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Too Human - Review @ Giant Bomb

by Woges, 2008-08-21 18:51:50

Jeff Gerstman gives his take on Too Human.

The game itself combines inspirations from a handful of different sources, as well. Too Human is an action RPG with similarities to Diablo. You'll run through combat areas, fighting off hordes of robots or zombies, hacking and slashing all the while. You'll collect scads of loot with different status effects and statistical bonuses and attempt to collect full sets of armor for an even greater protective bonus. The game's four worlds and overall structure, however, have more of a Phantasy Star Online feel to them. Each area has enemies that do a different type of damage, allowing you to prep a different set of armor for each area, if you wish. Also, like PSO, it seems to be the intent of the developers that you grind through each area multiple times in a quest for better gear. A straight single-player run through the game took me around 12 hours and left me at level 29. The maximum level, however, is 50. Lastly, the game's combat system attempts to bring in air combos, juggles, and a mixture of swords and firearms that gives it a few check marks in the Devil May Cry column.

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