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Monday - May 11, 2009
Tuesday - April 24, 2007
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Monday - May 11, 2009

Crosscut Games - Runesword 2.6.0 Progress

by Dhruin, 23:33

CrossCut has posted news about progress on the latest version of Runesword II, which was made open source some time back:

An update on the upcoming RS 2.6.0 release: Still pinging away on all of the tomes, getting ready actually to start sending Titi the final drafts of the tomes for the various worlds. Telluria looks like it will be moving back to Eternia, and hopefully some updates will be added into the tome. Most of the tomes still belong to the world of Eternia, but the Mines of Mintor is shaping up nicely, adding to the world of Colony Prime. The Supers world has some awesome tomes in it, by the RuneMaster Phule. So those two worlds are good. The other worlds still need work. Middle Earth and Glorantha both have only one tome each to play in but both worlds have been expanded, with larger libraries, and future plans for other tomes. The most work has been done on the Colony Prime world. The interfaces are still needing some work, an artist has been approached about working on the interface files, but no progress has been made. All of the interfaces currently work however, so that is another step in the right direction. Several beta testers now have a chop version of the 2.6.0, so we are seeing a few new bugs after a quiet last month pretty much bug-free. The code is very stable at this stage, which is awesome for gameplay. All of the changes just make the game play so much smoother and better in every way. The library is still growing, with new races like the Gunjot for Colony Prime getting in there, and new items in all worlds as well. Overall, I see great progress on all fronts. We just need to keep plugging away!!

To keep up on the latest, drop in on the forums!

Tuesday - April 24, 2007

Crosscut Games - Runesword II v2.5.0 Released

by Dhruin, 13:14

While we cover Dungeon Delvers these days CrossCut is probably much better known for their old indie Runesword and Runesword II CRPGs.  Runesword II was released into open source some time ago and an update is now available:

Runesword II (RSII), released into open source by Crosscut Games in 2004, is a free Computer Role-Playing Game (CRPG) and construction set designed to appeal to the "pen & paper" role-player. This release marks a significant change to the software. RSII 2.5.0 fixes several dozen minor and major bugs, adds in new capabilities, and expands the game content considerably.

RSII is composed of two elements: a 'Creator' for creating games (known as tomes), and a 'Player' to play the tomes. The Creator is an easy-to-use, completely flexible game construction set and world builder. The Player features turn-based, strategic combat, 50+ skills, races, a dozen small and full-length adventures, an instant random adventure generator, and different worlds to play in (fantasy and sci-fi).

Fixes in the Creator include updates to the tome wizard and tome packager, several fixes and improvements in searching, map-making and trigger-editing, and increased capabilities when designing worlds. Overall, the Creator has become more user-friendly with easier adventure sharing, additional stability and more options, especially in world construction and character archetypes. Creators can now assign additional stats to new characters, and design new magic systems based on those stats. Entire areas of maps may now be saved to the library as well, speeding up game creation and improving options for Creators.

Changes to the Player include improvements to game saves, items, creature graphics, the character screen, and the combat screen, and additions to the content library. A tray icon is included for the first time, useful for switching away from the game to another program. Players are now given more information about their characters and can see abilities change as armor and weapons are exchanged. The 'Greedy Merchant' Bug was fixed. Weight and bulk limitations have been added in for more realism. The ability to quickly change worlds was also added in, to take full advantage of the worlds now part of the standard download. Medium and long weapon ranges were also changed to extend further. Items in general have received a huge upgrade. Items in the game now have a size, and it must match the character's size to be used. Items also have a new experience level that can be checked against. Additions to the food family of items have enabled easier creation of useful and harmful food items. New items and spells that take advantage of these changes have been included in the library. Along with these changes to items, containers such as bags and backpacks must be at least as large as the items stored within. Problems with animations and creatures switching graphics during combat have been solved as well.

Several new adventures are also included in the standard DL, bringing the total number of ready-to-play adventures to almost three dozen spread across five different worlds. When you add in the random adventure generator, there are literally hundreds of hours of play in RSII without ever using the Creator to create your own adventures.

RSII is open source and completely free to use.
For more information: https://sourceforge.net/projects/runesword/ and https://www.crosscutgames.com/

Thanks, dte.

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