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Thursday - September 13, 2007
Thursday - May 10, 2007
Thursday - December 14, 2006
Friday - September 29, 2006
Tuesday - August 22, 2006
Thursday - August 03, 2006
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Thursday - September 13, 2007

Minions of Mirth - Patch v1.25 & More

by Dhruin, 23:53

Prairie Games let us know a new update is out for Minions of Mirth, as well as various other items:

Prairie Games is pleased to announce these exciting Minions of Mirth updates!!!

+ New Minions of Mirth Website, http://www.minionsofmirth.com, featuring community blogs, picture galleries, integrated game encyclopedia, server
status, and more!

+ Patch 1.25 is live with tons of new content and enhancements.  A full list of the patch features can be found on our new web site!

+ The Halloween Raffle Contest is underway!  Eligible Minions of Mirth players have a chance to win one of four exciting prizes!!!

Please stop by the new Minions of Mirth website for more information: http://www.minionsofmirth.com

Thursday - May 10, 2007

Minions of Mirth - PvP Added

by Dhruin, 01:12

Minions of Mirth has been patched/updated, adding PvP among a simply enormous list of other additions and improvements.  Head here for the lengthy patch notes for this indie project.

Thursday - December 14, 2006

Minions of Mirth - Another Massive Patch/Update

by Corwin, 02:45

The Community team from Prairie Games Minions of Mirth have released yet another massive update patch with both fixes and tons of new content. There's FAR too much to post here, so head over and check it all out Here.

Friday - September 29, 2006

Minions Of Mirth: Latest Update

by Corwin, 04:01
Prairie Games has just informed us of another large update to their popular Minions of Mirth SP and MP game. Here's the main press release:

Prairie Games announces another massive update to Minions of Mirth!

+ Universal Binary for OSX runs blazingly fast on your Intel Mac!
+ 2 new official Minions of Mirth World Servers!
+ Powerful new item enchanting system for mages
+ Friend system for keeping track of your favorite players
+ Private bank vaults store up to 300 additional items per character
+ Item Sets where combinations of gear can yield mighty bonuses!
+ Lost password retrieval from inside the game (click Play Online->Lost
+ ... and much, MUCH more!

More details can be found at: www.prairiegames.com

Tuesday - August 22, 2006

Minions of Mirth: Prairie Games Acquires New Partner

by Dhruin, 22:18
According to the press release, 'Minions of Mirth' (now referred to as an "MMORPG") has acquired a new partner:<blockquote><em><b>Long-Time Game Industry Veteran Randel Reiss Acquires Major Stake in Prairie Games, Inc.<br><br>New Chairman Makes 'One-Time Fee' For "Minions of Mirth" MMORPG Permanent Feature</b><br><br>Wishek, North Dakota a  Former Technopop President and Founder Randel B. Reiss has announced today that he has acquired a major stake in Wishek, North Dakotaa "!s Prairie Games, Inc. Mr. Reissa "! first act as the companya "!s new Chairman was to announce that the a Uone-time feea "! offering on Prairiea "!s flagship a SMiniona "!s of Mirtha ? massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG) title will now be a permanent feature of the game.<br><br>Originally conceived as a promotional device to help Minions of Mirth attract customers and gain market share, the a Spay once and play as long as you likea ? subscription model has proven to be very effective. The use of this approach helped Minions of Mirth practically quadruple its numbers from 4,000 subscribers to 15,000 subscribers in a matter of weeks.<br><br>a SMinions of Mirth is an MMORPG that you can play right now!a ? says Prairie Games President Josh Ritter. a SWhile there is a tidal wave of MMORPG hype hitting the industry every day, the liona "!s share of these titles are still in development. This is very confusing for game players that want to play games and not just look at ads.a ?<br><br>As for Prairiea "!s new Chairman and his ability to hit the ground running, the team in North Dakota is very excited about working with Randel Reiss. Mr. Reiss has been described as a lifer in the software entertainment industry. He joined the industry when the concept of the computer game was still in its infancy and has been a dedicated participant throughout the industrya "!s rollercoaster like history.<br><br>The concept of a a Uone-time feea "! MMORPG is very novel given the expectations of most of todaya "!s MMORPG subscribers. Typically, MMORPG players have to pay a subscription fee every month in order to stay in the game and maintain their characters and relationships. The pay once concept may be seen as a competitive threat by some of the established MMORPG vendors.<br><br>According to Mr. Reiss, a SI loved the idea of the one-pay approach the first time I heard it. It gives the players more control over their own game and their own finances. While this may be viewed as heresy by some of the other game companies, I see making this a permanent feature as my own personal contribution to the evolution of the MMORPG.a ?<br><br>As far as upsetting other game companies that may see one-pay as cutting into their profit margins, Mr. Reiss is not concerned. He sees the evolution of the MMORPG model as inevitable.<br><br>a SIa "!m sure that Blockbuster was rattled when Net Flix came out with no-late-fees,a ? says Prairie Games Vice President Lara Engebretson. a SBlockbuster made a ton of free money off of those late fees. The fact is nobody can stop progress and if Net Flix hadna "!t done it someone else would have. Given the choice, I would rather be the company introducing the new way of doing business, rather than the company fighting it.a ?</em></blockquote>

Thursday - August 03, 2006

Minions Of Mirth: Update to version 1.2

by Corwin, 03:11
Josh Ritter has sent us notification of a new update to his massively single and multiplayer RPG Minions of Mirth. Here's the text.

We've put out a huge patch for Minions of Mirth. Below are some of the key

+ Player guild system added
+ Increased the world's spawn population by over 3000.
+ Added over 900 new mobs to the database.
+ Added over 125 new spells, 30 new poisons, and new craftable arrows for Rangers
+ The Chaos Lord Xal Thulu is rumored to have rematerialized...

The full patch notes are available on the Prairie Games, Inc web site:

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