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Saturday - May 24, 2014
Tuesday - April 22, 2014
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Saturday - May 24, 2014

DracinMorte - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 06:21

Mad Labyrinth Studios kicksarter DracinMorte has failed to get funded. The game barely made $1,085 of the games $120,000 goal, and the developer only posted one update.

So I'm sorry to say I can't post any comment from the developer at this time.



Tuesday - April 22, 2014

DracinMorte - A New Gothic Fantasy RPG

by Couchpotato, 06:12

DracinMorte is a new RPG on kickstarter, and is asking for $120,000 to get funded, The developer Mad Labyrinth Studios describes the game as the following.

The game is called DracinMorte, it's a 3rd/1st person RPG set in a gothic fantasy underworld..

Story Overview: The story revolves around the main character who is a Necromancer King that runs one factions of many in the underworlds. The other factions band together and remove him from his throne leaving his powerless and near death. The souls that he cares for being a king and a necromancer save his life and offer him aide throughout the game. He now has to forge new alliances with new undead summons, who are your companions throughout the game, as he fights to regain his throne.

Features of the game include:

Character Evolutions: At one point in the game, possibly two depending on stretch goals, the character's model actually changes, and his animations get more epic. We wanted to make sure the character felt that power that should come from leveling, but that is usually lost in an RPG.

Companions: The game has companions like many RPGs, but they are not meant to be merely mules in ours. The companions have fighting modes and actually assist you in combat, progress the story, build relationships with you, and gain levels and powers alongside you. They get levels and gear, and accessing deep into their storylines will cause them to evolve as well.

Gameplay Skills: We're implementing more than just your standard gameplay skills in DracinMorte, or trying to work them in new manners. Disarm Trap might be a standard GP skill, but we're allowing it to give you salvaged materials as well that you use for crafting. We have skills such as persuasion and intimidation, but also include old DnD type skills like sense motive.  Sense motive allows you to figure out the reasoning behind someone's actions and it can help alter your storyline depending on how you use it. For example if someone is sending you after an herb and saying that they're using it to heal someone in town, but you sense that they're lieing, and that there is a negative reasoning, you can change how the quest progresses, either aiding them in poisoning someone, or ending with them being thrown in jail because you found a way to prove it to the town's Lord. There are many more GP skills that are listed in the

Skill Synergy System: We're taking a note from classics like Diablo II that had a skill synergy system, wherein if you put a point into a lower tier skill, it'll give extra stats or influence higher tier ones. We don't want you to have 'wasted' your lower level skills by the time you reach high levels.

Platforms: The game will be available on Pc, Mac, and Linux.

Release Date: We are looking to release in late summer of 2016.

The "What if":
If the project does not make through kickstarter.com, we will attempt a relaunch shortly thereafter when we've had time to reassess what needs to change. If that is successful, we will merely need to push the date back. If the project fails a second time we will have to work on the project slowly, limiting our time to it, but still intend to finish it eventually.

If you're still not interested the developer has a demo you can try.

We'll be updating the demo throughout the kickstarter! Expect the links for mac and linux demos soon. (We want to make sure they run properly).

Information about


Developer: Mad Labyrinth Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Unknown