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Saturday - May 09, 2009

The Chosen - Hack & Slash Bundle @ Impulse

by Dhruin, 09:42

If you'd like a low-profile hack'n'slash deal, Stardock's Impulse has a bundle of Space HackThe Chosen for five bucks.  Check out Magerette's old review of The Chosen for a reminder.

Friday - January 18, 2008

The Chosen - Wrap Report @ RPGVault

by Magerette, 19:07

RPGVault has their post-release interview up with Rebelmind's CEO and co-founder, Krzysztof Krawczyk, wrapping up their coverage of the action RPG set in 19th century Europe and released in N.A. last fall. Krawczyk gives an overview of the development of the game, it's strengths and weaknesses and also some of the lessons it has taught him:

The Chosen, also known as Frater is a typical example of an action RPG game. From the very beginning, we planned it to be developed based on the ideas we had included in Space Hack. We wanted to develop and add new elements such as helpers (Golem, Neferkar), and the feature of combining weapons... These two became key ones in the gameplay...

...The main goal was to create a game that was better than our previous one, Space Hack. We knew that the next game had to be more developed than our earlier productions...we decided to take another route and create a plot set in 19th century Europe. I think that our main goal - a game that's more developed and has an interesting mood / feel to it - has been achieved...

We used our own engine, which we systematically modified, in the production of all our games. It is not very demanding equipment-wise, and that's why Frater / The Chosen can be played on lower computer configurations... We did not made many changes during development. When you work with a small budget, you simply cannot afford to do so.

There are a few elements I would like to improve in the game itself and also the production process. The character models could be better, as well as the linear nature of the play. I think that there is also room for improvement in the soundtrack area. These are certainly the key elements that could be modified and changed for the better..

During the production of Frater, I learned a few very good, but also rather painful lessons. I am happy to have experienced what I did, because those lessons will help me with future projects. ;)...I must say that each game, every new project teaches me something new.

We put all our effort and heart into the production of The Chosen / Frater... many sleepless nights and many seven-day work weeks. A team of a few created a game played now by thousands. It was all worth it.


Monday - November 26, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ Worthplaying

by Magerette, 16:48

Worthplaying has posted their review of Rebelmind's action RPG, The Chosen:Well of Souls, giving the inevitable comparison to Diablo and scoring it at 6.5/10:

The Chosen starts you on the outskirts of the town of Kamienec. The sky is dark, and the weather is rainy. Upon entering the town, a guard almost pops one into you — with an old-school musket, of course — while rambling about you being a demon spy, insisting you can shape-shift. Now is probably the best time to point out that The Chosen hired what seems to be the worse voice actors humanly possible...

    ...This brings us to the combat system of The Chosen. There is the typical bird's-eye view of your character, as well as a fixed camera on your position. Left-clicking somewhere will move you to that point, and left-clicking an enemy will attack him with your weapon, whether it's a sword or gun. Despite how simple it may be, the battle system has proven to be rather addictive throughout the years, in games like Diablo, Titan Quest and many more. On top of using the left mouse button as your main attack — you could complete the entire game running around and left-clicking — you can assign certain abilities to the right mouse button, such as the fireball spell for Monks. 

The Chosen: Well of Souls has simply been done better many times before. The game was very easy, thanks to the ability to click the B key to teleport back to the society headquarters, even when you're in danger...On the bright side, the game only costs $20, so it's easily worth the price of admission. If you're looking for a lesser-known RPG, or you're a huge fan of the action-RPG genre, pick up The Chosen: Well of Souls and enjoy a few hours of fun ... before the tedium sets in.

Source: GameBanshee

Friday - November 02, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ Gaming Nexus

by Magerette, 17:58

GamingNexus  has posted a review of Rebelmind's action rpg, The Chosen:Well of Souls scoring it 6.8/10:

With brazenly low system requirements, The Chosen: Well of Souls will fit snugly into the palm of your hand at 600 MB, lend you a healthy allotment of diversionary hours at less than the cost for an expansion pack, and bequeath a straight-forward, no-nonsense roleplaying experience. The Chosen doesn't reinvent the wheel -- but it's not the most crooked spoke adjacent either. If you pardon some questionable voice acting from the narrator, and some stiff-jointed character modeling, there's a feasible amount of material here to zone out on, and some pretty paintings to walk through. Especially as you approach one of the Wells of Souls, and the thickening horde numbers deepen into the triple digits, your mind and your mouse can enter a zen-like plane of point-and-click existence.

