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Space Siege - Review @ bit-tech.net

by Magerette, 2008-08-24 17:03:17

Bit-tech.net  has a lengthy review up for Gas Powered Games' Space Seige, joining those who are not overly impressed by this latest entry in the Seige universe. The score is 5/10, and here's the conclusion: 

So, if I was going to attach an emotion to Space Siege then it would be thus; m’eh.

It isn’t that the game is really bad or anything since the basic mechanics all work and if you’re really into singleplayer grindfests then this will be a treat for sure. The issue is though that the game is utterly unremarkable and unable to stand out in literally anyway.

The level design is long, winding and pointless and it constantly seems like the entire point of the game is to make you run backwards and forward through the same hallways you cleared of enemies just a few minutes before...

What action there is requires almost no player involvement and carries almost no penalties, which the developers have used as an excuse to stack the odds against you, something [that] makes the game less exciting and just more tedious. It isn’t broken, but it still needs fixing.

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