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Thursday - August 11, 2011
Monday - June 20, 2011
Wednesday - December 22, 2010
Sunday - November 28, 2010
Wednesday - October 06, 2010
Tuesday - August 31, 2010

Thursday - August 11, 2011

Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun - Coming to Android

by Dhruin, 00:53

Apparently Ossian's The Shadow Sun will also be coming to Android in addition to iOS, according to Droid Gamers:

Back when this game was announced it was destined to be for iOS but since then many requests were to have this game land on Android as well. The last that was heard about this topic from the developers was back in June 2011 when they said in their forums they were strongly considering bringing this game to Android as well. Well we have received word from Ossian that it will indeed be coming to Android.

Still no word on a release date, though.

Monday - June 20, 2011

Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun - More Delays

by Dhruin, 22:44

Remember Ossian's iDevice project, The Shadow Sun? Been delayed again, it seems:

We are pushing back the release of The Shadow Sun for a second time, this time until Fall 2011. The main reason for this is art, which has taken more time and more artists than we anticipated. The game is a monster in terms of art asset requirements, not just in the large amount that’s needed but also because everything in the game is made from scratch according to our design to suit the world’s flavour.

Production of things like monsters, characters, buildings, trees, props, and visual effects are all managed by Ossian’s art director, and not bought as generic assets from a digital store. And when it comes to the areas created for the game, every area made by our level design team is unique and never re-used. Interior areas for palaces, sewer dungeons, caves, taverns, and even peasant houses are all different. That kind of tailored attention takes time, with each area requiring props, collision, and lightmapping.

So rest assured, The Shadow Sun is coming. And we are doing our utmost to make it the highest quality game possible! We appreciate you hanging in there for its release. :)

Wednesday - December 22, 2010

Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun Delayed

by Dhruin, 22:43

Apparently Ossian's iOS RPG has been pushed to Spring 2011:

The release of The Shadow Sun has been pushed to the Spring of 2011. We decided to postpone it in order to take the additional time necessary to make it the best game it can be on the mobile platform, with the great attention to detail found in our previous RPGs.

So to our current fans and all those waiting in anticipation for a triple-A, in-depth role-playing experience, The Shadow Sun is still on its way to you. We’ll be sharing more about it in the coming months, but for now, the Ossian team wishes everyone a happy holiday!

Sunday - November 28, 2010

Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun Interview

by Dhruin, 00:00

A site called Gamezebo has interviewed Alan Miranda and Luke Scull from Ossian about their upcoming iPhone RPG, The Shadow Sun.  Here's a nice bit on the inspiration:

In terms of literary influence, you've mentioned the work of HP Lovecraft lending inspiration for the game's fear of the unknown. What other influences helped you create the world of The Shadow Sun?

Luke: I wanted a setting that eschewed high fantasy in favour of a gritty, more realistic world. At the same time, full-on grimdark has now itself become something of a cliché. It's important to focus on the fantastical aspect as well as the political scheming, moral ambiguity, and visceral combat that have become so popular in the wake of the success of A Song of Ice and Fire novels, as well as The Witcher and Dragon Age games. Hence, while the world of The Shadow Sun is a complex, brutal place full of vying groups, nations, and unimaginable horrors, it is also one full of incredible beauty that has been torn apart and reshaped through centuries of devastating magic and a continent-shattering cataclysm. I suppose the Malazan series most heavily influenced the world design, with the cities of present-day nations standing on the bones of those which preceded it. China Miéville's Bas-Lag novels demonstrated how horror could be worked into a fantasy setting that pushes the creative envelope rather than falling back on the usual tropes: you won't find any elves, dwarves, or orcs in The Shadow Sun setting. Most of the humanoid races in our world lack the merest shred of humanity. Finally, I'm a big fan of British author Joe Abercrombie and his cynical, darkly ironic humour. I wanted to work some of that into The Shadow Sun.

Alan: For me, The Shadow Sun would be a return to pre-Tolkien fantasy, one without elves, dwarves, etc. that have become so heavily embedded in almost all fantasy RPGs. By pre-Tolkien, I’m specifically referring to Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories. There is something I find particularly attractive about that “raw” fantasy: a world of early human civilizations, with all their ruthless politics and semi-barbarity, where those who wield magic are few, surrounded in mystique, and typically command greater influence. A world that is inhabited by savage creatures but remains for the most part unknown to humanity (it is the unknown that instills fear). This blends well with Luke’s inspirations, particularly the Malazan books, in which a primarily human world is embroiled in conflict.

Wednesday - October 06, 2010

Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun Interview, Screens

by Dhruin, 19:45

Ossian's iPhone RPG The Shadow Sun has been properly revealed through an interview at GameBanshee and screens at the official site.  Here's an early snip, which promises they haven't abandoned the PC forever:

GB: First things first - why the iDevice? Do you feel that a platform shift was necessary to continue to develop role-playing games while remaining profitable? Have we seen the last of PC-first development from Ossian?

Alan: First, let me confirm that you have not seen the last of PC RPGs from Ossian, and it’s something we’ll return to down the line. The PC is a relatively crowded market for Western fantasy RPGs, and the development of one of those triple-A RPGs can take several years involving a huge team. With Ossian transitioning from developing expansion packs for existing game franchises to becoming an indie developer, we wanted to attempt a high quality RPG title that could be done by a smaller team in a shorter time, and within a new gaming space.

In creating our own new fantasy IP of The Shadow Sun (TSS), we wanted to select a popular platform that offered the potential of good sales but also had a large user base. These would help lay the groundwork for the future growth we have in mind for TSS. We think our decision to pick the iOS platform last year was the best move for us, especially seeing the recently released International Gamers Survey 2010 (from Newzoo), which showed that iOS has nearly surpassed the Nintendo DS as the most popular gaming platform in the U.S.

Tuesday - August 31, 2010

Ossian Studios - The Shadow Sun Announced

by Dhruin, 21:05

Ossian Studios has announced their new project - an iPhone/iPad game titled The Shadow Sun.  Here's the announcement at their site:

After working with Dungeons & Dragons and The Witcher over the past few years, Ossian Studios has turned its RPG talents to creating a new fantasy game and world of its own design. We are pleased to announce The Shadow Sun™: a dark heroic fantasy that brings together the high adventure of classic D&D, combat inspired by Fable, Zelda, and The Witcher, and the fear of otherworldly horrors of H.P. Lovecraft.

This is a world in which magic is wielded by only a few, where a cataclysm a millennium ago still fuels hostilities between the civilizations that remain, and where much of the lands beyond the fringes of human settlement remain a deadly unknown. It is also a world that has felt an alien touch upon its sun, shrouding it in ever-increasing shadow with consequences that are only now becoming horrifically apparent.

The Shadow Sun brings a full 3D, true Western-style RPG to the iPhone and iPod touch. Combining the excitement of dynamic, visceral combat with a gripping story, it will redefine role-playing on the platform. Stunning, finely detailed graphics and a captivating musical score couple to create an immersive experience to rival the best PC and console RPG titles.


  • Enter a story full of complex characters, intrigue, danger, and shocking surprises.
  • Explore the decadent imperial city of Shar and the exotic desert lands around it.
  • Battle enemies using magical powers and dozens of weapons.
  • Play as male or female with a character system that allows you to evolve your character’s abilities exactly how you want.
  • Ally with one of several companions to adventure with and fight alongside.
  • Make your role-playing choices wisely through dialogue or action, and become either a hero or a villain.
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