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Sunday - August 06, 2006
Saturday - May 27, 2006
Box Art

Sunday - August 06, 2006

Dungeon Cleaners: Screens @ 3D Gamers

by Dhruin, 01:27
3D Gamers has a freshly opened gallery for the Russian project 'Dungeon Cleaners'. It's some time since we posted on this game so I'm not sure if these are new or just ripped from 1C's official site.

Saturday - May 27, 2006

Dungeon Cleaners: Screens @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 08:49
Another of those Russian projects that burst onto the scene and disappear into ignominy, we haven't posted a newsbit on this one since 2003. Still, Blue's noticed 1C has added some screens to their Dungeon Cleaner product page. In case you don't remember it, this is a sci-fi with post-apoc overtones RPG with realtime combat -- just perfect for "fans of Fallout, Jagged Alliance and tactical battles".

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