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Flashbulb Madness - Give It A Try

by Corwin, 2008-08-25 20:22:12

This is a new one to me, but it looks like it might be interesting. In our attempt to support Indie RPG developers, here's a LINK to this newly available game. The website has an entertaining FAQ, so read this short section to see if you're interested in learning more:

13. So what are the minimum system requirements for the Flashbulb Madness RPG?

The Flashbulb Madness is a 16-bit world so for the most part, almost any five years old rig can act as the means to visit us. If your setup is old and you experience lag, you might want to switch off other applications and/or enter full screen mode.

14. I have a friend who once suffered from acute tendonitis and a bout of that awful carpal tunnel syndrome and now she's scared of playing RPGs even if she loves them dearly. Will she be able to master all the unnecessary yet numerous shortcuts required for carefree navigation around the Flashbulb Madness or will the doctors have to amputate her broken hand for pushing the sorry limb to its limits?

Juubli almighty, I get this question a lot! Well, it's highly likely that your friend will get to save her hand even if she enters our world because the navigation system is really simple and there are no unnecessary shortcuts either! In any case, if your friend has trouble using the keyboard, she might want to plug in a joystick or a gamepad and use those instead. It has been rumored that they work too but you might have to plug them in before starting the program!

15. What about the content of the Flashbulb Madness RPG? Is it safe? Have you thought of the children??

That would be a double yes. Nonetheless, like all detailed worlds the Flashbulb Madness is geared towards a more mature audience. There are many people to meet and talk to and enough dialogue to fill a warehouse (usually a big no-no for small children or ADHD teens).

16. Do you know if there are plans for porting the Flashbulb Madness RPG to other systems? Or maybe plans for a sequel?

There are no such plans that I'm aware of. But, you know, I'm only a low-ranked priest of Juubli.

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