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Tuesday - October 26, 2010
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Tuesday - October 26, 2010

Katauri Interactive - Royal Quest Interview @ RPS

by Dhruin, 22:43

If you follow gaming news elsewhere, you may have seen Katauri's (King's Bounty) next game is an MMO called Royal Quest.  We won't be covering it but I thought I'd toss up this one interview frrom Rock, Paper, Shotgun before I go cry in a corner at the loss of a much-wished-for Space Rangers 3:

RPS: You’ve been very successful with single-player games. Why have you decided to make the move into MMOs at this time?

Dmitry Gusarov: We consider the future of games to be in the MMO genre. Actually, we have played online games a lot during recent years. And now the time has come to combine hobby and business.

RPS: What do you think Royal Quest will bring to MMOs that we haven’t seen before?

Dmitry Gusarov: What we can currently see on the MMO market is stagnation in terms of creativity. For many years people are playing the same games like WoW and Lineage II. As we can see there are no fast paced Diablo-style games at the moment and we want to bring this experience to the audience.

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