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RPGWatch Feature: Space Siege Review

by Dhruin, 2008-09-09 14:01:55

Michael Anderson takes a detailed look at Gas Powered Games' Space Siege and ponders why the future is so full of explosive barrels lying around space ships.  Here's a sample:

The action-RPG genre has evolved around a few key elements: waves of enemies to kill, level-up schemes that feed skill trees to give you new ways to kill waves of enemies, and picking up cool loot that will allow you to more efficiently kill waves of enemies and gold to buy more loot. It is not the deepest of role-playing foundations to begin with, but it is largely satisfying when done well as in games like Titan Quest or Nox or even Dungeon Siege II. But imagine what would happen if you simplified those core elements even further? Would there even be anything left to allow a role-player to sink their teeth into?


Read on for the full article, including coverage of multiplayer.

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