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Mount & Blade - Preview @ Realgamer

by Dhruin, 2008-09-01 22:03:31

Mount & Blade continues to do the preview rounds, with Realgamer whipping up some thoughts:

One of the major selling points of Mount & Blade is the on horse combat, which while not easy to master has been implemented brilliantly. You are able to use the games full range of weapons from horseback, swords, spears, bow and arrows and crossbows. Your horse will also carry on moving without you having to hold down the forward control allowing you to concentrate on battle, whilst the speed at which it travels depends on how long you hold down the forward movement key, it’s a very good system that works very well.

Unfortunately in this early build tasks seem few and far between and I seemed to have to go long periods of time with nothing to do. I also encountered problems recruiting men into my party as every village I travelled to, no one seemed interested in joining me so I was left to wonder the game world on my own. I hope this is something that is put right before the final release build.

Source: Blues News

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