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Mount & Blade - Gold!

by Dhruin, 2008-09-05 23:31:36

Paradox has announced v1.0 of Mount & Blade has gone Gold:

Paradox Interactive's Mount & Blade Goes Gold

Highly Acclaimed Medieval Action-RPG Title Ready to Ship

New York - September 5, 2008
Paradox Interactive today announced that development of Mount & Blade, the upcoming single-player medieval combat title for the PC, has been completed. Developed by Turkish development house TaleWorlds Entertainment, the game has already developed a loyal fan community and received acclaim from PC gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Having enjoyed a highly successful beta, Mount & Blade is now green-lighted for release in the United States on September 16th and Europe on September 19th.

Mount & Blade is a single-player, third or first-person action/role-playing game set in the medieval war-torn land of Calradia. The game features groundbreaking horseback combat, intuitive swordplay, and a free-form environment in which players can roam freely to explore new cities, conquer foreign armies and earn a reputation as the realm’s most courageous warrior.

Mount & Blade will be available for purchase in stores and for digital download at GamersGate, the leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide.

According to the official site, those of us with old keys will be able to download the game a few days after the retail release.

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