Source: Bluesnews

Monday - October 29, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ 2404.org

by Magerette, 15:50

PC Gaming site 2404.org has posted a review of Rebelmind's action rpg, The Chosen:Well of Souls giving it a 5/10:

The story is a little confusing.  There’s some sort of big bad guy to beat, and there’s a school of alchemists that is dedicated to beating him.  As far as quests, I quote the official description here: “over 12 blood-curdling quests.”  I’m sorry, I have to do that again: “over 12.”  Twelve is not a big number; couldn’t they just count out how many?  I might have missed a few, but I’ll put the exact number at 13, just to not be argumentative.  The point: there aren’t nearly enough quests, and they do nothing drive the storyline.  Such quests as exist are based primarily around the alchemists and their desire to stop the evil arch-mage.  They’re very dedicated, and even let the player teleport to their lair at any time – a great escape button.  Alas, they’re not so dedicated as to give an adventurer a break on costs, no matter how likely the world is to be destroyed if they can’t at least repair his bloody equipment.

Source: GameBanshee

Sunday - October 28, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ JustPressPlay

by Dhruin, 00:57

An extremely enthusiastic review of The Chosen at JustPressPlay scores Rebelmind's action/RPG at 9/10 and declares the gameplay equal to Diablo II:

Overall, The Chosen: Well of Souls is a new generation's Diablo II. Literally. It's Diablo II with spruced up graphics. Sure they ditched the cutscenes, but they kept the essence of the game that matters. I fear rating the game as an equal to Diablo II, for fear of the diehard fans out there...but I'm one too...and honestly...it's good enough to be the heir to Diablo II...for now.

Source: Bluesnews

Saturday - October 27, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 01:42

GameBanshee has kicked up a review of The Chosen, with a score of 7/10:

Luckily, the combat system works pretty well. Rebelmind did a nice job in varying the locations you explore and the enemies you face to keep the combat interesting. Some enemies can turn invisible, some are rooted in the ground, some can resurrect fallen comrades, some lie in wait and try to ambush you, and others are weak but cast nasty spells. That means you have to pay attention to what you’re fighting, and you have to adjust your tactics to the situation. You can’t just run forward and kill everything that gets in your way (like in, say, Dungeon Siege II). You have to target some creatures right away, or attack and retreat, or simply run away, and it’s nice when an action role-playing game makes you think a little. 

Tuesday - October 23, 2007

The Chosen - Available For Digital Download @ GamersGate

by Magerette, 18:59

GameZone posts the news that in an agreement with the publisher, Meridian 4, GamersGate will be offering several of their titles for digital download, including Rebelmind's action rpg The Chosen:Well of Souls:

Meridian4 and GamersGate AB today announced that Meridian4’s upcoming titles and back catalog will be available for purchase through the GamersGate digital distribution platform beginning with the action-RPG, The Chosen: Well of Souls; the sci-fi shooter, Alpha Prime; and the horror-themed action game, Shadowgrounds Survivor. The Chosen: Well of Souls is available now, while Alpha Prime and Shadowgrounds Survivor will come aboard in November. All titles carry a suggested price of $19.99.

Brother None reminds me the game has always been available digitally at the Meridian 4 website as well, for which many thanks.


Source: GameZone

Monday - October 22, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ Gamersinfo.net

by Magerette, 20:16

Gamersinfo.net has posted a review of Rebelmind's action rpg set in a 19th century world, The Chosen:Well of Souls and though the site gives no numerical score, it seems to consider the game one with both good and bad features:

Being touted as containing "very strong RPG elements," The Chosen allows you to choose between three characters, all with different back stories. The characters (Frater, Elena and Khan) all specialize in their respective areas (magic, ranged combat and melee combat). Although they are not customizable in any way, each could be re-geared to use any combat style or combination you see fit...

... Lastly, but by far the most cool, is your ability to summon one of the demons you have captured from a well of souls. The demons will attack with the elements they belong to and will last a short amount of time attacking whatever it can. Unleashed in a dangerous situation with a lot of common enemies, the demon can rip them apart in seconds — faster than you ever can. You can keep summoning them until your faith is depleted; and you can keep them around longer with certain (costly) enhancements on your equipment....

...Initially, I had to push myself to keep playing The Chosen — Well of Souls. I had no desire to keep playing at the start of the game, but as things advanced, I did end up having fun. Sure, the story is very thin and the enemies kind of repetitive. But if you like hack 'n' slash games, you might want to try it. 

