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Space Siege - Review @ Giant Bomb

by Woges, 2008-08-22 18:59:34

Another action rpg review from Giant Bomb.

Space Siege is genuinely fun for a while, but at some point in the dozen-or-so-hour campaign it became more tedious than entertaining, and I just wished there was more depth in the mechanics to hold my interest. A couple of glaring omissions didn't help matters, such as cooperative play integrated into the campaign (it's instead relegated to a series of unrelated one-off missions, launched from a really clumsy external application, that don't really go anywhere) and the ability to remap your controls at all, which, just...well, that speaks for itself. With quality dungeon crawlers like Titan Quest now going for bargain-bin prices, and Diablo III threatening to redefine this specific genre in the relatively near future, Space Siege is hard to recommend at its full asking price, but it's entertaining enough for hardcore fans of this kind of game, if you can find it at a reasonable discount.

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