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Thursday - March 10, 2016

Daedalic West - The Long Journey Home

by Silver, 09:35

@Gamepressure.com they preview a new Daedalic Entertainment game called The Long Journey Home. Its noteworthy for being in the same vein as games like Starflight. The game itself is a roguelike survival RPG and puts you in the position of having to get back to Earth.

In 2014 it was decided that Daedalic Entertainment, which had been known mainly for adventure games, should expand. The outcome was Daedalic West, a subsidiary studio whose first production will be a roguelike survival RPG.

Hold on. Don't give up on reading just yet. I do understand that among the avalanche of similar mixes of genres, The Long Journey Home may not seem particularly interesting, but the promise of a detailed world straight from classic sci-fi movies is intriguing itself. In the near future, the humanity has managed to discover a way to travel with faster-than-light speed. Having personally assembled a crew, we're the first people to try out the new technology in practice. The experiment turns out a complete success - everyone gets back to Earth safe and sound, and live happily ever after as the most famous people in the history... Heh, wishful thinking. After the hyperspace jump, we plunge into an unknown galaxy where only our proficiency in combat, a skillful diplomacy, and a stroke of luck can help us return to Earth.

the long journey home combat pic

We spent most of the game controlling our vessel directly from above - in this mode, we fight hostile ships, explore lesser fragments of space, and discover ruins of ancient, extinct civilizations. We can also explore planets in search of valuable resources - without them survival is impossible. On those occasions, The Last Journey Home becomes an arcade game - poor reflexes may result in damaging our vehicle. We're going to visit many such worlds, since the galaxy designed by the Hamburg team is pretty big. Longer distances can only be covered after discovering relays that work identically like those in Mass Effect.

Thursday - January 29, 2015

Daedalic Entertainment - Daedalic Days 2015

by Couchpotato, 04:34

Daedalic Entertainment hosted their annual Daedalic Days in Hamburg, and released a new video with some the details about what happened in the event.


Over the last week we presented our upcoming portfolio to a small audience during the annual Daedalic Days in Hamburg. This included the recently announced AER, a console version of Silence, the steam punk adventure The Devil’s Men and all highlights of the first half of 2015: Anna’s Quest, Dead Synchronicity, Fire, as well as the just released Blackguards 2.

Monday - January 19, 2015

Daedalic Entertainment - The Dark Eye Lore

by Couchpotato, 06:12

Daedalic Entertainment released three videos in the last month were they partnered with Orkenspalter TV, Ulisses and Nandurion to share information on The Dark Eye Lore.

LORE Part 1: Aventuria


LORE Part 2: Gods


LORE Part 3: Elves, Dwarfs and Lizards



Tuesday - December 23, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Merry X-Mas Video

by Couchpotato, 05:36

Daedalic Entertainment wishes everyone a happy holidays with a new song video from music composer Mazze Wiesner. It's only four minutes long so give it a watch.


Christmas is coming and therefore a real Daedalic 2014 Christmas song shouldn't be missing. This year, our Christmas Video is featuring Mazze Wiesner. He’s a great Composer and musician, and we are happy to sing this song together with him.

Thursday - July 17, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Community Q&A Questions

by Couchpotato, 22:58

Alright everyone I have a surprise for you. Thanks to a suggestion from Gokyabgu we now have the chance to ask questions you want answered by Daedalic Entertainment.

I'll leave this thread open till Monday the 21st. After that I will send in the questions for a new article to be posted later. So let's get the questions rolling.

Note: You must be a member of the site to participate.

Tuesday - July 15, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - New Studio Opened

by Couchpotato, 13:58

Daedalic Entertainment sent out a new press release about a new development studio they opened called Daedalic Entertainment Studio West.

Daedalic Entertainment Studio West: Story-telling specialist establishes new development studio

Hamburg/Duesseldorf, July 14th, 2014 – Today, Hamburg-based adventure game and story-trelling specialist Daedalic Entertainment establishes a new development studio that is supposed to operate from Duesseldorf, Germany.

The new studio, operating under the name of Daedalic Entertainment Studio West, is a sister company of Daedalic Entertainment. Carsten Fichtelmann is appointed as Managing Director for both the parent company as well as Daedalic Entertainment Studio West. He founded the new studio together with industry veterans Andreas Suika, who takes over the role of Creative Director, and Technical Director Dirk Steenpaß.

"Our new studio continues our strategy of developing high quality story- and character-driven games. At Daedalic Entertainment Studio West, there will be a lot of similarities to what we’re doing at Daedalic’s head offices in Hamburg, however, the new Duesseldorf studio will rather be focusing on genres other than adventure games”, explains Daedalic founder and Managing Director Carsten Fichtelmann. “We’ll soon reveal details on Daedalic Studio West’s first project”, he adds. “Together with our industry veteran partners Andreas Suika and Dirk Steenpaß, we‘re very happy to not only start a new adventure for Daedalic, but also to secure Daedalic’s future development.”