Sunday - October 21, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ Games Radar

by Magerette, 18:34

Games Radar has posted their review of Rebelmind's action rpg, The Chosen:Well of Souls,giving it a 5/10:

Along with gradually improving your four primary stats (Vitality, Strength, Knowledge, or Dexterity), you can also use one of 3 special abilities in your hot key slots while slowly (and we mean SLOWLY) purchasing or improving these abilities in Offense, Defense, or Miscellaneous categories. Unfortunately the skill points are grudgingly doled out and most special abilities are so costly to enhance beyond your first selection that you'll never really focus on any one primary area, becoming instead, a "Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of None" hero...

...We definitely didn't have any issues with the graphics or the game's art direction, which was quite solid.  The lighting, in particular, was very colorful and moody while the varied locations were all appropriately presented, particularly forested areas. In a nice touch, trees and bushes rustle appropriately as your character moves through them. Monsters, while occasionally uninspired (the game's opening chapter is chock full of devilish-looking ET clones with sharp teeth but no desire to "phone home"), are at least visually appealing and vary from grunt-level demons to ravaging werewolves or fiery demon lords.



Saturday - October 20, 2007

RPGWatch Feature: The Chosen Review

by Dhruin, 13:47

Our latest review delves into The Chosen: Well of Souls, Rebelmind's new budget hack'n'slasher set in 19th century Europe:

The brass tacks framework of any action RPG rests on three things: combat, character development and item systems (otherwise known as ph4t l3wt). The Chosen handles the first very well indeed, provided you’re tolerant of the point-and-click attack system. There’s a lot more to slaying than just random clicking though, especially if you want to get the extra attribute point rewarded for completely clearing each map of the required number of hellspawn. This is represented at each level by a small numerical counter at the top of the screen that counts down the total as each infernal creature bites the dust. To reduce the monster meter to zero, players will have to exercise brain cells as much as an overdeveloped mouse finger.

Read it all here.

Wednesday - October 17, 2007

The Chosen - German Preview @ GBase.ch

by Dhruin, 11:54

GBase.ch wrote in about their Chosen preview (and screens) for German readers.

Friday - October 12, 2007

The Chosen - Peek # 2 @ RPG Vault

by Magerette, 20:38

More monsters from Rebelmind's action rpg The Chosen:Well of Souls  are on view in RPGVault's second look at the game, including the Gurges:

The deep jungle hides many mysteries and many dangers, more so now that the Well of Souls has been opened.

The Gurges are bipedal snake-demons that found the jungle an ideal environment. They poured from a fissure in the ground and spread through rainforest like a swarm of ants, devouring everything in their path. Now they await the unwary...

Not to mention the nearly indestructible massive scorpion known as Scorpio:

Scorpio is not a true demon. This cunning monster is the result of magical experimentation. The ancient rulers of Ethiopia were obsessed with creating giant living creatures. Scorpio was their most successful creation. So successful in fact that it cost them their lives.

The rulers tried to control the beast with soaring towers that belched fire, but to no avail. The gigantic arthropod laid waste to the countryside and destroyed the civilization that created it. Scorpio has stalked the desert for a thousand years… the scourge of the sands.


Thursday - October 11, 2007

The Chosen - Peek #1 @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 00:59

RPG Vault takes their first Peek at The Chosen with a look at various enemies players will encounter:

Velox the Noxious, as it is known to the hordes of hell, has long awaited his return to surface world. Thousands of years ago, this demon was worshipped as a god by many primitive tribes. Ultimately, it was banished back to the underworld, but its influence has been felt from time to time in the form of plagues and epidemics.

Since its escape through the open Well of Souls, Velox has haunted the jungles of South America. An already ravenous beast made more voracious by virtue of its two heads, it thrives in the humid environment, and scours the undergrowth for whatever sustenance it can find... preferably wrapped in chainmail for freshness.

Sunday - October 07, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ Gamer 2.0

by Magerette, 17:11

Another review of Rebelmind's recently released action RPG The Chosen:Well of Souls has appeared at Gamer 2.0. This one is a bit more detailed and positive than the previously posted IGN review, and gives the game a rating of Good at 6.9:

Despite some of the similarities to old games, The Chosen manages to be entirely fresh, and gameplay and character leveling are unique, though simplified...

