a catch-22, I believe!

At least, that's what the Americans say. So! We have something of a speedbump here!

The momentum of the campaign has reached a snail's pace, in spite of my efforts to badger the games press into covering the project.

The main issue here, I think, besides being largely an obscure developer, is that we simply don't have enough to show, at a polished enough level, to entice would-be backers to jump off the fence onto our turf.

Therein lies a deeper problem - there's no more money 'in the pot' to pump into this game. I've literally spent every last penny of my savings getting this game to the level it's at, and it doesn't seem like enough. For now, at least.

In short, I think it's going to take a small miracle for this campaign to reach funding! The majority of existing backers are loyal DH fans, with newcomers only making up the minority.

I have two options before me:

1. Continue working on FR at a glacial pace, due to lack of funds, in the hope that maybe when we come back we'll see more interest. If the campaign were moving at a steady pace at least, I'd consider re-launching straight away, but that would seem to me to be an inefficient use of resources.

2. Put FR on the back-burner for a while, and return to making classic 2D games. 

I've leaning quite close to option 2, for several reasons. 

  • Less costly to make - The funding goal for FR is the BARE minimum we'd need to scrape this project through to completion. And let's face it, £35,660 is a lot of money to ask for. We'd need to entice 3,566 backers at the basic tier. 
  • I can once again focus more on story - Writing is my passion, and it shows through in NRG's games. By spending too long on other aspects, such as getting to grips with Unity, animating, tweaking, mapping, etc, I think I'm stretched way too far.
  • Die-hard DH fans are alienated - I can sense that FR simply isn't to the taste of the loyal fans; those people who made NRG possible. I thought that they might be tempted into taking the plunge with 3D, but that doesn't seem to have been the case. 
  • I prefer making 2D games - Truth be told, 3D seemed like natural progression for the company. But in hindsight, I ask myself 'why?' Does 3D make the story better? Does 3D make the game mechanics better? All 3D does is increase the size of your potential market, but at what cost? Tens of thousands of pounds. Does it scale? It doesn't seem to.

So, what now?

Don't get me wrong, Fractured Reality has tons of potential, and I think that when it does finally see a release, it's going to be epic, not to mention popular. Evidently, we're just not ready to take on a project of this scope. 

Fear not! NRG is going to continue making awesome classic RPGs. In fact, work has already begun on Data Hacker: Reboot...

Saturday - April 05, 2014

Fractured Reality - Update# 1, Excellent Progress

by Couchpotato, 06:06

Ross Tunney of New Reality Games has posted the first update for Fractured Reality with an update on the games first few days on Kickstarter.

Excellent Progress!

I just wanted to post a quick update to say thank you all for your support! Whether you're a Data Hacker veteran, or are new to the series, I'm glad you've found something intriguing about Fractured Reality.

I am aware of just how early we are in the development process, and that that might put a few backers off. But launching the Kickstarter at such a fundamentally crucial point in the project's life-cycle allows you, the fans and backers of the game, to really get stuck into the progress of the project.

So thank you, every one of you. You make this all possible!


Friday - April 04, 2014

Fractured Reality - Kickstarter Launched

by Couchpotato, 09:44

Ross Tunney of New Reality Games has launched the promised Kickstarter for his RPG game Fractured Reality. He is asking for £35,660 to get his game made.

Here is the usual video, and short description

Embark on a truly epic Cyberfantasy tale, spanning Multiple Worlds and Dimensions! Fantasy, Sci-fi, Real and Surreal.

Why Kickstarter?

From the beginning of this journey, right through to the end, we hope to remain a part of the Kickstarter community. And when it comes down to it, that's what this is. 

Kickstarter is a place where like-minded individuals can gather and help to fund the project that THEY want to see come to fruition, without the play-it-safe publishers getting in the way.

We developers can use Kickstarter to not only fund our games, but also gauge interest, and it even serves as a great marketing base to spread the word. It allows amazing people such as yourselves to become truly involved in the development of the game, to provide feedback as well as financial support.

Kickstarter truly is an amazing place to be.

Sunday - March 23, 2014

Fractured Reality - Interview @ True PC Gaming

by Couchpotato, 04:55

Ross Tunney of New Reality Games was interviewed on True PC Gaming to talk about his studio, and his next kickstarter RPG Fractured Reality.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the development of Fractured Reality.

My name is Ross Tunney, and I’m the head developer of New Reality Games. I handle the vast majority of the development of our games, along with all of the marketing and PR. Technically, I’m the only member of NRG, at present, though I work very closely with certain freelancers over the course of several projects. For example, all of our soundtracks have been composed by Elezeid Audio Studio, and all of the concept and character art is handled by our ‘resident’ artist Dayna Gibb.

How did you get started in developing PC games?

I was always a keen writer of fantasy and sci-fi, but I found that adding a level of aesthetic value to those tales allowed them to transcend into something… coherent and special! Video games are such a wonderful form of expression and storytelling- they bring together so many different art forms and can often bind them into something amazing. I started out making commercial 2D RPGs with RPG Maker, basically to start building some foundations, and we’re now moving into Unity3D.

Where did the idea for Fractured Reality come from?

This is a question that I get asked a lot, and there isn’t really a straight-up answer for it. Fractured Reality is the consequence of a series of very specific events that happened both in our previous 2D titles, and events prior to that. The idea of exploring parallel worlds has always held a fascination for me, and Fractured Reality allows us to do just that!

Saturday - March 22, 2014

Fractured Reality - A New 3D JRPG

by Couchpotato, 05:30

Fractured Reality is the latest RPG from developer New Reality Games. They released a few RPG Maker games on Kickstarter, and have decided to try something new.

Here is a brief description of the game taken off the Steam page.

At its heart, Fractured Reality is a narrative-driven RPG with influences from both Western and Eastern cultures, environmental puzzles, engaging active-time combat and a deep character development system.

You can also check out the games website for a bunch of development videos, and make sure to help fund the game on Kickstarter in April.

Like what you see? Then help us to build the game to the standard it deserves! We'll be launching the Kickstarter campaign for this item on April 1st, just 11 days from now. We hope to see you there.

Now here is a short video with some Pre-Alpha game footage to get you interested.

Information about

Fractured Reality

Developer: New Reality

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: J-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 40-60 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Unknown