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Tuesday - July 06, 2010
Wednesday - August 20, 2008

Tuesday - July 06, 2010

TGC - The Games Company - Management Resigns - What about TDE Demonicon ?

by Gorath, 19:20

Several websites are reporting that the founders and directors of Berlin based publisher TGC - The Games Company, Carsten Strehse and Markus Malti, decided to resign. It seems there was a fall-out between founders and investors over the future business direction.  Some time ago TGC branched out into browser games. Reportedly the investors would like to get deeper into this business.

TGC is the mother company of The Dark Eye: Demonicon developer Silver Style, and Carsten Strehse the head behind the project. According to golem.de development on Demonicon continues as planned.

Thanks, Alrik.

Wednesday - August 20, 2008

TGC - The Games Company - Secures The Dark Eye License [Update]

by Gorath, 17:28

Berlin based publisher TGC - The Games Company announced they were granted a The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge or DSA in German) license. They will use it to let their internal studio (Silver Style; -> The Fall) develop an action-RPG.

According to Dr Stefan Blanck from license holder Chromatrix in the official Drakensang forum TGC's license is non-exclusive. It does not prevent Radon Labs from making a sequel or add-on to Drakensang.

Thanks Alrik and Rohal!

Update: GameBanshee found the PR:

TGC Acquires „The Dark Eye" License

The Berlin-based publisher announces an epic action role-playing game taking place in the "TDE – The Dark Eye" universe.

Berlin/Leipzig, 20th August 2008: TGC – The Games Company starts off into the first day of this year´s Games Convention with fantastic news for all RPG fans. The Berlin-based publisher was able to acquire the most successful German RPG license for the development of a high-end game. The license has been granted by Chromatix GmbH, the holder of rights of the globally successful “TDE” brand.

“TDE – The Dark Eye” has enthralled RPG fans all over the world (in German: “DSA – Das Schwarze Auge”) for the last 24 years. At the beginning “TDE” was only available as a traditional pen & paper role-playing game, but within the last 16 years the license has also been used for four PC games. TGC´s latest “TDE” project offers the most intensive role-playing experience so far in the idyllic but dangerous fantasy world Aventuria.

TGC´s in-house development unit is responsible for the realization of the ambitious “TDE” adaptation. In Berlin the developers work at an action-oriented role-playing game that is to impose new standards within the genre with its enormous depth and an epic, movie-like story. The detailed background story sends the player on a thrilling adventurous journey through the vast “TDE” world Aventuria. The charismatic main character is controlled from a freely zoomable and pivotable isometric perspective. The authentic fights are based on the current edition of the “TDE” rulebook.

“I am glad that we have got the coveted license”, says Carsten Strehse, CEO at TGC. “It emphasizes TGC´s high ambitions to be able to use such an attractive license for our lavish game development. This enables us to provide players not only with a very good but with an extraordinary RPG. We strive to set new standards in story-telling, graphics and game worlds with our “TDE” project.” “An action-oriented role-playing game offers fascinating new possibilities to carry the player off to the varied world of Aventuria”, says Dr. Stefan Blanck, managing director at Chromatix. “I am convinced that gripping gameplay combined with an emotional story will offer an exciting experience to role-players.”

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