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NWN: Infinite Dungeons Feature @ BioWare

by Dhruin, 2006-06-01 07:01:00
BioWare has an article on their new Infinite Dungeons Premium Module that discusses Randomization, Scalability, and Stats Collection. Here's a bit of what Stanley Woo has to say:
Infinite Dungeons allows an unprecedented level of randomization manipulation for the ambitious adventurer. Within the scope of an intriguing story, the Infinite Dungeons module allows the player to change his environment in many ways.

Image 1 - Neverwinter Nights: Special FeaturesFor example, the dungeon appearance itself may be changed to suit an individual player's adventuring needs. From the themes used to the number of levels in the dungeon to the number of doors that appear, nearly every aspect of the dungeon geography can be manipulated by the player.

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