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Bethesda Softworks - Dev Profile

by Dhruin, 2008-09-13 01:58:51

Fallout 3 level designer Daryl Brigner gets the Inside the Vault treatment:

What is the best part about working as a level designer? The worst part?
Well, I never get tired of creating worlds for people to explore. So, I’d have to say the best part is the freedom to do what I want. When you’re designing your own world/dungeon, the only limitation is your imagination. And, that brings me to the worst part.

Not having any idea what you are going to do with a certain dungeon/space, but still having to get it done.  This can be very stressful. When I’m faced with this dilemma like this I go to my fellow Level Designers for ideas. We always come up with something, but it’s still aggravating to have your mind go blank when you are searching for ideas.

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