“Making the dream of creating a really good game come true does not only require a partner who is ready to commit to bring it what it needs on the development-side of things, but also excels in marketing a product. It’s not easy to develop an outstanding game, but Daedalic is the right partner and gives the right set up to do so. Now, Daedalic opens up another base for developing great games”, says Daedalic Entertainment Studio West Creative Director Andreas Suika. “Over the past weeks, we realized that we share important values and ideas, and that we complement one another perfectly. Since the very first minute we met, we are seeing a very creative exchange happening between the creatives of both teams“, Andreas Suika adds.

Daedalic’s new studio now also allows the company to look for development talent in other areas than Hamburg.

Details on Daedalic Entertainment’s Studio West’s first projects as well as the office location etc. will be revealed soon.


Saturday - May 17, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - New Owner

by Couchpotato, 00:43

Avantenor sent me a few links with information that Daedalic Entertainment has a new owner called Bastei Lübbe AG who acquired 51% of the developers stock.

Bastei Lübbe AG acquiring majority share in prize-winning game development house Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

Cologne/Hamburg, 16th of May, 2014: Bastei Lübbe AG, a publicly held company listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has acquired a majority share in Daedalic Entertainment GmbH of Hamburg, a multi-award winning publisher and developer of computer games. The relevant agreements were signed today. "For us, the investment in Daedalic represents another consistent step toward the implementation of our multimedia growth strategy. We see ourselves moving even closer to our strategic goal of establishing Bastei Lübbe as an internationally active publishing and multimedia house present along all parts of the value chain", explains Thomas Schierack, CEO of Bastei Lübbe.

Daedalic Entertainment, known for its prize-winning adventure and story-based computer games, is widely regarded as one of Germany's top game development and publishing houses. The company received its second "Studio of the Year" award in 2013, following in the footsteps of its triumph in 2009. Daedalic Entertainment earned revenues of roughly 6 mn euros in 2013, representing EBIT margins of over 10%. The Hamburg-based company is forecasting rising revenues through 2015, to around 14 mn euros, and EBIT growth of over 2 mn euros.

The companies are now planning on close cooperation: For Bastei Lübbe, the acquisition represents an expansion of its activities in this field. Daedalic Entertainment for its part will be able to focus even more clearly on creative development going forward: "This strategic partnership represents an ideal complement to both company's businesses", explains Daedalic Entertainment Founder and Director Carsten Fichtelmann.

The two companies are focused on the development of proprietary material and the production and marketing of captivating stories. As such, Daedalic is doing more than just adding its creative content to the Bastei Lübbe portfolio. Deadalic's brands, including the games "Deponia" and "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout", also bring with them a significant fan base, laying an ideal groundwork for synergy in the film, audio, comic and eBook areas.

The operative collaboration is effective immediately. The sides have agreed not to disclose any information about the purchase price for the controlling stake.

About Bastei Lübbe AG:

Bastei Lübbe AG is a media company organised around its publishing venture. The Cologne-based company currently has around 335 employees. It publishes books, audio books, ebooks and digital products in both the literary and popular science genres, as well as serialised novels and puzzle magazines. Bastei Lübbe is also actively involved in brand licensing and the development, production and distribution of gift, decoration and merchandising articles. Bastei Lübbe has for many years enjoyed an almost unbroken streak as the market leader in the growing segment of hard-cover literature; in 2013 its literary ebooks division was also ranked number one on the market. 2013 saw the company's 60th anniversary celebration and its launch as a publicly traded company. Shares of Bastei Lübbe AG are listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN A1X3YY, ISIN DE000A1X3YY0).

About Daedalic Entertainment GmbH:

Hamburg-based Daedalic Entertainment develops and markets high-quality computer and video games for a global market. The studio puts a developmental focus on outstanding entertainment software with a strong narrative character. Daedalic titles like Goodbye Deponia have claimed 21 German Developer prizes, including "Studio of the Year" in 2009 and 2013. Its Chaos on Deponia also earned the studio the German Computer Gaming Prize as "Best German Game of 2013". Daedalic Entertainment has won the German Computer Gaming Prize five times in all, as well as one European Games Award. Titles like Goodbye Deponia, Memoria and Edna & Harvey: The Breakout have set new benchmarks for the adventure segment. As a publisher of third-party content, Daedalic Entertainment has released unusual and outstanding titles such as Torchlight II, Gomo, Munin and Divinity: Original Sin.

Friday - April 11, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Weekend Steam Sale

by Couchpotato, 06:56

Daedalic Entertainment is offering most of their game catalogue for more than 50% off this weekend only on Steam. Here are some of the deals.

