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Borderlands - Preview @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2008-08-27 02:50:21

Hooked Gamers has a preview of the scifi "roleplaying shooter", Borderlands.  Here's a bit on the classes and co-op focus:

Soon after we jumped into the game it was clear that the gameplay is just begging for one or more of your friends to fight along side of you. At this time, the game has three classes. Players can chose to play as soldier Roland who functions as an assault trooper skilled in short-range arms such as shotguns and SMGs. Hunter Mordecai specializes in long ranged attacks, favoring sniper rifles. Siren Lilith is not quite human and brings magical powers to the table. Apart from the obvious skills related to their class, each character will also have a unique ability. While Lilith and Mordecai’s special abilities have yet to be revealed, Gearbox was willing to share that Roland will be able to generate new ammo for both himself and those in his party. While there is no official confirmation, additional characters are being considered. It seems to me that Gearbox will have to add at least one more before we can play four player co-op.

Source: Blues News

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