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City of Abandoned Ships - Peek #5 @ RPGVault

by Magerette, 2008-09-01 16:28:34

RPGVault  posts their fifth peek at Seaward's pirate-themed title, City of Abandoned Ships. This one is a look at the reputation and loyalty systems:

Each of our characters has a reputation and loyalties; therefore the outcome of a dialogue with a particular one will depend on the differences or similarities in their views. The hero's standing is influenced by his actions. Rumors spread quickly, and you can be sure that your deeds will be noticed by the NPCs. For example, if you capture a Spanish privateer, you have various options; you can kill the captain and the crew, sell them into slavery, hire them, hold them for a ransom, or let them go. Every possible decision will influence your reputation differently. And the effects, in turn, can make the game either easier or harder for you.

There are also some details on the combat and AI:

As far as the naval combat goes, it is a little bit more complicated. A good ship and large big crew aren't enough to win. There are many factors that have to be taken into account, such as vessel's parameters and the skills of the gunner, navigator, bosun and sailors. A pirate on a xebec that attacks a frigate is not necessarily crazy. If he survives the first broadside, his ship can inflict a lot of damage on the enemy that is forced to wait for the guns to reload. A couple of volleys with the grape-shot to decimate the enemy crew and increase reload time, a few bombs to damage the hull, and some knipels to break the masts and tear the sails - an experienced captain knows the weak spots of the larger craft.

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