The Chosen is definitely a pretty game, considering the low system requirements. Like Blizzard, Rebelmind seems to be able to squeeze every last bit of beauty out of what comparatively few resources the game requires. The developers not only made things look pretty, but they went to great efforts to make the game charming on a graphical level as much as any other. Much effort was put into this, and that is clear when the player comes upon the second stage—a forest–and finds that werewolves are hiding in the bushes, along with their friends. As the player explores further, he begins to realize that the werewolves are visible in the bushes, if only barely, if you look really... really close. Many developers would have been happy to spawn such foes when the player came near enough, but Rebelmind went to the effort of carefully placing each and every enemy in this stage into extremely well-camouflaged guerilla positions, giving the keen-eyed player an edge, and enhancing the graphical flare and gameplay of the game in one blow. It is this kind of attention to detail and the traveling of that extra mile in development that causes The Chosen to shine.

Source: GameBanshee

Saturday - October 06, 2007

The Chosen - Review @ IGN

by Magerette, 10:14

IGN has posted a short review of Rebelmind's recently released action RPG, giving it a somewhat harsh 4.5 out of 10 (Poor) :

Magic spells come from books or scrolls, but you have to have a pretty beefy Knowledge stat to do it. Of course you also find plenty of armor and weapons. For a while I thought the usage requirements were just insane, and I'm pretty sure the blame for that falls squarely on this gimmicky feature called the Cauldron of Creation. Characters in the story hail this thing as a miracle of science, but mostly it's a miracle of currency disappearance. You're supposed to be able to repair your weapons by combining items with armor you don't want, lessen the stat requirements by combining them with magic scrolls or books, but the cost makes it prohibitive. You need your gold for health potions and pet resurrection scrolls. 

...When you get down to it, The Chosen is one generic game, and there are better ones with more personality that you can play online for free. Doesn't help that it likes to crash when you leave it sit for more than a couple minutes. The sound and graphics don't make the monotonous gameplay very rewarding, so it turns into more of a slog than something you'd do for fun.

Friday - October 05, 2007

The Chosen - Demo Available

by Dhruin, 22:28

We've already got a healthy discussion of this Chosen demo on the forums but here's the official announcement:

The Chosen: Well of Souls Playable Demo Now Available

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada – October 5, 2007 – Grab your rifle, staff or sword and dive headfirst into battle with demons, werewolves and vampires in the playable demo of The Chosen: Well of Souls, the horror-themed action-RPG from Rebelmind and Meridian4.

Journey into the ultimate action-role-playing quest that pits you against an army of demons and devils like no other. Hell-bent and determined to take over the world, the powerful sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens has recruited the souls of ancient alchemists to aid in his destruction. Get ready for an unparalleled action role-playing experience that combines gruesome, action-packed battles with a deep, involving storyline set in the turn of the 19th century.

The demo features the first level of the game, in the city of Kamieniec where you’ll meet some of the locals and battle against hordes of unwanted inhuman guests. All three heroes are available to choose from to embark on your adventure: Choose from Khan, the warrior and master of the sword; Frater, the monk and great alchemist; and Elena, the hunter and excellent marksman.

If you can rid the city of its demons, you’ll reach your goal and discover the secrets behind the Fraternity and its hidden laboratory.

The demo is available at a number of leading video game websites. Grab it now at:

* http://www.fileplanet.com/files/180000/181300.shtml
* http://www.fileshack.com/file.x/11217/The+Chosen:+Well+of+Souls+Demo
* http://downloads.gamezone.com/demos/d20052.htm
* http://www.gamershell.com/download_21290.shtml
* http://www.worthdownloading.com/game.php?gid=2421
* http://www.atomicgamer.com/file.php?id=80

For more information about The Chosen: Well of Souls, visit http://www.meridian4.com/games/TheChosen.

