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Peter Molyneux Interview @ Joystiq

by Dhruin, 2006-07-16 01:34:00
Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has been interviewed at Joystiq, touching on failed Fable expectations, Fable 2 and the industry:
Fable was pretty much portrayed as one of the most open games of all time, but in terms of hype, it failed to meet the high expectations that you gave the game. There was even a forum post where you apologized about this: why did it get to that level?

Well, it started with this fatal line that I made and that was that I wanted to make Fable the greatest role playing game of all time. I kinda still defend that because I honestly don't see the point in making a game that you don't honestly believe has a chance of being the greatest game of all time. I meet the press quite a lot, every 6-8 weeks there's some sort of press interview. The way I work then is to get a system in, play around with it, polish it, make it better. Sometimes I leave it as it is and sometimes I throw it away.

I think what ended up happening was twofold: because I was meeting people so frequently I was talking about features that actually hadn't gone through that process, like the tree example. Actually it was stupid! Growing trees took a lot of the processing power that could have been used for combat. What does growing trees really add for the player?
Meanwhile, at BBC News Molyneux explains B&W2 and The Movies were not as good as they should have been because they ran out of money. (Thanks Blue's)

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