Daedalic Super Bundle- 77% off for $49.99

Includes 9 items: 1954 Alcatraz, A New Beginning - Final Cut, Blackguards Deluxe Edition, Chaos on Deponia, Deponia, Goodbye Deponia, Journey of a Roach, Memoria, The Night of the Rabbit

Blackguards- 50% off for $19.99

What happens when the only hope of a threatened world lies not with heroes in shining armor, but in the hands of a band of misfits and criminals? Blackguards, a new turn-based strategy RPG, explores this very question.

Blackguards: Untold Legends - 50% off for $2.99

The life of a Blackguard: Learn how Takate became the enslaved gladiator and seize the day to take revenge on everyone responsible for the forest man's suffering.

Thanks Dr. A for the link.Wink

Wednesday - March 12, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Sale & Interview

by Couchpotato, 05:35

Amazon is offering a select batch of Daedalic Entertainment games for sale from March 11-17th. They also have a short interview with the developer.

We're excited to present Daedalic Entertainment as our Indie Spotlight from March 11-17. Continue reading for our Q&A with their team. In recognition of their Indie Spotlight this week, we have many of Daedalic Entertainment's games on sale for up to 70% off.

Tell us about your game studio.

Daedalic Entertainment is a passionate, award-winning studio that creates games with a heavy focus on story-telling and character design. We started about seven years ago with a strong passion for classic point & click adventure games. Our first project, Edna & Harvey, originally being the thesis of one of our founders – Jan “Poki” Müller-Michaelis – turned into one of Germany's best-rated and best-selling adventure game releases in years.

Ever since, we're developing and producing games with a strong focus on stories. Point & click adventure games are our passion, and we released quite a number of multiple award winning games so far, including the almost 60 hours of gameplay time long Deponia trilogy, for example, or Chains of Satinav and Memoria, adventure games set in the RPG world of the pen & paper universe The Dark Eye.

With Blackguards, we recently released our first RPG, which focuses both on tactical turn-based combat, as well as its dark story – so Daedalic is stepping into other genres as well. Stories can be told in many genres, and that's what we want to do.

Saturday - March 01, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Interview @ RPGFrance

by Couchpotato, 06:16

Daedalic Entertainment is interviewed on RPGFrance, and they provided a translation.

Was Blackguards a financial success? Can you tell us how many copies has it sold ? Does releasing it in the same period as The Banner Saga and Might & Magic X affected its reception in some way ?

It’s now one month after the game has officially been released, so maybe it’s a little too early to talk about numbers. But I can tell you that for us it’s a huge success so far. It’s not something that makes us rich, but it’s something that brings us forward: We received a lot of attention and a lot of positive feedback for Blackguards. We reached out into new audiences, who didn’t necessarily know Daedalic before. So that’s great for a small studio like ours.

In regards to the almost simultaneous releases, they affected each other for sure but not as much as we thought in the first place. It’s something that, as a studio, you need to learn to deal with these days, I guess. And, honestly spoken, all the games mentioned are based in the same genre, that’s true, and they’re all great experiences that are huge fun to play - but they stand out from each other, so are each for themselves unique playing experiences.
We can only recommend to check them all out, they’re great. If you played Blackguards, play Banner Saga. You’ll enjoy it. If you played Banner Saga, try out Blackguards.
Does the Blackguards experience encourage you to continue in the RPG route or do you prefer to return to the Point 'n Click genre. Which type of them is the easiest to develop according to you ?

It encouraged us a lot due to the fact that our first step into this genre turned out to be a excellent decision. In general we are eager to work on new RPGs and the whole team learned a lot during the past few years and there are a lot of ideas, new techniques that build during this time. Our dream is to work on different types of RPGs. In regards to the level of difficulty in comparison of developing Adventure and RPG games this is not a question as easy as it seems to be to answer. On the one hand, RPGs seem to be more complex with a lot more variables which is true for sure, on the other hand, adventure games need to have a more limited amount of locations, but you need to archive the same depth in gameplay and atmosphere as in an 80 hours of gameplay time RPG. So, after our experience with Blackguards, I think they are somewhat on par, but challenges are different.

Tuesday - August 27, 2013

Daedalic Entertainment - Memoria Trailer

by Couchpotato, 00:56

Daedalic Entertainment has released a new trailer for it's fantasy point & click adventure game Memoria. It's set in the RPG universe of The Dark Eye.

Daedalic Entertainment presents their new point & click adventure 'Memoria'.
Step into the fantastic world of Aventuria and follow two intertwined stories from different epochs. Five centuries have passed since Princess Sadja of the far realm of Fasar set forth to become the greatest hero of all time.But for reasons no one remembers, she failed.

Her deeds forgotten, her name lost in the sands of time. Now it is on Geron, the young bird catcher, to unravel the secret of the vanished princess.

'The Dark Eye: Memoria' will be released on August 30th, 2013.
Order now on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/243...
Find more information regarding the game on the game's official website:
and on our Facebook profile http://facebook.com/daedalic

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