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Monday - June 02, 2014
Monday - January 28, 2013
Friday - November 09, 2012
Tuesday - December 02, 2008

Monday - June 02, 2014

Realms of Arkania - On Sale @ GOG

by Myrthos, 13:32

For one day the Realms of Arkania trilogy is on sale at GOG for just $3.58.

Monday - January 28, 2013

Realms of Arkania - HD Remake Announced!

by Gorath, 15:36

Thanks to Kordanor for letting us know that a HD remake of the Dark Eye Northland Trilogy is in the works. The three games were released internationally under the name Realms of Arkania ... Blade of Destiny, Star Trail and Shadows over Riva. Especially the middle part is widely regarded one of the best RPGs of all time.

The project is a cooperation between original developer Attic, publisher UIG and the Austrian developer Crafty Games.

At the moment the German and English PRs contradict each other. It  remains unclear whether the game slated for a release in Q2/13 is the full trilogy or only the first game, Blade of Destiny HD. Here's the full English PR:

A legend reborn as Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny returns

2013-01-28 10:47

Developed by Austrian developer Crafty Games, Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny is a one-to-one remake of the 1992 original, adored by a generation of Role Players and one of the most successful German RPG’s of the 1990’s. Get ready to return to Thorwal, one of the oldest cities of Aventurien. Make sure your wits are sharpened before walking down the small alleys of Thorwal and Prem, and prepare to stop the Orcisch threat while creating a mighty alliance between nations. Featuring a complete visual reimagining along with a comprehensive overhaul of every aspect of the
gameplay, Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny is set to captivate a 21st century audience of new and old fans alike.


Friday - November 09, 2012

Realms of Arkania - Producer Teases New Game - Thorvall

by Aries100, 13:53

Guido Henkel, producer of the Realms of Arkania games as well as Planescape: Torment has announced via Chrystals DSA forum that he is making a new game:

Ja, ich bin daran ein neues Spiel zu machen, wie ihr ja bereits gesehen habt. Es hat allerdings nichts mit DSA zu tun, sondern ist ein komplett eigenes Konzept, eine Idee, die ich schon seit einiger Zeit mit mir herumgeschleppt habe. Dennoch bin ich sicher, dass die DSA Wurzeln in dem Projekt hier und da schon durchscheinen werden. Es ist kein kompletter Zufall, dass das einen nordischen Touch hat und Thorvalla heisst. Das ganze Projekt werde ich in Kürze komplett ankündigen. Nein, wir reden hier von einem richtigen, grossen PC Projekt. Es hat weder mit DSA noch mit attic irgendetwas zu tun. Ich habe ja schon seit über 10 Jahren meine eigene Firma, G3 Studios, und insofern gibt es gar keinen Grund, attic wieder auszugraben. Das Spiel ist komplett original. Das Regelwerk ist ein neues Design und lehnt sich nicht an DSA oder D&D an. Es ist eine komplette Neuentwicklung von mir, da ich gewisse Spielmechaniken anders handhaben möchte, als das traditionell bei Rollenspielen der Fall ist.
Thorvalla ist ein single-player game, wie die guten alten Klassiker. :-)

The English translation can be viewed at Gamebanshee:

Yes, I'm making a new game, as you have already seen. It has nothing to do with DSA [The Dark Eye - GB], but is a completely original concept, an idea that I've been carrying for some time. Nevertheless, I am sure the DSA roots the game has here and there are already apparent. It's not a complete coincidence that this has a Nordic touch and the name Thorvalla [Thorwal is the name of a region in the DSA setting - GB]. The full announcement of this project is coming shortly. No, we're talking about a real, large PC project. It has nothing to do with DSA or with attic [Attic Entertainment Software is the studio that produced the NLT - GB]. I've been running my my own company, G3 Studios, for 10 years now and thus there's no reason to involve attic.The game is completely original. The rules are a new design and is not based on DSA nor on D&D. It is a completely new design by me, because I want to handle some game mechanics differently than is usually the case with the traditional role-playing games. Thorvalla is a single-player game, like the good old classics.

Crystal mentions that the game will most like be funded through Kickstarter.

A teaser picture can be seen here as well as a teaser website can be found here.

Source: RPG Codex

Tuesday - December 02, 2008

Realms of Arkania Trilogy to be Rereleased Through JoWooD

by Gorath, 21:32

This is just a placeholder to keep the DB clean. You can find the actual newbit here and the discussion thread there.