Wednesday - October 03, 2007

The Chosen - Now Available

by Dhruin, 01:20

For those looking for a hack'n'slash fix, Rebelmind's The Chosen: Well of Souls is now available:

The Chosen: Well of Souls Ships to Stores and Online Outlets

Take on Legions of Infernal Beasts in Rebelmind and Meridian4’s Action Role-Playing Game

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada – October 1, 2007 – Dungeon crawlers, grab your weapons and get ready for battle! Meridian4 announced today that Rebelmind’s PC action-RPG, The Chosen: Well of Souls, has shipped to stores across North America, and is available now at various digital-distribution outlets. The Chosen: Well of Souls carries a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Choose your hero and journey forth in the ultimate action role-playing quest that pits you against an army of demons and devils like no other. Hellbent and determined to take over the world, the powerful sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens has recruited the souls of ancient alchemists to aid in his destruction. Get ready for an unparalleled action role-playing experience that combines gruesome, action-packed battles with a deep, involving storyline set at the turn of the 19th century. For many years the Mystery Guards Fraternities have trained hunters to fight Evil. Hard-bitten, well trained in magic and alchemy, they traverse the world fighting against the powers of darkness. Now, the mightiest have returned to face Marcus’s army of infernal beasts. The life of God’s Envoy and the world order are at stake. Who will be The Chosen?

“The Chosen: Well of Souls is a value-packed game that should appeal to action-RPG fans everywhere,” said Steve Milburn, Director at Meridian4. “Rebelmind has delivered an addictive experience that will have you using swords, axes, pistols and even machine guns to take out the onrushing hordes of werewolves, vampires and demons well into the night.”

Draw your sword against evil to save your people’s souls and the future of your world!

Features of The Chosen: Well of Souls include:

* 3 original playable characters, each with their own distinct skills and abilities
* Over 200 different types of armour, weapons and magic items
* Over 12 blood-curdling quests with hordes of werewolves, zombies, vampires and demons
* Modify skills and allocate experience to develop your hero
* Seizing demons during battle allows you to use them to fight for you
* Improve weapons strength and effectiveness through ancient magic
* Call upon mystical creatures to help battle the forces of evil

For more information about The Chosen: Well of Souls, visit http://www.meridian4.com/games/TheChosen.

Since the digital distribution outlets aren't specified, I'll link to the excellent TotalGaming.net for anyone interested.

Thursday - September 27, 2007

RPGWatch Feature - The Chosen Wallpapers

by Dhruin, 22:01
Meridian sent over four exclusive wallpapers in the leadup to the release of Rebelmind's latest action/RPG.  Head here to take a look.

The Chosen - Wallpapers @ RPGVault & Gamebanshee

by Magerette, 20:28

Gamebanshee has posted a link to these four new wallpapers for Rebelmind's action rpg The Chosen:Well of Souls, available at RPGVault . They show some town and building scenes and a desert landscape with ruins. Also included is a link to their own collection which features pics of the three main character models.

Source: GameBanshee

Tuesday - September 18, 2007

The Chosen: Well of Souls - Gone Gold Notice @ Gamebanshee

by Magerette, 18:08

Gamebanshee has posted a press release from publisher Merdian4 that Rebelmind's action rpg, The Chosen:Well of Souls has gone gold, and lists a release date of October 1st along with some basic game info:

Features of The Chosen: Well of Souls include:

• 3 original playable characters, each with their own distinct skills and abilities
• Over 200 different types of armour, weapons and magic items
• Over 12 blood-curdling quests with hordes of werewolves, zombies, vampires and demons
• Modify skills and allocate experience to develop your hero
• Seizing demons during battle allows you to use them to fight for you
• Improve weapons strength and effectiveness through ancient magic
• Call upon mystical creatures to help battle the forces of evil

Saturday - September 15, 2007

The Chosen: Well of Souls - Preorder @ TGN

by Dhruin, 01:55

Meridian4 sent over a press release to announce their relationship with Stardock's TotalGaming Network for the digital distribution of their games.  For us, this basically affects The Chosen, which can now be preordered:

TotalGaming.net Continues to Grow with Wide  Range of Games from Meridian4

The Chosen: Well of Souls, Shadowgrounds Survivor and Alpha Prime Available for Pre-Order at the World’s Most User-Friendly Digital Distribution Site

PLYMOUTH, Michigan – September 14, 2007 – Stardock Entertainment and Meridian4 today announced that the companies have signed an agreement to bring a number of Meridian4’s titles to TotalGaming.net, the world’s most user-friendly digital distribution site. Three of Meridian4’s most anticipated titles of 2007, Alpha Prime, Shadowgrounds Survivor and The Chosen: Well of Souls, are now available for pre-order at TotalGaming.net, while another Meridian4 title, Hot Dog King, has recently been added and is already available for purchase.

TotalGaming.net is Stardock’s revolutionary digital-distribution service that does away with intrusive copy protection in favor of the ultimate user-friendly experience of purchasing and downloading a vast range of games. TotalGaming.net is home to more than 80 games, from big-budget hits to acclaimed titles from independent developers, and the company continues to expand the TotalGaming.net catalog with games from leading publishers.

