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Sacred 2 - More on Copy Protection

by Myrthos, 2008-09-13 20:29:48

Ascaron has contacted us with the information that one of our previous newsbits about the copy protection of Sacred 2 contained incorrect information that damaged the image of Ascaron. The newsbit has been updated with the new information we received from Ascaron about this issue.

Edit by Gorath:
As the original newsbit's author I would like to add that IMHO the newsbit only contained one significant piece of incorrect info. This was based on the direct and not out of context translation of a point mentioned in Ascaron's official German FAQ on their DRM. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately for the customer!) the obvious conclusion which had to be drawn from it turned out to be wrong. As soon as this became clear I made an update to the newsbit to make our readers aware of it. I'm sorry for posting this incorrect piece. The whole issue could have been avoided by not including such crucial info in the FAQ without further explanation, though.
The other "incorrect information(s)" are not significant enough to influence the opinion on Ascaron's chosen DRM system, which, let me repeat, is much more user friendly than the one used by other publishers during the last year. I would consider this friction loss during the translation process. The very detailed sources had to be compressed.

Ascaron was kind enough to send us an update to our original newsbit. Now we have 100% precise infos for you, directly from the publisher. They can be found behind the link above.

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