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Friday - April 03, 2015
Monday - February 16, 2015
Monday - December 22, 2014
Thursday - May 22, 2014
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Friday - April 03, 2015

Hidetaka Miyazaki - Interview @ The Guardian

by Couchpotato, 05:31

Simon Parkin of The Guardian had the chance to talk with Game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki of From Software about how how got stated in the game industry.

When Hidetaka Miyazaki was a child, he was a keen reader, though not a talented one. Often he’d reach passages of text he couldn’t understand, and so would allow his imagination to fill in the blanks, using the accompanying illustrations. In this way, he felt he was co-writing the fiction alongside its original author. The thrill of this process never left him – and it is very much there in his arcane and fascinating video games, the latest of which, Bloodborne, has just been released to wild acclaim.

After some cajoling, Miyazaki reveals that he grew up “tremendously poor” in the city of Shizuoka, 100 miles south-west of Tokyo. His office-worker parents couldn’t afford books or manga, so he had to borrow whatever he could find in the library. That’s why he ended up with works beyond his reading capabilities. “I found so much joy in those stories,” he says, seated in his Tokyo studio, having granted the Guardian a rare interview. “It was a rich reading experience, even if I wasn’t always reading.”

Barely known outside of the gaming world, Miyazaki’s studio – called From Software – is already responsible for two of the most revered games of the last 20 years: the dark fantasy adventure Demon’s Souls and its spiritual sequel, Dark Souls. These eccentric and demanding games take the basics of Dungeons and Dragons gameplay – combat, monsters, exploration – and place them in terrifying, intricate worlds that work like a series of fiendish clockwork traps, complete with spike pits, poison mists and falling masonry. While gingerly exploring, players must master a uniquely complex combat system to battle a menagerie of Lovecraftian beasts.

Monday - February 16, 2015

From Software - Another Dark Souls Sequel?

by Couchpotato, 05:31

Hardcoregame has news that From Software has trademarked a new Souls game.

Bandai Namco has recently filed trademark for the title “Soldiers’ Soul” in Europe. Unfortunately, this represents the entirety of what we know about the project at the time, as the trademark gives little other information other than it is a video game and will exist at some point in the future.

Monday - December 22, 2014

From Software - My (Unannounced) Visit to Japan

by Couchpotato, 05:37

Piet Crusader of Game Crusaders had a chance to visit the Japanese developer
From Software, and shared his experience in a new article.

In the autumn of 2013 I travelled through Japan for two weeks. I had various cities and temples on my list of places to visit and one very peculiar destination, the FromSoftware studio.

I am a fan of Dark Souls. It is my favourite game. It is a work of art that I have spent hundreds of hours looking at, contemplating, and experiencing. Dark Souls 2 was about four months away from getting released and I wanted to see if I could get a look behind the scenes, play a demo, or find out anything at all about the sequel. I’m not a journalist and, at the time, Game Crusaders didn’t even exist yet. I didn’t make an appointment. I just went there hoping to make it inside.

With the studio hidden in one of Tokyo’s suburbs, it took some effort to find out where I needed to be. The hostel staff did their best to Google-map me in the right direction and with a piece of paper full of notes, train numbers and time tables I jumped on a train.

Thursday - May 22, 2014

From Software - New President Appointed

by Couchpotato, 00:35

According to Dual Shockers Demon’s Souls Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has been chosen to be the new Preisdent of From Software.  So what do you all think about this news?

Kadokawa announced today with a press release that following the acquisition of From Software by the group, the executive team of the development studio has undergone several changes.

The most interesting within the list of new positions is the appointment of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki as the new President of the studio. Additionally, Demon’s Souls Producer Masanori Takeuchi has been placed on the Senior Managing Director seat.

The press release did not specify whether Miyazaki-san will continue his work as game director on the side of his new executive position or not, but considering his track record and the rumors that place him at the helm of development of the PS4 exclusive codenamed Project Beast we can definitely hope that he will.

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