“Stardock is pleased to continue our relationship with Meridian4,” said Brian Clair, Director of Publishing at Stardock Entertainment. “We’ve really enjoyed bringing some of the company’s unique games like Space Hack, Daemonica and the original Shadowgrounds to TotalGaming.net, and these latest titles further illustrate the depth and appeal of Meridian4’s product library.”

“TotalGaming.net has been a fantastic distribution partner,” said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director at Meridian4. “We pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships with all of our partners, and this agreement is evidence of that; we hope to continue bringing our games to audiences worldwide via TotalGaming.net as we grow and expand our product catalog.”

For more information about TotalGaming.net, visit http://www.totalgaming.net.

For more information about Meridian4 and its products, visit http://www.meridian4.com.

Thursday - September 13, 2007

The Chosen: Well of Souls - New Screens & Fact Sheet

by Dhruin, 02:39

The ever helpful Tom Ohle sent over eleven new screens for The Chosen: Well of Souls and the following fact sheet as we lead up to Meridian's NA release of this action/RPG from Rebelmind.  Two sample screens are below and hit our gallery to see them all:

The Chosen: Well of Souls

Title: The Chosen: Well of Souls
Genre: Action/RPG
Release: October 1, 2007
Publisher: Meridian4
Developer: Rebelmind
Players: 1
Price: $19.99

Building upon the legacy of successful titles such as Diablo and Dungeon Siege, The Chosen is a fast paced horror-themed action- RPG. The developer has made huge improvements in gameplay depth, graphics, storyline, features and content from Space Hack, its previous action-RPG built on the same engine.

At the turn of the 19th century, the powerful sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens discovered the secret of immortality. To guard his discovery and to feed his hunger for power, he eliminated all alchemists whose skills and knowledge equaled his. Marcus keeps their souls trapped and uses them for his evil purposes to control infernal forces of darkness. Whole armies of demons, werewolves, zombies, vampires and devils are at his command.
The world needs a savior; one who can crush the forces of evil and defeat Marcus. The world needs The Chosen.


  • 3 original playable characters, each with their own distinct skills and abilities
  • Numerous supernatural monsters including werewolves, zombies, vampires and demons
  • Day/night cycles and weather that affect monsters’ behavior
  • Explore a variety of different animated locations including castles, forests, and deserts
  • Interactive AI characters who assist in your battles
    Build your character and choose his skill paths

For more information, visit the official website at http://www.meridian4.com/games/TheChosen.

Friday - August 31, 2007

The Chosen: Well of Souls - 20 New Screens @ WorthPlaying

by Magerette, 09:24

Worthplaying shows off some new screenshots along with a brief run through on Rebelmind's action rpg set in a fantasy-influenced 19th century.

You can check it out here.

Source: GameBanshee

Saturday - August 04, 2007

The Chosen: Well of Souls - Site Launched

by Dhruin, 01:58

Meridian 4 has kicked up a page for the NA launch of The Chosen: Well of Souls - aka, Frater.

Monday - July 30, 2007

The Chosen: Well of Souls - Preview @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 23:53

GameBanshee has a hands-on preview of Rebelmind's The Chosen: Well of Souls (previously Frater).  For those who don't remember, Chosen is a hack'n'slash title from the makers of Space Hack set in a 19th century European milieu with horror overtones:

I spent about 10 hours playing The Chosen. That was enough time to sample each of the characters and to take Tong Wong a ways into the campaign. From what I can tell after playing that amount of time, The Chosen has two things going for it that separate it from the pack: how the companion system works, and how you can upgrade your equipment. I’ll discuss each in turn.

Tuesday - July 03, 2007

Frater - Now Chosen: Well of Souls

by Dhruin, 01:21

Meridian4 has picked up Rebelmind's 18th Century action/RPG Frater for NA release, adding a name change to Chosen: Well of Souls.  Rebelmind is no stranger to different names, with Space Hack also released as Maximus XV Abraham Strong: Space Mercenary and Novasphere 13.  Here's the PR:

Rebelmind have Chosen Meridian4 for their Next Title!

