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Wizardry 8 - Dances with Rhinos

by Dhruin, 2008-09-08 23:31:12

Jay Barnson continues his journey through Wizardry 8, reaching the Umpani:

Unfortunately, while the trip along the Arnika Road has gotten a little easier, it has become no shorter. If I don't feel like running, I'm being engaged of groups of nearly 20 monsters at a time sometimes. Duking it out can take ten minutes. Running doesn't take much less time. Frankly, it's a long and annoying trip.

But I could tell I got to Umpani territory when I saw a very industrial-looking bridge with electric lights. Sounded about right. Past this, I found a fort at the base of Mount Gigas, with units of sometimes a dozen Umpani marching around it. The Umpani have changed a little since Wizardry 7, but they still resemble a humanoid rhinoceros. With military uniforms, swords, and black powder pistols. And computers and space ships, of course. Kinda steampunk.

...and Jay has also been interviewed at the Alley of Infinite Angles about indie game development.

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