Montreal, Canada. July 2, 2007 – Game publisher Meridian4 and developer Rebelmind are pleased to announce the signing of a North American publishing agreement to publish their new Action/RPG; The Chosen – Well of Souls. (Formerly known as Frater)

“Once again, we have an opportunity to collaborate with Meridian 4 thanks to our latest game; The Chosen - Well of Souls (published under the original title Frater). We are confident that our "new baby" is in good hands and believe that the professionals at Meridian 4 have the ability to bring this new game to all those anticipating its release. Please wait patiently because YOU are THE CHOSEN ones!” said Agnieszka Krawczyk, Sales Director at Rebelmind

“It felt really natural to work with Rebelmind again on their next Action/RPG title. After playing a beta version of the game, we knew that Rebelmind had taken everything they learned on Space Hack and enhanced the gameplay and added many new, exciting features that will make The Chosen a hit with all Action/RPG fans.” said Andrew Sher, CEO at Meridian4.

About The Chosen

Choose your hero and journey forth in the ultimate action role-playing quest that pits you against an army of demons and devils like no other. Hell-bent and determined to take over the world, the powerful sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens has recruited the souls of ancient alchemists to aid in his destruction. Get ready for an unparalleled action role-playing experience that combines gruesome, action-packed battles with a deep, involving storyline set in the turn of the 19th century.

· 3 original playable characters, each with their own distinct skills and abilities

· Over 200 different types of armour, weapons and magic items

· Over 12 blood-curdling quests with hordes of werewolves, zombies, vampires and demons

· Modify skills and allocate experience to develop your hero

· Seizing demons during battle allows you to use them to fight for you

· Improve weapons strength and effectiveness through ancient magic

· Call upon mystical creatures to help battle the forces of evil

· Join forces with interactive NPC characters who assist you in your battle against the undead

Wednesday - January 31, 2007

Frater - v1.4 Patch Released

by Dhruin, 21:25

Although not yet released in many territories, Rebelmind has patched their 19th Century horror action/RPG Frater to v1.4.

Source: Bluesnews

Wednesday - September 06, 2006

Frater Relased in Poland

by Dhruin, 23:52
Radek wrote in to let us know that Rebelmind's 'Frater' has been released in its native Poland (check out our interview a few months back for more on this action/RPG). Apparently the game is included with the latest CD Action.

Friday - August 18, 2006

Frater: Interview @ WithinGames

by Dhruin, 00:28
A second Frater interview has popped up with WithinGames letting us know about their <a href="http://www.withingames.net/?show=articles&type=showspecial&id=94" target="_blank">article</a>:<blockquote><em><b>So Frater is going to be a lot of hack `n slash, as was Novasphere 13/Space Hack. Where are the differences in the style of gameplay and what are the improvements? Can we compare the games or are they totaly different?</b><br><br>In comparison with Novasphere 13/ Space Hack Farter is a much more developed game. We added many options helpful in character development. There are a lot of helpers, not present in our previous game - Space Hack. Players can use Golema "!s or Nefercara "!s help as well as the help of other NPC characters they run into. What is also very important, Frater offers a lot more objects with diverse features.</em></blockquote>

Thursday - August 17, 2006

Frater: Interview @ GG Mania

by Dhruin, 12:40
GameGuru Mania dropped us a line about an interview they have with Rebelmind on their followup to Space Hack, a 19th Century horror action/RPG 'Frater':
GGMania: What can you tell us about the storyline of the game?

Krzysztof Krawczyk: The plot of the game is set at the end of the 19 century. The Fraternity of Alchemists takes on a fight with the evil forces trying to control the Earth. Infernal armies come out to the surface of the Earth through the ancient constructions called Wells of Souls. The Alchemists select a hunter to afrateromplish a difficult task of sealing the Wells. People from the Fraternity of Alchemists assist the player in this very difficult and life-threatening task.

Thursday - July 27, 2006

Frater Website Goes Live!

by Kalia, 16:46
Thanks to Peter for the news that the <a href="http://frater.rebelmind.com/en/main" target="_blank">Frater website</a> has gone live. Head over and check it out.<blockquote><em>Do you have so much faith to stop demons? Draw your sword against evil to save peoplea "!s souls and the future of our world! Category: hack&slash Similar titles: Space Hack, Diablo, Dungeon Siege, Setting & style: Europe at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. A dark story resembling in climate the Frankenstein and Dracula stories.</em></blockquote>

Information about

The Chosen: Well of Souls

Developer: Rebelmind

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Hack & Slash
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
North America
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released at 2007-10-02
· Publisher: Meridian 4